Organized Thinking

Rhinos have many outstanding Ideas going forward in our heads, almost all the time. Unfortunately, these Ideas must compete with one another for our Undivided Attention.

Ideas do not like to wait in line for Attention; they jostle for Preferential Treatment. However, Rhinos have short attention spans, so shortly We will refocus; next it could be any Idea’s turn.

And all of this goes on while We chew. Amazing, right?!

Oh, the Lady in Red

And for the Your Inner Rhino CLUE series, this wraps it up. We salute again Mr. A.E. Pratt, its creator, and Hasbro, which manufactures the game itself.

An odd part of this merriment is that Mr. Body, the Victim, is never detailed. We just need to find out which Player done him in. Of course, the best part is when you find out that Your character is the culprit!  Bwahahahahahaha.