Rhinos have lots of Imagination, so you might think that with a certified, genuine Magic Lamp, We could come up with some remarkable wishes.

But We have to say, mostly even when Rhinos get what We asked for, the thrill of satisfaction is often missing. The thing is what We wanted, but it does not scratch the itch We felt it would.

Funny about that.

Hail, Maryland


Before Maryland became the 7th State in 1788, it was a Crown Colony, chartered in 1632. The King at the time was Charles the First, and the territory was named for his queen, Henrietta Maria. A nice gesture, for sure.

Maryland has a lot of coastline around the Chesapeake Bay, as you see. Much fishing and sailing, and shipping. Plus a lot of varied weather and terrain. Plus likable Residents.

A Rhino Note: Black Eyed Susans, the Maryland state flower, are not poisonous, but they do offer nasty aftershocks if you overindulge.