All Rhinos are Vegetarians. Nature provides the best Greens to keep Us Fit and Feisty. But if We ate up Everything, what would all the other Critters be munching? We share in the Wild. Diverse Critters, diverse Veg.

Rhinos have built-in Radar to scan a locale, and know where Rhino Foods are lurking. We just meander over and get acquainted. Warthogs get Warthog Food. Etc.

Trust Us; We’re grateful for those Veggies. Indeed We are.


9 Lives Plus

Charles Perrault’s 1697 version of “Puss in Boots” is probably the most popular, but it is based on earlier works by Giovanni Francesco Straparola and Gianbattista Basile. Now you know, if it comes up in conversation.

Puss, an ambitious cat, is good at seizing Opportunity and conning gullible folk, including the King and an Ogre. Eventually his poor young master marries the princess, all thanks to Puss’ ingenuity.

Any Rhino would tell you, Cats are cunning. Most mice would say the same thing.

a Russian Adventure

Mr. Sergei Prokofiev composed “Peter and the Wolf” in 1936. He also wrote the tale himself. It is performed with a narrator, introducing the characters as musically related to particular instruments.

A boy, Peter, leaves his home turf, and through dumb luck captures a wolf. Need We say that Rhinos take a dim view of young Rhinos venturing off on their own? In the Wild, it is a formula for Disaster.

The music is great, but We don’t go to see “Peter and the Wolf” before We weigh a ton. After that, it’s pretty safe.

On the Road to…

Milo is the bored Youth in Norton Juster’s fantasy adventure ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’. Magically transported to the Kingdom of Wisdom, Milo learns a great many things, namely, to pay attention to his own state of mind. If he doesn’t like what he sees, he should take the reins and engage with his situation.

Disconnection is seldom experienced by Rhinos in the Wild. Still, it is a fun Quest with Milo. We Rhinos understand Quests, big time.

The illustrations are by Jules Feiffer, whose work is sourced for today’s YIR post.

Twelve Dancing Princesses

This story deals with a bunch of sisters slipping away for a good time in the middle of the night while everybody else is asleep. For Us, it is puzzling, since in the Wild, you can’t slip away anywhere; Privacy doesn’t exist. Still, it is perfectly possible for Us to imagine twinkly frocks and illicit frolics. Oh yes, indeed.

As you probably expect, Twelve is a non-concept for Us Rhinos. It’s more than Three, We know that. It is also less than a Zillion. It is a modest Muchness. Or an enhanced Three.

The Impossible Mr. Pine Eye

Pinocchio‘ was created by Carlo Collodi in 1883, in a series of tales, each featuring the mischievous puppet. Pinocchio’s goal is to become a Real Boy, but he is dedicated to his own amusement, so it takes a while to achieve his dream.

Whenever Pinocchio tells a lie, which is often, his nose grows. RhinoTots are fascinated by this concept. Wild stories then abound, in the hopes that there will be nasal developments.

That Mr. Collodi has much to answer for with RhinoMoms, you may believe.

(For related illumination, see Jan. 11, 2015, via the Archive button.)