Today is Ms. Amy Vanderbilt’s birthday, born 1908. She had a distinguished career writing and speaking on Etiquette and considerate social interactions.

It should come as no surprise that Rhinos are naturally thoughtful and kind, which are the precepts behind all mannerly behavior.

Courtesy takes a little of the Wild out of the Wild.

The Good Earth

Fact: We Rhinos are fascinating. It’s hard for Us to get over ourselves.

But We at YIR thought We might point out that everything We see, or ‘achieve’, or have, is just a flimsy layer perched upon the Enormity of the Earth itself. The Planet’s Stupenditude takes the cake, and We are just specks by comparison, both in body and cosmic impact.

Minerals are the underpinning of the whole Shebang, as we know it.


Rhinos have a built-in capacity for Euphoria that defies description. It just comes with the Natural Package. We do not control it, because… Well, why would We want to?

Some days are only a #1 on the Euphoria Scale, others are a #3. These vacillations are more or less meaningless; any way you look at it, We are of Good Cheer and excited by our Prospects. Dazzled by our Good Fortune.

Maybe other Critters have the same potential, but forget to notice it.