5R profiles, in the Wild

This blog is about Rhinodom, its many facets and history, and the mindset which defines its excellence in a Cosmic Sense. Nothing too ambitious, just a down-home good-natured celebration of Ourselves, Our Inner Rhino.

Presented entirely from Our point of view, this blog’s “We” always refers to Us Rhinos, and “you” are the Readership, mighty, influential, and hopefully dedicated to learning about Us.

Gathering Clues

We cannot hope to cover every facet of Rhinodom, ever. So We are offering random observations, which you, insightful and diligent, will assemble to get a clearer picture of Us. It will take Time and Patience from both you and Us. We promise, the effort will be worthwhile: shortly you will begin to see your own Inner Rhino in the mirror. What experience could top that?!

WES at deskMy name is Bill Schroder. I first connected with Rhinodom when making a note card, back in 1983. My appreciation and involvement with rhinos has only grown since then. Professionally, I have been an illustrator, set and costume designer and professor of stage design . I enjoyed myself mightily with great colleagues. But now my Inner Rhino is taking the reins. Excelsior!

Please understand that translating ideas, mostly defined by scent, into words and pictures has its pitfalls. I am no naturalist, nor conservationist, so the facts and figures herein are borrowed. Rhinos do not count or weigh much of anything on the average day. But people like details, and “facts” are a good way of addressing your curiosity. That said, don’t get impatient with Us if We get it messed up a bit. Rhinos are about spirit, not limitations. Like this blog.

Griffith Card, 1983


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42 thoughts on “About

  1. Well done Bill…the site looks great! The 30+ year old card to Aunt Helen and Uncle Bill is really cool…thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks, Ma’am. I’m trucking along, feeling good to get this thing on its legs at last. Perhaps not the way I envisioned it, but that’s probably a good thing, all told.


    • I’m in the kitchen, bakin’ up Posts. Heavens to Betsy. (Yeah, like Anybody would believe I was in the kitchen for any reason beyond stealing a baked good)


  2. Congratulations Bill on your Rhino blog! This has been a long time coming and I know what a magnificent accomplishment this must be for you. As always, the beauty and wit of your drawing is masterful. I’m clapping my hooves in approval. Love and beads, John


  3. My inner rhino is doing a happy dance!!! What a wonderful compendium of wisdom and imagery. Can’t wait for your next post!!! Sending Elias and you the biggest of rhino hugs!!!


  4. I first fell in serious like with Sam’s uncle’s work when I saw his beautiful RED DRAGON and now Sam’s introduced me to Rhinodom! What’s better than that? Thank you!


    • I’m pleased you like it! Tomorrow is a Very Big Day, so please make sure to blog in. Now that I think about it, all days are pretty big, so blogging in is Always Good!


  5. As I happily read your rhino philosophy every day it occurs to me that I would love to have a printed collection to give to friends and family as gifts. Have you considered this? Love, love them all…and you!


  6. Hello Bill. This is J.o.b.e. or Jesse. I met you through Charlene. I really like your artwork, especially the wizard of oz stuff. Keep up the good work. Oh by the Way……the E in Jobe stands for excelsior!!!!!!!


  7. Hi Bill! (NOT Phil 🙂 It was so wonderful to meet you and Jenny yesterday. I immensely enjoyed our conversation. I have a small gift I would like to give you. I am hoping to leave it with Charlene to give to you. It’s a work from one of my favorite illustrators. I think your illustrations are fantastic! And your writing has been incredibly thought provoking.


  8. Hi Bill,

    Your Rhinocerosities are always a welcome diversion from anything from which I may need diversion. Did you know, by the way, that the solitary rhinoceros (or maybe it’s the solitary horn on the nose of the Indian rhinoceros–translators have differing views on the topic) is the theme for celebrated Buddhist scriptures. Possibly rhinos figure in other religious scriptures as well.

    Perhaps you can explore this topic in future blogs. On the other hand, rhinos are inherently spiritually inspiring, so it might be a case of gilding the lily.


    • It’s possible the Buddhist connection could be explored, but my ignorance of Buddhist thinking and process is might extensive. Generally speaking, I don’t overtly connect with spiritual teachings, although my own experiences with Christian Science and the Course in Miracles informs a lot of my thinking, such as it is.
      You make my day, speaking of the blog. I’m touched that you look at it when it calls to you. Fond regards, Bill


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