Some Rhinos just whack our way into the Holidays, while others muse over their Holiday Efforts for weeks.

Does one Approach seem better than another? Perhaps, and perhaps Not; We might be tempted to say that it depends on the Results.

But Rhinos feel strongly that the Results can only be assessed in relation to the goals of the particular Artist. Right? The Artist alone defines the Art.

Fancy Footwork

Where does the line establish itself between Exhilaration and Addiction? Ah, who can say? Rhinos are generally an Enthusiastic Crowd; setting limits is not easy.

The Gavotte is a fine example of such a Mania. It was v. popular some time ago, and has never let its Luster dim. We Rhinos are still refining our Technique; our Style has never been wanting, as you may have suspected.

However We might define our Dedication to it, the Gavotte delivers Satisfaction, every time. Ask anybody.

XL Botany

Everybody knows that Java is probably the most fertile place on Earth. And what makes it so Fertile is not only the weather and rainfall, but the Volcanic Ash which regularly rains down on the island, enriching the soil.

Some of Us Rhinos have lived on Java for a long time, and nobody much likes Volcanic Fallout. Still, once things settle down, plants go berserk. Salad Galore.

The Rough with the Smooth, a Rhino Fact of Life.