Moving Forward

Sometimes a good Friend is not available to chum around with. But Rhinos have to be philosophical about the missing playmate.

We concentrate on the energies and uplifts that Friendship has provided, and surf forward, riding the wave of that Friendly Goodness and Encouragement.

There’s no reason to suppose We Rhinos are not fully rooting for Friends, absent or present. Time has nothing much to do with it.

Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

We Rhinos don’t have names as our Readers do. It is not a system which would work for Us, or give each of Us the distinguishing qualities We insist on.

Of course, We know one another by Scent, a series of sensations with so many varying levels that mere words could not pinpoint any one of them. Like a swirling ball of Impressions, Reference points, and Intimations. A Symphony played upon a harp, each glissando setting off its own meaningful ripples.

Rhinos are Natural Works of Art, each in a Gallery all our own.

Strutting our stuff, subtly

We Rhinos are sometimes spoken of as having a little too much Pizzazz, a syncopated Rhythm to our stride, an air that’s Borderline.

At some level We blush; folks are almost too kind. However, please do not imagine Rhinos get up in the morning, thinking “Ah, let’s Impress the Public.”

It’s just a Natural Gift. We are grateful for it, but it is a Natural Responsibility which no Rhino can shirk. We sashay onward.

Nuthin’ Like It!

When deciding to get a grip on Reality, there is no better place to focus on then “Here”. Obviously.

That’s because anywhere else, or anywhen else, or even anyone else would have a different point of view, a different take on what was what… and where it was doing that ‘what’.

No, Rhinos are more content with Here. and Now. And frankly, it takes all the wits We have to absorb This!