Eyes Peeled

Rhinos sometimes get distracted and imagine We are Seeing what there is to See, keeping track, adjusting as necessary. We are an observant species, We Rhinos.

But We are inclined to forget that, in the Wild, Rhinos are more Observed than Observing. Critters all around Us, some near, some far, of many sizes, capabilities, and descriptions, are keeping an eye on Us. Just because.

In the Wild, each moment is a study in Fine Tuning oneself to the realities around Us. For other Critters, We are a Reality Seen. They and We are united in one concept: Better Safe than Sorry.

Standards of Behavior

Rhinos know what Criticism can achieve, how it can undermine happy interactions by implying that Somebody has Failed to measure up. We become the Critic or the Criticized. The Superior or the Inferior.

Rhinos do their utmost to avoid this unhappy Dynamic. Do We succeed always? No. Occasionally a Rhino goes Rogue and starts nit-picking.

We do not Encourage such tendencies. Rhinos resist with all the Good Grace We can summon. Sometimes We can summon more G.G. than at others…

Forecast: Toasty

Hot and Humid are the norm at this time of year, known as the Dog Days of Summer. They are called that because of an associated star, by name Alpha Canis Majoris. We guess it must show up when Nature cranks up the thermostat.

Rhinos are used to heat, so it doesn’t impact Us as it might folks in cooler climates.

Drink water. That’s the Rhino in-depth hint.


A frustration for Rhinos is that We are not top-notch communicators. This applies not only among Us Rhinos, but also with all sorts of other Beings, across the board.

We feel sure that We are all trying like mad to make ourselves understood, to share ourselves as best We may. But We achieve strictly limited results.

Contrariwise, maybe They understand Us just fine. Perhaps Rhino Receivers just aren’t what they might be when They return the favor.


No, Rhinos can’t tell time, given our counting shortcomings. But one thing We do know is that All the Todays are Essential. No matter what We label the day, We can’t misplace one.

Every day may not be memorable, but Rhinos can be sure We were there for it on some level. If We had missed one entirely, We would have Moved On.

That’s how Nature works it.

The Good Earth

Fact: We Rhinos are fascinating. It’s hard for Us to get over ourselves.

But We at YIR thought We might point out that everything We see, or ‘achieve’, or have, is just a flimsy layer perched upon the Enormity of the Earth itself. The Planet’s Stupenditude takes the cake, and We are just specks by comparison, both in body and cosmic impact.

Minerals are the underpinning of the whole Shebang, as we know it.