Clarifying matters…

Rhinos are always being asked if We know Everything there is to know. We respond with gentle smiles, and admit that there are probably things that We don’t know, and are unlikely to learn.

That way, if and when somebody discovers something We don’t know, however unlikely that would be, We can murmur, “Told you so.”

(The Presumption here is ‘Everything of Interest‘.)

Nautical Exploits

Rhinos are fine at wading, wallowing, and dipping ourselves in Water. A fine time for one and all. Hooray and Tee Hee.

But Rhinos are keenly sensitive to our own limitations, and merriment on the High Seas is one such limitation. A lesson learned by our ancestors, and kept alive in lore and legend. Sloshing to and fro, lurching and reeling at Neptune’s Whim.

We get Queasy. Which is a nice way of saying, “No, thank you.”