Star Light, Star Bright

Edmond Halley ‘s comet shot by when he was 2 years old, in 1658. He arrived at many interesting conclusions about it (later), most of which confuse Us Rhinos. He said it would show up about every 75 years.

That said, this same comet was dropping by long before Mr. Halley tagged it. One such visitation was on April 19, 607 AD.

Impressive then too, just the same as if We understood it better. Pretty.

As We Are

Rhinos are indebted to their Rhino Lineage; what critter isn’t? None of Us is a Flash in the Pan, deposited from nowhere on an unsuspecting planet.

Each Rhino is a distillation of unique qualities that only that family member possesses. We descend from the Old, but each one is entirely New.

Given the ingredients, it is up to each of Us to progress on the Big Project, namely, Us.


Following the example of Butterflies, Rhinos transform themselves all the time, one thing to another, one awareness to the next. These processes keep us fresh.

We were one way, and then, through some Enigmatic Natural Scheme, We are another way. Not every change is easy, but We assume each shift is an Improvement, because why not?

We usually mutate from front to back, but sometimes our butt end leads the process. Rhinos are flexible.