Heart to Heart

From Us, here at ‘Your Inner Rhino’,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Oh, Won’t you be our Valentine-o?


Sweets to the Sweet

Today We celebrate Chocolate Cake Day, tipping our hats to Ms. Eliza Leslie. Her cookery book (1847) is the first in the USA to describe making a Chocolate Cake. It was different than today’s, but it was a genuine article, nonetheless.

The history of Chocolate is interesting. Originally Chocolate was mainly a beverage, but over time it was introduced into foods, one way and another.

Rhinos like Chocolate Cake, as do most sensible critters. Huzzah!

Mushroom Whisperers

Rhinos are fond of Mushrooms, but let’s face it: Mushrooms have their little ways.

Regarding poisonosity, Rhinos have a little-known gift; We can hear when a plant is not meant for Us. An unusual talent, to say the least. Just a “pssssst” from the Fungus, and We move along.

Yet another example of how Nature looks out for Us in the Wild, for which We are plenty grateful.