Fitting In

There may be one somewhere, but We Rhinos have never seen a ‘Normal Rhino’. It can cause some confusion for Us, trying to comply with an image that does not, nor ever will, fit. We do not aspire to be just like one another. That is where “you-seen-one, you-seen-’em-all” thinking comes from.

Rhinos have things in common with one another, but We are members of various families, have standards that only Rhinos are equipped to exemplify, and like that. But no two of Us are the same, Same. That’s what makes a Rhino Race.

Rhinos have lots of things in common with hedgehogs and kangaroos (ears, noses, feet, etc.), but there is that One Big Natural Difference: Rhino Heart, the Passport to Fabulosity.

Hidden Treasure

Rhinos have so many brilliant ideas and startling insights, it blows Us away!

No doubt you have heard of ‘the One that got away’, popular in fishing circles. For Rhinos, the norm is closer to the Bunch that got away, in our case, dealing with dazzling perceptions. We are lucky that the word ‘bunch’ is so approximate; We can forget ’em as they hop off the griddle, bunches at a time.

Another way to look at it is, We Rhinos thus make room for even more nifty thinking Tomorrow! Or ten minutes from Now.

and once again-

To preclude a Reader Riot, We are celebrating the Full Moon right away. We are aware that We often miss the actual date We’re extolling by a few minutes. Not telling Time, as Rhinos don’t, it does not seem like much of an issue, but in case it does, We regret causing a fuss.

While investigating your Inner Rhino, it might be a good exercise to relax about these elective deadlines. Why tear out your hair about events you had forgotten existed?

Things often smell sweeter at night, We think. And Rhinos have had lots of practice testing our theory on the matter. Millions of years worth.


Rhinos do have brains. Masked by a detached-but-stately exterior pulses a brain of extraordinay capabilities. So, that’s a good thing, and Rhinos have always been aware of our staggering potential.

But forming opinions is not easy for Rhinos. The problem comes from a rich Imagination and an uncanny ability to allow for alternative facts and outcomes, to predict developments, to assess extenuations. We find ourselves veering toward Answer A, but We could also accomodate B & C as they mysteriously appear, presenting convincing arguments for their merits.

Ultimately we have to settle for No Opinion. Rhinos experience marginal Inner Peace. Not so much aggravating as numbing.


The Rhino Connection with snails is hazy, though it is not Entirely out of the question. We think this because there are so many snail devisions that We figure We must connect up somewhere along the line.

Rhinos use this sort of demi-logic when We wonder what being a lemur or pelikan would be like; We just imagine ourselves in action, but different.

One thing We do know: if We were snails, We might move slower than We do nowadays.


Almost every Rhino has a situation to confront, namely endless Fan Mail. The majority of it goes unsigned, just a Vote of Confidence from the Blue.

Certainly Rhinos appreciate the boost. Everybody likes some appreciation. Helps propel Us onward.

So, Thank You, whoever you are. We are encouraged.

Ah, Summertime!

This is the season for Road Trips, We are told. Make an ambitious plan and make your self frantic trying to accomplish that plan, and then the Summer is a success. We have seen it any number of times, and wonder why they took the trouble.

Rhinos do not aspire to be someplace else under unaccustomed circumstances. We like where Nature has placed Us, and We leave it at that. Otherwise, what is our Imagination for?

Thanks, Nature, say We. Three scoops, please.