Every now and again

CATASTROPHISM is today’s topic. For those of you who have forgotten just what that is, it is theory that most of the big geologic events in the Earth’s history are due to cataclysmic incidents, like meteors arriving unexpectedly. Like that. Big Bad Unavoidable News.

Then things on Earth have to adjust in quick time. Whether they like it or not.

A little Resignation seems in order here, since there is next to nothing to be done about it.

The Common Senses

There is much discussion of Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Touch, and Hearing. They are all useful capabilities, and Rhinos are glad to have them. Like many other Critters.

But Rhinos are also Sense-itive in a range of other ways, sensing the stars, the details of the Mariana Trench, rainfall in Zimbabwe, salamander pregnancies, and another zillion stimulating things. Crammed together, We refer to them as Sensitivity. They are a Natural Bonanza.

Yes. Rhinos are gifted. And Grateful.


Teetering on the Brink



Far be it for any Rhino to begrudge another critter its livelihood, but Mosquitos pose a threat to RhinoSanity. We have a lot of surface and these flying Nightmares strike without warning, leaving Us all Itchy and Afflicted.

The fact that it is Natural, and We Rhinos are not alone in our Suffering probably means something.

But what that is, We cannot say. We get too overwrought to Philosophize.