Rhinos are a unique species among the all the species on Earth. And among all the Rhinos on Earth, now or ever, each one of Us is unique too.

But what is holding our attention today is the fact that even I, an individual Rhino, won’t be the same Rhino tomorrow, or even in an hour. Then I will recall the Rhino who is me right now, and see that We are not precisely the same. We will have much in common, this Future Me and Me right now.

But We are all changing, mostly in ways We cannot comprehend. As is everything in the World around Us. Moment by moment. Pretty impressive, when We think about it.

The Porridge Debates

It must be faced: Goldilocks misspent part of her youth in criminal activities. However, there is more to the discussion.

Goldilocks was developing a flair for Comparative Analysis, a discernment which every young critter must acquire. By careful testing, Goldilocks establishes a pecking order for herself; This is more advantageous than That. So she is both the young thug and an upcoming authority. Folks have potential in many directions.

Philosophy is both multi-faceted and confusing. Every Rhino knows that much.

Just a moment

It may be that not every moment of one’s life seems worth remembering, but each and every moment is what makes up our History. Drop one moment, and the whole business comes crashing down. That’s how Time does things, and it’s no good arguing about it.

Each Rhino’s life is a series of moments. Some are swell, others a bore, but each is essential.

Until We run out of moments.

One of a Kind

Each Rhino has a Life Story, grand or grotesque. The thing that holds the story together is a Through Line, a core theme which typifies that unique Rhino, first to last.

What’s odd is that most Rhinos have little idea of what their Through Line is. One chapter of the story seems utterly distinct from the former or next chapter. We just bop along, wondering why and how things get out of whack.

Possibly, something could be done to shake up the system, or… possibly not?


Successfully fulfilling our Potential is a Demand We must confront hourly. It’s not enough to be born a Rhino; We must keep in practice through constant inspiration, dedication, andĀ application. If We huff and puff a bit, so be it.

Fortunately, Rhinos are supple (at least mentally) so We can work these exercises into our schedules. An exemplary case of Triumph through Effort.

The On Switch

Today is Michelangelo da Caravaggio’s birthday, b. 1571. He was a fine painter, specializing in the drama of his subjects, enhanced by strong directional lighting. Both Rembrandt and Rubens felt his influence in their paintings.

What We Rhinos can contribute to this topic is, it takes a lot of light to make a crisp shadow. You can’t have one without the other, as with so many things in life. Jot that profundity down, for future reference.

YIR strikes again.