The Common Senses

There is much discussion of Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Touch, and Hearing. They are all useful capabilities, and Rhinos are glad to have them. Like many other Critters.

But Rhinos are also Sense-itive in a range of other ways, sensing the stars, the details of the Mariana Trench, rainfall in Zimbabwe, salamander pregnancies, and another zillion stimulating things. Crammed together, We refer to them as Sensitivity. They are a Natural Bonanza.

Yes. Rhinos are gifted. And Grateful.


Eyes Peeled

Rhinos sometimes get distracted and imagine We are Seeing what there is to See, keeping track, adjusting as necessary. We are an observant species, We Rhinos.

But We are inclined to forget that, in the Wild, Rhinos are more Observed than Observing. Critters all around Us, some near, some far, of many sizes, capabilities, and descriptions, are keeping an eye on Us. Just because.

In the Wild, each moment is a study in Fine Tuning oneself to the realities around Us. For other Critters, We are a Reality Seen. They and We are united in one concept: Better Safe than Sorry.

Cooling Down

Rhinos do not perspire; that’s just a Natural Fact. What We can do is Gasp, which is primarily an Oral Exercise. Rhino nostrils are outstanding and oh-so sensitive, but when it is time to move Maxi-Air, We favor the mouth.

These Gaspings are mostly associated with Exertion, after which We must cool down, like any sensible Critter.

There is no dishonor in puffing and panting when that’s all you’ve got.

Standards of Behavior

Rhinos know what Criticism can achieve, how it can undermine happy interactions by implying that Somebody has Failed to measure up. We become the Critic or the Criticized. The Superior or the Inferior.

Rhinos do their utmost to avoid this unhappy Dynamic. Do We succeed always? No. Occasionally a Rhino goes Rogue and starts nit-picking.

We do not Encourage such tendencies. Rhinos resist with all the Good Grace We can summon. Sometimes We can summon more G.G. than at others…


Today is Ms. Amy Vanderbilt’s birthday, born 1908. She had a distinguished career writing and speaking on Etiquette and considerate social interactions.

It should come as no surprise that Rhinos are naturally thoughtful and kind, which are the precepts behind all mannerly behavior.

Courtesy takes a little of the Wild out of the Wild.