Things As Is

The Rhino Evaluation of most days is: So Far, So Good.

And even if the day is not ideal, what is to be done about it? We persevere.

On another note, We recommend the paintings of Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973), a Brazilian artist of distinction. Even if Rhinos don’t live in South America at the moment, We may end up there yet. That sounds like a “So Good”” to Us.

Noticing the Negative

As We often say, Rhinos depend on Scent to keep Us current, which can be a L&D Matter. In the Wild.

What also should be noted is that the Air We breath has no Natural smell of its own. Whatever it’s made of, Air serves as a neutral vehicle for presenting Scent. It carries all sorts of information, long distance or short, and gives Us Rhinos a head start for our Computations and Responses.

Air. We can’t see it, smell it, or taste it, but We sure can’t function without it.

A parsnip by any other name


At Your Inner Rhino We sometimes get a letter asking for fodder recommendations. Sadly, We Rhinos judge each plant on its dietary merits in the specific moment. What smells ideal today may be losing its gusto by morning.

Also, We don’t have names for plants as our Readers do. We know our endlessly varied local vegetation by scent, and are sensitive to nuance, nasally speaking.

Keep sniffing; it just takes practice.


Mixed Greens

Rhinos do not have intricate machinery like this, partly because We don’t own Anything, and more to the point, because We don’t need it.

Rhinos are blessed with a wonderful set of teeth, big and ready for action. We just pop some greens into our mouths, work our jaws a bit, and Hey Presto!: coleslaw!

It’s a Brilliant System, for which all Rhinos are profoundly grateful.