Rhinos are gifted at Impersonation; it’s a knack, and We have it! The picture provided today offers a fine example of our exotic abilities: this is a Rhino disguised as a Giraffe, not a giraffe in fact! Gotcha! (Do not be embarrassed, most everybody is fooled.)

But We Rhinos are not fooled. We may imitate some other critter, but We are Rhino down to the last fiber. A sniff alone would tell you.

Nature is not fooled either. Naturally.

Don’t grow ’em like they used to

Older Rhinos often complain that their veggies don’t taste like back when. They’re saltier, spicier, or duller, or… well, different. There are explanations of this phenomenon, not all of them associated with Rhinos aging.

The most noteworthy fact is that the Earth itself is changing all the time. Soil is not a passive participant in a plant’s development. Like everything else, the soil is in process, and that affects the plants that grow in it.

Also, the plants themselves are responding to Natural forces, developing in ways that suit them, without consideration of Rhino preferences. “Sort of inconvenient,” We Rhinos mutter.

Equipped by Nature

Rhinos are always on the lookout for Cunning.  Cunning slithers up unexpectedly; the unwary Rhino has to be alert.

The important issue here is that Rhinos are not a Cunning species. We are trusting and often gullible. So We need to be vigilant.

Armed with a Sense of Scent without Equal, Rhinos know when a situation stinks. Then We Address Matters. You knew that all along, right?