Things As Is

The Rhino Evaluation of most days is: So Far, So Good.

And even if the day is not ideal, what is to be done about it? We persevere.

On another note, We recommend the paintings of Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973), a Brazilian artist of distinction. Even if Rhinos don’t live in South America at the moment, We may end up there yet. That sounds like a “So Good”” to Us.


Rhinos know stuff about bugs. They buzz around, eat something or other, make baby bugs, and then die. Their lives are short. We know what they do. What We don’t know much about is how they feel about it, what they think about as they tend to their business.

Actually, We can’t honestly say We know what other Rhinos are contemplating from hour to hour. And truth to tell, We are often vague about whatever We ourselves are up to. Right?

We generally have lot more evidence for the Whats than We have for Whys.


Rhinos are always aware of the Natural World in which We are mere participants, one species among many.

We wonder if this World is merely a forerunner of the Next World, whatever that might be, OR perhaps it is the reward for our Last World?

Since We cannot really say if these surmises have anything to recommend them, Rhinos like to concentrate on this World, and be Grateful.