Of Two Minds, at a minimum

Upbringing has many results, but one of them is all the Rules, Shoulds, and Musts with which We are peppered from the get-go. Many of these Restraints are to keep Us from going Haywire.

Clearly, Rhinos are capable of Big Passions, or the Rules would be unneeded. And Passions are aroused with fearsome speed; Blink and We are in a Titanic Temper.

Thus We Rhinos must deal with Internal Confrontations; the urges to respond Naturally as Vigorous Critters, or to recall our Control Systems. We get all snarled up inside. Frankly, it doesn’t seem quite fair.


Rhinos are a quiet bunch most of the time. It is not that We cannot vocalize, but We pick up most easily via Scent, plus any sound clues We receive.

But We can make Sounds, and do when they want ‘out’. We don’t analyze, We just let the right grunt or squeak or belch get out there. What it lacks in specificity, our system accomplishes in consistency and clarity.

Because We don’t do it all the time, an occasional Yodel feels good.