Le Maitre

Moliere (b.1622) is possibly the greatest French playwright ever. His works have been produced around the world, in his own day and in ours.

Rhinos are all for him, despite the fact that the culture he wrote about is long gone. Human nature seems not to have changed much, so his work is still interesting.

A brief catalogue would feature Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, The Learned Ladies, The Imaginary Invalid, and The Miser.

Toutes nos felicitations. ¬†(If you add some accents to that, it’s French.)

Nature’s Classroom

In the Wild, where Rhinos mostly live, mirrors are in short supply. So Moms often have to supply information as best they can. For some reason, RhinoTots find mouths endlessly fascinating, so these familial exams are not uncommon.

The casual Reader may better understand the situation if you try to look into your own mouth without mechanical aid. See? Or rather, don’t See, right?

Rhino Education, cutting edge, every time.