De Classics

Rhinos are connoisseurs when it comes to Mud (among other things). Our skin is so sensitive that We use this gift of Nature to protect ourselves. We have used Mud for eons (?). Long times.

The Recipe is deceptively simple: Add water to dirt, stir, and Voila! Mud. But We Rhinos carefully analyze the dirt, the water. We appraise the use to which We intend to put the Mud. A Sun Screen? A Bug Repellant? A Cosmetic? A Plaything? Do We want to enhance the recipe with leaves, or bits of other food, or whatever seems best? A drop more water, a pinch of sand? And of course, there are R Family Traditions involved as well.

Mud can be overwhelming in its variations and complexities. Take it from Us!


In the Wild, a Rhino may come across a feather. There on the path or bramble, worth considering. Rhinos respect messages from Nature. We consider hidden meanings, etc; Why this Feather, why Me, why Now?

If We ask around, We get interpretations from ‘clearly the end of the known world‘ to ‘get a life‘. Other critters must have a more complex attitude and lore concerning bird bits and pieces.

Rhinos don’t have all the Time on Earth on hand. Rhinos are busy. So We mostly assume the feather means things are Dandy.

Pillow Talk

Rhino Dreams are not predictable in any formal sense. True, they often feature food, but casting the dream seems not to be up to the Dreamer.

As We at YIR have previously mentioned, every Critter is made up of what has been on the Menu. We like vegetation only, so it is no wonder that in Dreamland, We have a greenery aspect. And tantalizing Scent, naturally.

Rhinos pay close attention to Dream Content; our Dreams are often short, so We need our Dreamwits about Us to soak up the Meaning. Or Meanings.


When Rhinos concentrate on a topic or a thing, then everything else just sort of disappears.

This can be seen as Paying Attention, but sometimes the price is high. We grapple with the topic, but now and then the grappling overrides our awareness of other stuff. We get mesmerized by the stimulation of it all, whatever it may be.

And in the Wild, there are a lot of things that can happen outside the narrow beam of our Focus.

In Translation

It is easy to Misunderstand what is being said, when something is being said. The Rhino mind does its utmost to comprehend, and yet, often the communication is muddled if not downright objectionable.

When ‘The Ancillary Preoccupation’, that well-known Rhino favorite, is presented in Interpretive Dance, there are always widely variant reviews, mostly because no two Rhinos see the original story the same way.

Communication by Scent is ultimately the perfect means of saying what needs saying. Thus making it clear how little needs saying, usually.

Penny for your thoughts…

Advice is easy to come by, and most of the time We Rhinos curl our lips and make rude faces when offered much of it. Also rude noises. We say “pooh pooh to you and your Advice!”

On the other hand, Rhinos sometimes find ourselves in Surprising Situations. A fine plan goes awry, making Us reassess our shemes. We gulp. Repeatedly.

At these times, the idea of Advice from someone with Experience and Insight would be, and is, welcome for sure. Then We say, “Please.”

Peering back

Rhinos have been around for 50 million years, so it may be understandable that our perspective of Olde Tyymes differs from our Readers. There is lot of Time back there to examine and appreciate.

However, Rhinos always need to get on with Today’s Assignments, primarily Fine Dining. So We keep our curiosity under control, lest fond Memories choke Common Sense.

We Rhinos are, and obviously have been, big fans of Kite Flying. And yes, Papyrus makes a fine kite. Check it out.

Missed Connections

Occasionally YIR gets a note from a Reader, saying that Rhino Ways seem Mysterious. On these occasions We at YIR roll our eyes, given that the entire purpose of ‘Your Inner Rhino’ is to inform, clarify, and relate to our Readers.

Tangentially, it is a fact that We Rhinos find Human Motivation pretty Mysterious now and then. As you can probably imagine.

Solution?: We can all Keep Trying.