Being Robust Critters, We Rhinos are aware that there is only so much Space to go around in the Wild. Some critters take up Much Space, and some Less Space. But here We all are, a crowd of sorts, busy, busy, busy.

Being aware of Natural Limitations, We Rhinos try not to spread ourselves out all over the place. We keep ourselves condensed, so other critters have room to function.

Seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised how many critters are inattentive to the issue.


Each individual Rhino is best tuned to our Inner Rhino, in subtle, unique ways. Thus each of Us is aware of our Victories over Dubious Choices, those moments when We approach our potential for Excellence.

So who is better at acknowledging these Triumphs than We ourselves? Right. Nobody.

Rhinos are not double-jointed, which makes Pats on the Back tricky. But We each do what We can, when appropriate; it’s the spirit of the thing that counts.

Phys Ed

Sometimes Rhinos will sense that We are coming apart at the seams. Not so much physically as mentally. The Stresses associated with Santa, Dietary Indulgences, one Festive Hootenanny after another form a cumulative Pressure.

What can a Rhino do about it?

Hold on. Maybe take a nap. In a week or so, Normalcy will return from Vacation, and then We can complain about how dull things are.