Lickety Split

Today is Soft Serve Ice Cream Day. Soft serve ice cream was created, mostly by mistake, by Mr. Tom Carvel, in 1934. He just sold some regular ice cream that was melting. But in 1936, Mr. Carvel had developed a way to make and market the swirly kind Rhinos have gotten used to.

‘Your Inner Rhino’ is not recommending one kind of Ice Cream Treat over another; they are all A-OK with Us.


better early than late, for once

So. On August 10, 1821, Missouri achieved Statehood. We salute Missouri therefore. A fine state, full of fine folk, who, We gather, prefer the product to the advertisement.

You may be less aware of the Hypsibema Missouriensis, Missouri’s state dinosaur. In actual fact, Rhinos were not around when this critter was in action, but it makes a good picture, and at ‘Your Inner Rhino’, that counts for a lot. One thing to notice is, it had a thousand teeth, which is a lot, for grinding up vegetation. Impressive dentition.

Rhinos average about 28 teeth.In case you wondered.

Making Art

Today, in 1883, Mr. Erich Heckel was born in Germany. He helped to found a group called ‘The Bridge’ with three friends, all interested in Expressionism. Mr. Heckel himself had a long career including painting, woodcuts, lithographs and etchings. Much of his work was politically unacceptable, and was banned and destroyed.

There is something pleasingly cutting edge about his own work, a dark mysterious quality that Rhinos gravitate to. We like primitive stuff.

Good Luck to Us

There’s only so much room on Earth, and Rhinos occupy only our fair share. Rhino Turfs. We mind our business, and note that most other critters do the same. Millenia’ worth of cooperation and adjustment.

How today’s overcrowding will play out is a Natural question, no living thing functions independently.

One thing is sure; Every species will have plenty of opportunity to Cope with these modifications, Naturally. We note that much of Coping is time sensitive.



Today We acknowledges New York becoming the 11th State in 1788. Much History and a lot of Vitality, plus a certain magnetic Charm for clever folk; Rhinos have always fit right in.

Washington Irving’s ‘Rip Van Winkle’, an 1819 folktale of a loafer sleeping through the Revolution, salutes the Old Men of the Mountains, the ghostly crew of Henry Hudson, long gone. They lure Rip to play nine pins in the forest and then slip him a mickey. Hence, the nap.

New York is so chock full of Event that picking a focus for celebration was just too exhausting for our Staff. Plus We like olde Dutch outfits.

Bosom Buddies

Rhinos have always felt companioned in our daily dealings by Kindred Spirits. Different branches of the R Family have been often in sympathy with different critters. Over a course of fifty million years We’ve had multiple chums to select from.

This is primarily a spiritual bond, often long distance. In some cases an egret, in others a sea urchin, etc.

Pals can be an unpredictable crowd, at least that’s how Rhinos experience them.