Strutting Your Stuff

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Hans Christian Andersen, wrote ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ (1837). It tells of two tricksters who victimize a vain ruler, selling him an invisible suit of clothes, a magnificent suit which only the gifted can see. When the Emperor walks out in public in his new duds, the public is surprised, to say the least. Does the Emperor learn anything? No.

Rhinos are confused by Human responses to the body. After all, inside each outfit is a naked somebody. What’s the fuss? The Emperor invests in imaginary clothes, while for Rhinos, that’s all there are. Easy-Peasy.

Tales of Wonder

‘Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp‘ is one adventure in the “1,001 Tales of the Arabian Nights”. (That means a lot, if you don’t count, which Rhinos don’t.) Aladdin ranges the known Islamic World, Africa to China. Cosmopolitan. Very Rhino.

Aladdin gets trapped in a magic cave, but he happens to have a magic ring, served by a Genie. Rhinos are always on the lookout for such jewelry, for tight spots, which We attract.

“By Genie” is a fine Exit Strategy. Or so it seems.


It’s hard to figure out how many leaves a tree might have, especially if you can’t count beyond three. The Rhino situation exactly. Our solution is to admit there are a Lot, and then press on.

Still, it is not easy to absorb the enormity of Nature’s Project, because there are many trees, not to mention grass and stuff.

Impressive, that Nature.

As We Are

Rhinos are indebted to their Rhino Lineage; what critter isn’t? None of Us is a Flash in the Pan, deposited from nowhere on an unsuspecting planet.

Each Rhino is a distillation of unique qualities that only that family member possesses. We descend from the Old, but each one is entirely New.

Given the ingredients, it is up to each of Us to progress on the Big Project, namely, Us.