Rainy Day Provisions…

Rhinos observe various Occupations with interest. Many of the goals of these professions are incomprehensible to Us.

Banking is such a profession. It is obviously seen as a Serious Pursuit, but it depends on counting, which We are the first to admit is not a RhinoSkill.

Also, since Rhinos in the Wild own nothing whatever, We have nothing to invest, except bemusement. And a distinct sense of style.


Rhinos sometimes get overheated, at which time a Tantrum often seems like a good idea. Tantrums require practice, and most Rhinos become adept over time. Sometimes Tantrums work, other times, not so much.

A situation in which a Tantrum seems never to achieve much is in ranting at the Weather.

We have tried. Thus far, Nature seems pretty unimpressed.


Most Rhino minds tend to be overactive, collecting impressions, facts, nonsense, data, calculations, connections, etc … a heady mass of Thoughts.

It should be no wonder then to learn that when taking a snooze, most every Rhino takes a moment to Shoo extraneous stuff from our minds.

The lack of Contaminated Thinking is what contributes to our usual Jolly Demeanor.

Gone but not Forgotten

RhinoTots are raised by their Moms. Their Dads do their duty, then wander off on other business. But the Idea of a Dad is still potent in the RhinoTot’s imagination.

It should be no surprise that these invisible Dads often take on heroic or fabulous aspects, a consequential back-up in the RhinoTot psyche.

In the Wild, any support We can each assemble is considered a Good Thing.