Bo Peeped

In 1903 Mr. Victor Herbert’s operetta, ‘Babes in Toyland’, opened in New York. It has had many successful versions over the years, both on stage and in film.

It combines elements of opera, melodrama, and pageantry for the entertainment of children. The enterprise was modeled on the previous year’s big hit, ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Rhinos enjoy light theatricals, now and then. As in, occasionally.

Alternative Destination

An occasional pastime with Us Rhinos is “What’s-It-Gonna-Be?”. We choose another Critter, and weigh the advantages or disadvantages of other Ways of Life.

What’s involved in being a Lemur, or an Armadillo, or a Polar Bear? Each Critter has things to recommend it, its pros and cons.

What is miraculous is how every Rhino on record has concluded that being a Rhino is the very best Fate. Big Surprise.

Many Happy Returns

A standard Rhino greeting is “Happy Birthday”, and why not? No Rhino keeps track of such a thing, so the chances are, if not likely, not entirely out of the question either.

Perhaps today is your Birthday!? And if so, why not enjoy it to the Max?! Throw yourself a party and scintillate.

In that spirit, YIR wishes you a “Happy Birthday”, whenever you plan to have it… today, or whenever, or however often.

First Impressions

Rhinos seem to get more than our fair share of Brilliant Ideas; it’s just a Natural Fact. Sometimes once a week, sometimes every two minutes; it’s an unpredictable business, these flashes of RhinoGenius.

What’s intriguing is where these ideas reside before We get them. We are simply attending to our business when, WHAM!, We get an Insight. Out of the blue.

Very stimulating, being Us.

Going Up… or Down

Sometimes Nature makes a shift, raising one flat place above another. The resulting wall separating those fields is called an Escarpment, geologically speaking.

Rhinos seldom scale these Escarpments, lacking both the Equipment and the Skill. When you are Big, you don’t want to do a lot of falling down.

Being incapable ourselves doesn’t mean We can’t appreciate it.