In this Respect…

Rhinos are Naturally suited to live in the Wild. The Wild is all set to answer our needs, and We do what We can to keep the Wilds delightful. It’s a responsibility Rhinos shoulder with vigor and panache.

For those who only visit the Wild once in a while, We point out that those of Us who live here like our Wild just the way it is. Surprise visits can go badly, especially if the Visited is able to damage the Visitor.

To you, it’s just a camera; to Us it’s a threat. Good Intentions don’t count.

Looking Classy

Mr. George Bryan Brummel, born June 7, 1778, was an exceptional figure in Regency England. He somehow became a pal to George, the Prince of Wales, and leap-frogged into high society. He fit right in, and then began to re-imagine men’s fashion, ship-shaping it with better tailoring¬† and more subdued use of color. Most shocking for his contemporaries, he insisted on hygiene, both of the body and the clothing.

He became known as ‘Beau’ (handsomely presented) Brummel, reflecting his fastidious taste and wit. Possibly the most dynamic fashion arbitar in History.

Rhinos find the whole business of getting dressed pretty Remarkable. We don’t dress. And Rhinos don’t make Remarks.

Cosmic Eccentricities

Every so often the Moon goes off duty. It just disappears. It used to alarm Us Rhinos, but after a few Eons, We got used to it. So now We stay calmer.

It used to be that We would try to influence the Moon, but it, as are We, is a Child of Nature.

We Children of Nature are best advised to rely on our instincts and, if possible, wait to see what happens tomorrow. Recall this note if you go looking for the Moon tonight.

Close but no Cigar

There is a lurking Need We Rhinos have for Satisfaction, an all-embracing Answer to Big Mysteries. We can’t put our finger on it, but We feel a responsibility to fumble along, mostly armed only with Good Intentions. And perhaps some Optimism.

We conjecture and surmise, but our efforts are consistently Inconclusive. Probably because We Rhinos don’t know it All.

Which may be a Pity, but it’s also a Fact.

Sticks and stones

On August 5, 642 AD, Penda of Mercia and Oswald of Bernicia met for the Battle of Maserfield. To this day, nobody knows what the problem was, why they both felt Thrashings were needed, or where exactly everybody fought. Oswald was killed. Nothing specific happened as a result.

And from this story We Rhinos learn what? We are just glad We were not there at the time.