Oh Brother!

Rhinos see ourselves as Members of a giant Family. Our Mainspring has not changed fundamentally since the Get-Go, when Nature produced Rhino #1.

Our family tree is Great Big. We have tried out all sorts of different sizes, appearances, variations, and mindsets over the ages. We all have in common one thing: Rhino Heart.

So every Rhino is related to every other Rhino, Here or in the Hereafter. Call them Sisters, Cousins, or whatever… the details are not the issue; Rhino Heart is.

Hilly Terrain and its Quirks


One phenomenon of moving around the countryside is that Uphill is a lot harder to achieve than Downhill.

In our Rhino efforts to conserve Energy, Downhill appeals to Us, right? Whether by wheel, toboggan, ski, or sled, Downhill is swift and terrible; what could be nicer?! (For the sake of discussion, We are assuming that a Rhino comes safely to a stop near the destination.)

Uphill poses the problem; how badly do We want to get there?

Moving right along…

Rhinos have an impressive Repertoire of movement styles, all on file for ready reference. We can amble, skip, and charge, to name but a few. But one We employ in our youth is the Scoot.

The Scoot is useful at any time when haste informs our exit, but it is perfected when dealing with Mom. Moms have little confusion when it comes to what will Do, and what will Not Do.

When sensing We have performed a Not Do, that is when We Scoot. Later, when We are all distanced from the Not Do Incident, Moms are calmer, if not entirely calm.

Stormy Weather

Today ‘Your Inner Rhino’ acknowledges Theophrastus. He lived in Lesbos around 340 bc, and was a Philosopher, studying with Aristotle and his merry men.

Among other things, Theophrastus studied Meteorology. (That is Weather, not Meteors, as We had assumed.) He had many intriguing ideas, and influenced studies of Weather for 2000 years. Oh yes.

Surprise! Rhinos know all about the Weather already. We just consult White Pelicans and Stellagamas and Snake-eyed Skinks, etc. They are hosts to encyclopedic data on what’s coming and when. We Rhinos benefit from having informed contacts and from being good listeners. Smart Critters are all over the place.