Who can tell?

We Rhinos are never quite clear about which is our Left and which is our Right. We try to take the issue seriously, but can’t find a purpose for the Investigation. We figure half the time We are right, when We guess. Of course, that means that the other half, We are mistaken.

For all We know, Left and Right may be arbitrary, changing places as they see fit. Maybe some days they don’t even come to work.

That seems like the Right mindset. What other one is Left?


All Rhinos are Vegetarians. Nature provides the best Greens to keep Us Fit and Feisty. But if We ate up Everything, what would all the other Critters be munching? We share in the Wild. Diverse Critters, diverse Veg.

Rhinos have built-in Radar to scan a locale, and know where Rhino Foods are lurking. We just meander over and get acquainted. Warthogs get Warthog Food. Etc.

Trust Us; We’re grateful for those Veggies. Indeed We are.


99% Serene

Being Large Critters, Rhinos need to conserve our energies, just to keep the System up and running. We can’t fritter ourselves away, just on a whim.

That is why We think of ourselves as generally Placid and Even-Tempered, almost to a fault. We are contemplative. We eat, We snooze, We socialize in modest ways, We mind our business. Self-possessed… almost all the time.

Still, there is that 1% window…

Clean-up is a Cinch

YIR Readers have asked about how We maintain the extensive wardrobe We display in our blog. Do We send it to the cleaners, or what? Are they Paris originals?

We at YIR chuckle. That is because all our outfits, however ravishing, are entirely Imaginary. Rhinos don’t own Anything, as in Nothing Whatever. We just include them in our posts for fun.

With Imagination We can Imagine laundering just as easily as We Imagine the outfits themselves.

Care-fully Yours

Today, in our series of ‘Stories-I-Like’ from our Readers, is “Pierre”, written and illustrated by the gifted Maurice Sandak. Pierre is a boy who knows his own mind. This little book is great fun, grand for reading aloud. You can have it read to you on Google!

Pierre’s perspective is pretty limited. It struck Us Rhinos as interesting, since each of Us has blinders provided by our own choices and assumptions. Those Limitations are by choice, not by fact.

Obvious, but still surprising, right?

Ups & Downs

Judith Viorst wrote “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”, in 1972. It is illustrated by Ray Cruz. The point seems to be that some days don’t work out as imagined. It is humorous.

Rhinos all know about this Fact of Life. We must take it as it comes, and make the best of it, when possible. Or try tomorrow, when it gets here.

That’s what growing up is about, even for Us.