Much Ado about Nothing

There is usually a great deal to accomplish in a Rhino’s day. Busy, busy, busy. Consequently, much gets done. But some of Us get carried away; We can’t stop fussing dawn to dusk. And overnight.

We at ‘Your Inner Rhino’ would like to point out that when We are Doing Nothing, We are still Doing. RIght?

Chilling is one of the RhinoSkills that makes Us so appealing.


On May 2, 1335 Otto, Duke of Austria, ascended the throne of Carinthia, becoming Duke of Carinthia, as you might expect.

What strikes Us Rhinos as interesting is that History recalls him as ‘Otto the Merry’. We can only suppose his court was a frolicsome place, at least by medieval standards (which were flexible.)

IF Rhinos had names like our Readers, We would investigate this idea. Thus one’s name would not simply be Jerry; it could be ‘Jerry the Misguided’, or ‘Jerry the Impatient’, or ‘Jerry the Lopsided’. This may be an idea whose time has come.