The All in All

For every critter, no matter the details of its potential, its Life is the crucial fact of its existence. It does not wish it was something else, like an ostrich or a flounder or a saxophonist. It accepts the range of possibilities of its own family, and rejoices in those.

No critter lives to please any other group of critters. It would be odd if they did.

And what critter is in a position to evaluate another critter? Hmm? Well, what sane critter?

The Big Bang Theory

A point of debate among Rhinos: how short is our fuse?

Every critter everywhere encounters Ignorance; it’s unavoidable. But deliberate self-serving Foolishness gets us riled, indeed it does, especially when critters are likely to get hurt. It just seems indecent and unnecessary to Us.

Then things happen in the Rhino System. We go Boom.


Here is our question: Are We Going somewhere, Or are We Leaving somewhere? Obviously, the two activities are linked, but in most cases, one motivation is primary. Each Rhino is the connection between the Point of Origin and the Destination, but each of Us decides why We’re going where.

Many of Us forget that the steps We take support our Decisions, however innocuous the steps seem. It’s a peculiar area of mental investigation, paying attention to these process actions, in their own right. It often seems as though these activities don’t exist or matter.

We don’t connect the dots; We are the connection between them.

Once upon a time

Stories are involving, because when Rhinos encounter Stories, they transport Us to a place where We are not in fact. Indeed, We can transport ourselves with our own imagined doings, our history, our aspirations.

While We follow these fantasy stories, We are There, not Here; We are involved Elsewhere.

The question is: is that a Good Thing or a not-so-Good Thing for critters in the Wild.