Happy Mother’s Day, all you Mothers out there. Here at YourInnerRhino, We decided to deal from the top of the deck with our Readers: for Us, Motherhood is mostly characterized by Astonishment. For some critters, it may be simplicity itself, but for Us, it’s all about trying to assess whatever is happening and not getting swamped.

Part of our problem may be the Rhino Pregnancies last about 15 months. By the time the Tot appears, We have forgotten We are ‘expecting’, except all of a sudden, here is a 75-100 pound Assignment! And it just rattles on along those tracks for a few years. It’s catch-up. And then the Tot is grown, and is off on its own Quest. B-Bye.

And then We do it all over again. As We say, Bewildering. Happy, but Bewildering.

Ah, the Balkans

Today in 1877 the country of Romania achieved Independence from the Ottoman Empire. A happy day for them.

Romania is where some of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA (1897) is set, up in the Carpathian Mountains. Very unpleasant activities there, you may believe.

What Rhinos wanted to make sure our Readership understands is, not everyone in Romania is a Vampire. We have visited and had no problems along those lines whatsoever. Though We do keep our eyes peeled.


Rhinos have lots of Imagination, so you might think that with a certified, genuine Magic Lamp, We could come up with some remarkable wishes.

But We have to say, mostly even when Rhinos get what We asked for, the thrill of satisfaction is often missing. The thing is what We wanted, but it does not scratch the itch We felt it would.

Funny about that.

We wax, We wane

Rhinos progress from one minute to the next, Shifting in multiple ways from one level of consciousness to another. For each step, there are Developments, some exhilarating, some demoralizing, but all part of a minute-to-minute tapestry which is Us.

This question is all about the Inner Rhino. On the outside, We may look the same. But inside, We are awash with ever-enhanced Awarenesses.

Some other Critters might find this all disorienting, but not We. For Us, being only semi-Cohesive, this is Normalcy.


Rhinos all enjoy Musical Chairs, but Rhinos are Big and the shoving and scrambling and general hubbub often lead to injury, as opposed to Victory. Changes the tone of a birthday party.

In the Wild, We are aware of the spread of populations. We suppose they must go somewhere, and it is becoming more usual that We Rhinos are resident in those somewheres. We try to make room, but…?

Musical Chairs is a game designed to instruct Us all about Diminishing Resources.