Successfully fulfilling our Potential is a Demand We must confront hourly. It’s not enough to be born a Rhino; We must keep in practice through constant inspiration, dedication, and¬†application. If We huff and puff a bit, so be it.

Fortunately, Rhinos are supple (at least mentally) so We can work these exercises into our schedules. An exemplary case of Triumph through Effort.

The On Switch

Today is Michelangelo da Caravaggio’s birthday, b. 1571. He was a fine painter, specializing in the drama of his subjects, enhanced by strong directional lighting. Both Rembrandt and Rubens felt his influence in their paintings.

What We Rhinos can contribute to this topic is, it takes a lot of light to make a crisp shadow. You can’t have one without the other, as with so many things in life. Jot that profundity down, for future reference.

YIR strikes again.

Keeping up Appearances

In the fine tradition of Iceburgs, Rhinos afloat only show a small percentage of their mass above the water line. The rest of the package is out of sight.

This phenomenon may apply to knowing a Rhino in almost all respects. We look at one another, and have to understand We can only comprehend each other to a Limited Degree. On dry land too.

It may also account for how little We know of ourselves.

Hot Air in Action

“Nincompoop” came into usage about 1680, meaning one of defective reasoning. It may be related to the Latin phrase ‘non compos mentis’.

In common use among Rhinos, there is an added element to the meaning, namely, the Nincompoop has to be unaware of  obvious limitations, indeed most often is complacent and sure of superiority.

It’s ironic really, but not particularly endearing.