Get Real

Rhinos spend a lot of time Pondering. Weighing. Analyzing. Chewing. We might like to say that our thinking is free of Subjective bias or passion, but We have never figured out how that could be.

Objectivity seems to deny Us ourselves in relation to our subject matter. We are to stand aside and assess. Get Scientific.

Well, er, um, it is Not a Rhino Approach.


Moving Forward

Sometimes a good Friend is not available to chum around with. But Rhinos have to be philosophical about the missing playmate.

We concentrate on the energies and uplifts that Friendship has provided, and surf forward, riding the wave of that Friendly Goodness and Encouragement.

There’s no reason to suppose We Rhinos are not fully rooting for Friends, absent or present. Time has nothing much to do with it.

Star light, Star bright…


Hypatia was a 4th century specialist in philosophy, mathematics, and astrology. She lived in Egypt and was highly regarded, being the first female mathematician about whom much is known today.

Unhappily, nothing she wrote is directly known, though she had quite a reputation among philosophers of her day.

We hail Hypatia’s achievements, despite the fact that We Rhinos never much understood her.