Banged Up

In the Wild, We Rhinos have to watch our step. The occasional bump or bruise just goes with the territory, perfectly Natural. But there is a serious Limit.

In the Wild, there is no medical attention, no sick leave. In the Wild, We have to keep moving; if you sit in one place too long, some critter is likely to come take a bite.

We must do what We can, as long as We can, Naturally.

Bee Stung

Ah, sunny Nepal, where the world’s largest honeybees (apis dorsata) live. As you might assume, they have the biggest stingers among bees. Whoa and Golly!

Cheery news, bees have no interest in Rhinos; our skin is thick and We pose no threat. They build hanging combs, way up. Live and let live, y’know?

The Bee Keeper outfit isn’t necessary, it just looks snappy.

Dear Eustachia,

Fanny Burney (b.1752) was one of the early women of letters in England. She wrote successful novels and plays, and kept an extensive journal of her comings and goings. She is remembered for her Epistolary Novels, meaning, the story was related through a series of letters, both to and from the heroine in question. Pretty neat.

She had a wicked sense of humor, with insights upon the Society in which she moved. Satire naturally appeals to Rhinos, worldwide. Right?

Silence is Golden

Rhinos sometimes feel plagued with Insights. We just have a knack for seeing a situation and then knowing all there is to know about correcting it.

The Rub comes in finding folks who want to benefit from our skills. RhinoLogic tells Us they should be delighted, or grateful, to be straightened out, but that is seldom the case.

So most Rhinos take the “Discretion” option, letting the cards fall as they will. It requires self-control. We’ll say no more…