Questions, Questions

Young Rhinos are often curious about where babies come from. Straightforward explanations do not do much good; kids find the facts too improbable. Often adults do too.

RhinoMoms have a supply of Alternative Explanations which seem to answer the need, at least for a year or so. So that’s a mercy anyway.

It also keeps the curious Young busy, checking out the Local Botanical Scene (LBS) for ‘Developments’.

Beyond Logic

We Rhinos depend on Intuition to a great extent. Oh, We may bring in Knowledge, Rational Support, or Interpretation later, to prove We knew what We were doing, but who is fooled? No Rhino, that’s certain.

Where is Intuition stored? Does it just lurk over our shoulder, or reside in one of our Ankles, for ready reference? The issue is Unsettled.

What matters more is how Grateful We are for this Natural System of Meaningful Notification.

Job Applications

Rhinos like to attend to matters ahead of time, on the occasions when We recall something is coming up.

Interviews are a big part of any Project which is going to involve Teamwork. You may think that one Partridge is like another, but they are high strung birds, unlike French Hens. Gotta be very Tactful with Partridges.¬†You’d know that if you’d ever discussed Politics with one.

Things usually work out, eventually, but bring your Tact; you’ll need it.

Planetary Switcheroo

Today is the Winter Solstice, at which point days get longer above the Equator, and get shorter below it. It’s because that’s how it is, a perfectly fine Explanation if there ever was one. Very Rhino.

In addition, this year there are a bunch of meteors and shooting stars whooshing around, just to celebrate the occasion.

Sometimes Nature gets carried away. Also Very Rhino.