We wax, We wane

Rhinos progress from one minute to the next, Shifting in multiple ways from one level of consciousness to another. For each step, there are Developments, some exhilarating, some demoralizing, but all part of a minute-to-minute tapestry which is Us.

This question is all about the Inner Rhino. On the outside, We may look the same. But inside, We are awash with ever-enhanced Awarenesses.

Some other Critters might find this all disorienting, but not We. For Us, being only semi-Cohesive, this is Normalcy.

On Further Examination

Each and every Rhino is a Genius, though no two of Us are Spectacular in just the same way.

We Rhinos are a species with an enormous range of Individualities. Depending on what We look for as Marks of Distinction, We uncover a different Genius. This Rhino may be no good at This, but is Astoundingly Sensitive to That, etc., etc.

One by one, Rhinos just seem Delightful. Add Us all up, and you have a formula for Stupenditude. Times three.

Pressing Onward

There is a certain mystique to the way each of Us Rhinos addresses Life’s Many Experiences. So many complex decisions, choices, options. Go left, right, up, down? Who can tell?

Since Logic often confuses Us, Rhinos are dependent on our Inner Guide. We proceed and hope for the best.

As a system for combatting Confusion, this works as well as any Rhinos know of. That said, We do watch our step.

Worth Mentioning

Mr. Patrick Henry made his famous speech in 1775 in Virginia. A passionate call for Action from the assembly.

Rhinos are not clear about the meaning of this speech. Is the question, Liberty from something, or Liberty to do or be something else? As with many rallying cries, the precise meaning can be confusing when scrutinized.

Mr. Henry also said,”The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it’s an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” Sounds about right to Us.


We Rhinos have only a sketchy idea of how Nature has Rhino systems organized. So it is unsurprising that We find the operations of plants mysterious. We eat them, but We can’t comprehend their logic.

That is not to say that We don’t fully appreciate their magnificence and the gifts they grant to Us, big plants and small.

We are grateful to plants, and let there be No Mistake on that, please.