Moveable type was first used in Europe by Herr Johannes Gutenberg. This method of printing was a Major Achievement in the history of Western Thought, whatever that may be.

Rhinos are partial to Herr Gutenberg’s beard, which was very stylish indeed. We do not have beards, but enjoy imagining them just the same. Why not?

Rhinos are illiterate, which would be a great problem if We did not know all We need to Naturally.

Achieving Perfecshun

When engaged in Artistic Endeavor, it’s difficult to define “Enough”. One step short and the work does not satisfy its goals; one step extra, and it sinks under its own weight.Vision can be whelming. Many Artists collapse under the aesthetic pressure.

This sort of frailty isn’t for Us Rhinos however. We just plug on, and hope for better luck next time. Give it your best shot, and move along.

What’s for brunch?

Bee Stung

Ah, sunny Nepal, where the world’s largest honeybees (apis dorsata) live. As you might assume, they have the biggest stingers among bees. Whoa and Golly!

Cheery news, bees have no interest in Rhinos; our skin is thick and We pose no threat. They build hanging combs, way up. Live and let live, y’know?

The Bee Keeper outfit isn’t necessary, it just looks snappy.

You’re a Grand Old Flag

Today is Flag Day, so YIR is recycling a picture from last July. Not that it is a Classic, but it did not seem We were going to improve upon it, so We are submitting it in a timely manner. Punctuality taking the place of Originality.

The original posting was July 4, 2016. There are notes on Ms. Ross there which may still be of interest.

Long may We wave.