Mindboggling, for one

Usually one attempt at Self-Hypnosis is all any Rhino requires. This is a troubling activity, because We Rhinos are Extremely Suggestible.

When a Rhino hypnotizes itself, there is nobody there to offer post-hypnotic suggestions. There is also nobody there to snap some fingers and help Us back to Normal.

The Trance does wear off in time, but the appeal does too.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning bright…


Rhinos are entirely content in our Rhinotude, but from time to time, We like to think of what other critters must contemplate on a daily basis, how they expend their energies. It broadens our understanding.

The Tiger, for instance, does a lot of Lurking. Tigers hide and then jump out, taking advantage of their cunning ways. It is a system that serves their purposes.

Rhinos do not lurk, on principle. But then, our vegetation does not try to gallop away when it’s mealtime.

As We Are

Rhinos are indebted to their Rhino Lineage; what critter isn’t? None of Us is a Flash in the Pan, deposited from nowhere on an unsuspecting planet.

Each Rhino is a distillation of unique qualities that only that family member possesses. We descend from the Old, but each one is entirely New.

Given the ingredients, it is up to each of Us to progress on the Big Project, namely, Us.

Just like Hamlet

Rhinos are mostly full-steam-ahead critters. But occasions do arise when We are uncertain about how to proceed, what to do, what to think.

The problem comes from too many choices and options. We could do This Thing, or That Thing, or some Other Thing. What to do, When to do it?

Sometimes Rhinos hesitate as long as a minute.



Following the example of Butterflies, Rhinos transform themselves all the time, one thing to another, one awareness to the next. These processes keep us fresh.

We were one way, and then, through some Enigmatic Natural Scheme, We are another way. Not every change is easy, but We assume each shift is an Improvement, because why not?

We usually mutate from front to back, but sometimes our butt end leads the process. Rhinos are flexible.