Shine On

Today is exceptional in that We Rhinos are pretty sure We can expect a Full Moon. Not only is that a pleasure, but it means We can have a second Full Moon this month on ………wait for it……… Halloween! Oooooooo, Spooooky.

That one will be the Hunter’s Moon, possibly named for the urchins tracking down candy and hyperglycemia.

The Harvest Moon, which usually is slated for September, focuses on the harvest. Your Inner Rhino, always informative.

On Edge

Often Rhinos forget to take Obvious Things into account. We forget the ABCs of what’s what. Observe the illustration. Is this about the Rhino Hobbyist? Or about the activities of gulls? Or simply a bravura display of seascape brushwork? (Yes but) No.

What We want to remind our Readers to focus on is an omnipresent Fact. That is, namely: We go to places that are either A: Land or B: Water. This is mostly the Truth as We experience it. There is nothing static about the place where the two meet up. It is always in flux, one reason or another.

Sort of Marvelous when you think about it. There is an ever-shifting Edge, a demarcating border, defining Experience: wet or dry. SO SIMPLE, yet crucial to almost every interaction with the Planet. For each and every one of Us. Thrilling, all in all.

Tick, tick, tick

Sol and her brother Mani were born before Norse Time got started. When the Planets and stars were invented, the twins were assigned to pull the Sun and Moon across the sky. Mani (see Sept. 7) took the Moon and Sol took the Sun. Daunting Jobs indeed, say We Rhinos.

At dawn, Sol takes her two horses, Arvakr and Alsvior, hooks up the Sun, and spends every day pulling it, one horizon to the other. The task is made more interesting by a Giant Wolf named Skoll, that chases her chariot. Sol seemed to think it was funny, as Skoll never caught her. Sadly for Sol, when Ragnarok (The Finale) comes, she will be eaten by Skoll, along with the sun itself and the stars. So Skoll gets the last laugh.

Sol has assorted names, and from one of them (Sunnu) comes Sunday, named for her.

an Apple a Day


“Physician, heal yourself” is an old saying, meaning “Pull yourself together, Buster.” For Us Rhinos, the saying is an ancient standby.

In the Wild there is no medical back-up, no organized response to illness or injury. We must each proceed as We think best, and hope for the best. Some herbs, some time, and some dumb luck: that infallible prescription.

The quote is in┬áLatin, adding to the Classy Impression that ‘Your Inner Rhino’ likes to make.