Some Rhinos just whack our way into the Holidays, while others muse over their Holiday Efforts for weeks.

Does one Approach seem better than another? Perhaps, and perhaps Not; We might be tempted to say that it depends on the Results.

But Rhinos feel strongly that the Results can only be assessed in relation to the goals of the particular Artist. Right? The Artist alone defines the Art.

Alternative Destination

An occasional pastime with Us Rhinos is “What’s-It-Gonna-Be?”. We choose another Critter, and weigh the advantages or disadvantages of other Ways of Life.

What’s involved in being a Lemur, or an Armadillo, or a Polar Bear? Each Critter has things to recommend it, its pros and cons.

What is miraculous is how every Rhino on record has concluded that being a Rhino is the very best Fate. Big Surprise.