The All in All

For every critter, no matter the details of its potential, its Life is the crucial fact of its existence. It does not wish it was something else, like an ostrich or a flounder or a saxophonist. It accepts the range of possibilities of its own family, and rejoices in those.

No critter lives to please any other group of critters. It would be odd if they did.

And what critter is in a position to evaluate another critter? Hmm? Well, what sane critter?

The R Family Unit

Rhino Moms only give birth to one Tot at a time. It takes about 15 months of pregnancy to deliver 100 pounds of Tot. One is a plenty big assignment, both before and after birth.

So all Rhino Tots are ‘only children’ while they are with Mom (2 or 3 years). Later, Mom may have another, but usually the maturing sibling is off to attend to other business.

The Dads are on their way 15 months ago. That’s how We do it.



Successfully fulfilling our Potential is a Demand We must confront hourly. It’s not enough to be born a Rhino; We must keep in practice through constant inspiration, dedication, andĀ application. If We huff and puff a bit, so be it.

Fortunately, Rhinos are supple (at least mentally) so We can work these exercises into our schedules. An exemplary case of Triumph through Effort.

Once upon a time

Stories are involving, because when Rhinos encounter Stories, they transport Us to a place where We are not in fact. Indeed, We can transport ourselves with our own imagined doings, our history, our aspirations.

While We follow these fantasy stories, We are There, not Here; We are involved Elsewhere.

The question is: is that a Good Thing or a not-so-Good Thing for critters in the Wild.