As We may have mentioned, organized sports often have more than 3 rules. But on friendly advice, We feel that mentioning Your Inner Rhino‘s Batting Average (related to Baseball) might help Us feel smug, which is always pleasant.

In the 1096 days We have been publishing, We have had 1092 fresh postings; thus, our Batting Average is 996. The computation was explained, but We got confused and took a second brunch break.

Baseballicly, a single is as good as a home run for these statistics, which is helpful. Even at Your Inner Rhino, We can’t win ’em all.


Every now and then, there is no moon at night. Where it goes We don’t know.

Tonight is one of those nights; Your Inner Rhino wanted to remind you, so you don’t get frantic. In our experience (and Rhino Experience is pretty encompassing) the moon will be back in action shortly.

One of those Bad News, Good News scenarios.



Hypnotism is an Ancient Art; Rhinos are adept at it, and have been for about 3 zillion years (however long that is). We do not practice it on others, but are good at going into a Subliminal State at the drop of a leaf. All on our own.

We don’t actually dress up for these occasions, owning nothing to put on. But Rhinos certainly understand Showmanship, so We take these opportunities to impress ourselves.

RhinoMind is Elastic; We can check in, or check out at will.