When Rhinos discuss Magic, We realize pretty quickly that We’d have to believe We understand what’s wrong with the way things are. Yes, We might like a new egg-beater, or less creaky joints, or glitter on our cereal, but these are delights without much staying power.

We contemplate the “Three Wishes Formula”, but can’t come up with anything genuinely satisfying. The TWF is a system with some serious shortcomings; too many ifs, ands, and buts. It doesn’t seem quite fair.

Happily, it isn’t an issue on a frequent basis.

Under Consideration

However matters may work for our Readers, for Rhinos 98% of our conversational time is spent with ourselves, each pondering what is what, given the mental resources available.

Rhino ideas and concepts and beliefs are expressed and experienced via our ears or our noses, or both. However incomprehensible that may seem, it works for Us. Then We juggle those ideas and come up with a thought, sometimes.

All those “voices” in our heads, or wherever, each making a contribution. But that is the party line We listen to almost all the time. No point in asking if We like it; We live with it.



Just because Rhinos are worldly, does not mean We know Everything. Occasionally We will run into a plant We do not recognize.

Our Policy is to nibble a tiny corner and discover what the newcomer has to offer.

Our other Policy is to gobble it whole, figuring that Nature wouldn’t make it tempting if Rhinos were meant to pass it up.

Organized Thinking

Rhinos have many outstanding Ideas going forward in our heads, almost all the time. Unfortunately, these Ideas must compete with one another for our Undivided Attention.

Ideas do not like to wait in line for Attention; they jostle for Preferential Treatment. However, Rhinos have short attention spans, so shortly We will refocus; next it could be any Idea’s turn.

And all of this goes on while We chew. Amazing, right?!