Color Full

Rhinos are regularly informed that We are Color Blind. Wellllllllllllll, maybe. We see all right, or at least our vision works for Us to the extent that it needs to.

For Us, Color is a cumulative sensation of Presence, combining scent, texture, hearing, taste AND sight. Color doesn’t reduce itself to any one source of sensation.

Rhino Receptors are fine tuned, whatever the source. Or, more accurately, sources.

Nautical Exploits

Rhinos are fine at wading, wallowing, and dipping ourselves in Water. A fine time for one and all. Hooray and Tee Hee.

But Rhinos are keenly sensitive to our own limitations, and merriment on the High Seas is one such limitation. A lesson learned by our ancestors, and kept alive in lore and legend. Sloshing to and fro, lurching and reeling at Neptune’s Whim.

We get Queasy. Which is a nice way of saying, “No, thank you.”

Temperamental Alternatives

Rhino days are demanding, and nights too. Complex schedules, schemes and plans, dietary considerations… it can play havoc with one’s nerves.

Fortunately, Rhinos have Natural systems for keeping our Equilibrium (whatever that is) Equilibriated.

Rhinos can just shift from one mental state to another at will; We just set the dial to “Frivolity”, and start to cha-cha. See? All better, now.