Crowning Glory

Rhinos are not bald, but We don’t have a lot of hair. A bit on our tails and ears and lashes. Even our Sumatran family members have an uneven coat, especially in the Wild.

But We are not blind to hairy possibilities. A comb, a bobbypin, and watch out! That’s how it looks to Us.

Like our wardrobes, which exist only in Theory, Coiffure is a product of Imagination. Pick a color, pick a texture. Split ends? Not a problem for Rhinos. No Ma’am.

Focal Length

     Are Rhino lives dreary? No. We do have compulsory daily activities, many involved with diet. Like any other critter, We need fuel. In the Rhino case, being big, that means lots of food.
     And lots of chewing. That part is definitely repetitive. We just have to get to it, and chew. BUT: Why did Nature give Rhinos Mammoth Imaginative Capacities, if it isn’t to Use Them?
     Right. Bon Voyage!

All Day Today

Today is Thursday, named for the ancient Norse god, Thor. Thor attended to a number of areas, with Thunder and Lightening topping the list, oh, and Giant-Bashing. He was short-tempered.

Apparently everything Thor touched had a large name. Thor drove a chariot drawn by 2 goats named Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. He wore magic bracelets, called Jarngreipr, needed to wield his hammer, Mojnir. (This hammer worked like a Norse boomerang.)  He also wore a special belt called Megingjore. Thor had Red Hair, but if it had a particular name, We don’t know what it was, though it was probably hard to spell.

The ‘Your Inner Rhino’ research team is pooped. So much spelling, even without the diacritical markings!


September is here: a thrill for some, a warning for others. Rhinos are mostly maintaining a wait-and-see attitude (which is nothing new.)

‘Your Inner Rhino’ is fortunate in having a vast store of Philosophic Observations to share with our Readers. We are never quite certain that these pithy epigrams retain their zest in translation, but that is what translation is all about anyway.

Ask Anybody.

After Monday


Today has been Tuesday, named for the Anglo-Saxon god of War and Peace, Tiu (or Tiw, Tig,Ti, Tii, Tir and Tuu). Yes, really.

Tiu is best remembered for ramming his fist into the mouth of Famrir, a gigantic wolf, thus assisting his father, Wotan. Tiu was ambidextrous, which was a good thing as it turned out. His main task was making sure folk honored their treaties, easier said than done.

Rhinos only call our days Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Location, Location

Rhinos don’t live in houses in the Wild. You probably knew that instinctively. ‘Indoors’ is an alien concept.

But that doesn’t mean We Rhinos have never seen an Urban Setting. We have, though they’re confusing. We drift by after sunset sometimes. So much stuff We can’t eat… what is that about?

We can theorize about Urbans when We are of a mind to do it and create pretend ones. But We still can’t eat them.

Missing Links

The Rhino Reputation for Insights and Mental Gymnastics is part of Nature’s endowment, and We are used to it. Other critters might preen, but We try to accept our Gifts with good grace. Humble, that’s Us.

There are some issues with having these Thoughts and Perceptions, especially because We have so many on any given day.

Rhinos don’t feel good about losing our Wits, but it does happen. We prefer to think of them as Misplaced- if only momentarily.