Up Time

The Staff of Your Inner Rhino is back, transformed by a bit of leisure. What happened to the T-shirt We cannot say.

We have kept the balloon as a souvenir (see: ‘Down Time’ below), at least in spirit.

Much easier than trying to find it later and repair it, right?


Washta, Iowa was officially established in 1868 by a Mr. Whisman, the postmaster there. Washta has never been large. It is called “The Coldest Place in Iowa”, referring back to a temperature of minus 47 degrees, recorded in 1912. If it was windy, nobody told Us.

The population of roughly 450 must have had a mega-shivery time of it. Goodness!

If you wish to write to folks out there, the zip code is 51061. YIR, helpful to a fault.