A word by any other name

Today is the birthday of Mr. Peter Roget, 1779. He is best known for his Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (1852). It seems fitting that this is also National Thesaurus Day. Words and more words, all displaying the rich and varied nuances of language.

Rhinos have a system that is similar for making distinctions of tone and emphasis, but it defies translation.

That being the case, We will simply press on.


Washta, Iowa was officially established in 1868 by a Mr. Whisman, the postmaster there. Washta has never been large. It is called “The Coldest Place in Iowa”, referring back to a temperature of minus 47 degrees, recorded in 1912. If it was windy, nobody told Us.

The population of roughly 450 must have had a mega-shivery time of it. Goodness!

If you wish to write to folks out there, the zip code is 51061. YIR, helpful to a fault.