Special Delivery

Rhinos enjoy such a turbulent variety of Mental States that We can’t always define the line between Imagination and Premonition. Our History is top-heavy with Forebodings and Vibrations, many of which turned out to be Useful. Or at least Entertaining.

In action, these Signs strike, like an Accident, with speed and precious little warning. We are in Mental State #A, and then, WHACK, We are in Mental State #J.

Being Rhinos, We take whatever is delivered, and are glad to get hold of it. Yet another excellent and practical Rhino Policy.

on our minds

We sometimes get questions about the mumbling We Rhinos are prone to. It is so common that We don’t remark upon it amongst ourselves.

Muttering is part of a running interior dialogue each Rhino maintains during consciousness, keeping track of developments. Sizing things up. Pondering the “what ifs”.

Generally speaking, there is no marked emotional component to mumbling. As We say, with Rhinos it is the Norm.