In Con-Sequence

YIR Readers have noticed that We skipped Post 2183 last week. An error at best and a disgrace at worst. An office hunt for the elusive 2183 has been a flop.

Because Rhinos are lacking, numerically speaking, We feel the shortcoming keenly. Yet, We plunge ahead, with many resolutions of Future Excellence (secretly gulping, and muttering, “We hope”.)

Please understand: We do make lists, and keep track, and look serious, but Rhinos are not wired for Organization. It’s not our thing. We make do, in this as in many other areas in Life. As We say, Plunging Ahead.


     Coping is a skill that’s easy to underestimate. Coping takes its toll, even for Rhinos. Or perhaps, especially for Rhinos, since We are a pretty sensitive species, all things considered, right?
     Things come up, and We get Jangled. With luck, the Jangle only lasts a jiffy, but sometimes days. In grim cases, the Jangle can become a habit.
     We don’t recommend it, but mostly We don’t get a Grip just by announcing its advisability.

Little Room for Nonsense

Today is Wednesday, named for the king of the Norse gods, Wotan. A difficult diety to like, but a figurehead for a people who had few romantic illusions.

In an effort to gain Wisdom, Wotan had sacrificed his eye. Thus he lost vision but gained Greater Insight, a grim but poetic trade-off. With him are shown Huginn and Munn, ravens that daily informed Wotan of all they had seen. Also there sit Geri and Freki, Wotan’s companions. Power under control, measured and remorseless.

Thus YIR ends this day-at-a-glance series, begun on August 25.

Parting Ways


It probably seems as though Rhinos act a certain way, behave within distinct parameters. And for the most part, that’s true.

For the other part, We do get out of hand, surprising ourselves as well as anybody else who’s paying attention. Some idea pops up, and off We Rhinos go.

Afterwards, We ponder just what We thought We were doing. It may be true that every question has an answer, but it does not follow that We know what it is.

Taking Wing

Some critters bemoan their natural Shortcomings. If only they coud swim the Bay of Bengal, if only they could climb Mount Asterisk, if, if, if. The obvious problem is that Nature did not design them for those activities.

That is one Reason why Birds find Rhinos so refreshing. We cannot fly. We rejoice in Flight-by-Proxy, watching others do their thing. Delightful. We marvel at their colors, their song, their general affability.

We are happy for them, and they return the favor.

The Glass half-Empty

Being sullen and gloomy is uncommon for Rhinos, but it is not unknown. We know that We are acting Stinky, but don’t seem interested in correcting matters. We snit.

On these occasions, We get a Time Out, to bask in our own misery. We grumble and writhe and make faces, but five minutes of that, and We’re done.

Nobody is interested in our Sour Grapes, not even Us. So We shift gears, and get ourselves together. Happy Ending.

Hoity Toity

It distresses Us Rhinos to hear that We are considered Too Grand for our Britches. We are not removed and disinterested, despite appearances.

The misunderstanding probably comes from our absorption in Weighty Theoretical Matters. We feel sure that Nature counts on Us for our R Considerations and Observations.

In between these Deep Ponderings, We are generally delightful. Ask anybody. Or almost anybody.