No, Rhinos can’t tell time, given our counting shortcomings. But one thing We do know is that All the Todays are Essential. No matter what We label the day, We can’t misplace one.

Every day may not be memorable, but Rhinos can be sure We were there for it on some level. If We had missed one entirely, We would have Moved On.

That’s how Nature works it.

The Good Earth

Fact: We Rhinos are fascinating. It’s hard for Us to get over ourselves.

But We at YIR thought We might point out that everything We see, or ‘achieve’, or have, is just a flimsy layer perched upon the Enormity of the Earth itself. The Planet’s Stupenditude takes the cake, and We are just specks by comparison, both in body and cosmic impact.

Minerals are the underpinning of the whole Shebang, as we know it.


Rhinos have a built-in capacity for Euphoria that defies description. It just comes with the Natural Package. We do not control it, because… Well, why would We want to?

Some days are only a #1 on the Euphoria Scale, others are a #3. These vacillations are more or less meaningless; any way you look at it, We are of Good Cheer and excited by our Prospects. Dazzled by our Good Fortune.

Maybe other Critters have the same potential, but forget to notice it.

What Next?


Rhinos are renowned for our upbeat attitude toward most Situations. Our disposition is a Natural Gift, a Noteworthy Bonanza. Rhinos are a Happy Species; We carry our own Fizz.

Part of our mindset is that We do not Borrow Trouble. Rhinos do not cherish Unhappiness or Doubts. We chug along, making the Best of Whatever Comes Our Way.

No system is foolproof, but ours seems to function well for Us. Most of the time.

Stuff Starts Somewhere

Wild Strawberries grow all around the World. However, on July 3, 1806 Mr. Michael Keens, a British market gardener, introduced Strawberries he cultivated himself to the Horticultural Society of London. Today, almost all market Strawberries are related to his ‘Keens Seedling’ variety of the fruit.

Mr. Keens also discovered that Strawberries have male and female plants. Strawberries won’t grow if you don’t have both on hand. Who would have guessed?

So as We Rhinos gobble our Strawberry Shortcakes, We salute Mr. Keens’ endeavors; Credit where it is due.