Ground rules

Rhinos, like most critters, pass our days Expecting things to be a certain way, to organize themselves consistently. If it’s this way today, it was mostly just like that yesterday, allowing wiggle room for interpretation.

But We Rhinos are keenly aware that this Expectation runs the Hazard of Disappointment. It’s what makes things interesting.

Was that way, but today, hmmm, not so much. Time to regroup.


RhinoLore is all part of a giant familial tapestry of Tales We merrily share. Each of Us offers our experiences, and then delights in seeing how they reflect RhinoExperiences through the Ages.

Rhinos naturally think in a story format, involving plot, characters, heroes (!), situation, etc. Fortunately, We are an exciting Species, so our Annals are almost always stimulating.

Not every Account is cheery, but then, these are History, not Fiction. Nature is not primarily focused on “Cheery”.