Mindboggling, for one

Usually one attempt at Self-Hypnosis is all any Rhino requires. This is a troubling activity, because We Rhinos are Extremely Suggestible.

When a Rhino hypnotizes itself, there is nobody there to offer post-hypnotic suggestions. There is also nobody there to snap some fingers and help Us back to Normal.

The Trance does wear off in time, but the appeal does too.

Equipped by Nature

Rhinos are always on the lookout for Cunning.  Cunning slithers up unexpectedly; the unwary Rhino has to be alert.

The important issue here is that Rhinos are not a Cunning species. We are trusting and often gullible. So We need to be vigilant.

Armed with a Sense of Scent without Equal, Rhinos know when a situation stinks. Then We Address Matters. You knew that all along, right?

On Trees

Money doesn’t grow on trees, We are told. In fact, most things do not grow on trees, including Cement Mixers.

Bark, and leaves, and fruit grow on trees, much of them edible. Bees and monkeys and squirrels and other critters live in trees, but that is not quite the same thing.

As Cement Mixers do not grow on trees, YIR suggests We all take them a little more seriously when We encounter one.


Mr. Harry Houdini, b.1874, is world famous for getting out of unusually complex situations. He was an Escapologist. And quite a Showman.

The traps and tricks from which Mr. Houdini liberated himself were seemingly impossible to defeat. Yet he managed, time after time, to astound his audience.

Rhino Thinking may not be tricksy enough to help Us elude snares. Too bad for Us. We are not cunning.