Historically speaking

History is one gigantic accumulation of Events and not-quite Events, some of them our own, most of them somebody elses, often many somebodies else. An Event can be splashy or mute, and anything in between.

Events may or may not have immediately noticeable affects. What seemed minor 400 years ago may look major today, or vice versa. There are so many Events that they get masked by Time, too much data to process or prioritize.

But each and every Event is a building block of our experience today. Like it or not.

The basic shape of things

Some say that Rhinos all look the same. We Rhinos might object to such a sweeping statement, but We feel the same way about Kangarooss. They all look the same to Us. No offense intended, but…

And Rhinos would say, yes, We all come from a common Rhino Mould; We are the same in Essential Rhino Parts. We start as Rhinos, adding enhancements as We go. Each of Us is unique in detail, but at bedrock, We are Rhinos. Period.

Nobody sober ever sees a Hampster and says, “Look, a Rhinoceros!”

Radish Season

As far as We Rhinos are concerned, all seasons are Radish Seasons. Try one or try a dozen, but beware of how stimulating you may find them. Like Us Rhinos, Radishes come in different kinds from all around the world.

Radishes hold a Special Place in our hearts; they prime the Rhino Pump. Enough said.


Rhinos do not feel any passionate dedication to Facts. We don’t cling to Facts on a regular rotation, or know many Facts.

On a general principle, We understand that Pine trees do not produce Pineapples. Still, it seems illogical, not to mention vexing. What We lack in logic, Rhinos make up for with Determination and Leaps of Faith.

Until Soon

We at ‘Your Inner Rhino’ wish you all the very best as the Staff stroll off to see what’s what.

Undaunted by our last visit to New York, We are getting back into the saddle to try again. With a little luck, We should be back next week, here at the YIR depot, cranking along.

Chill until Monday, please.

Dealing with Doubts

We wish We could tell you Readers that Rhinos are decisive and visionary, but that would just be a Big Old Lie. We often start out with an Idea, and then, as We march forward, We realize there are still a bunch of questions We have not considered. We have either too much Information, or too little, or conflicting data.

Trust Us, arriving at a Conclusion is an iffy business. Yes, but no, but yes, but then again…

Alice in Wonder Land

The Reverand C.L. Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, wrote ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ in 1865. Alice falls down a rabbit hole and encounters an unusual set of characters.

Rhinos have wondered why Mr. Carroll changed the title to ‘Alice in Wonderland’. We assume it is because Alice does very little herself, but spends most of the book wondering what’s going on and why things are so peculiar.

Rhinos are familiar with Alice’s state of mind. Alice is a poster child for Wondering what’s up. Is it any wonder?

The sum of the parts

Each of Us Rhinos has endless possibilities, though We are never certain just how they will resolve themselves over Time.

Of course, We don’t work just that way, as Time reveals its mysteries , in, well, yes… over Time. Lots of it.

This is true not only for each of Us Rhinos, but for each wing of the RFamily, not only today, but over the millions of years We have been Nature’s playthings. Makes Us a bit giddy!

Societal Aggression

Rhinos don’t adhere to a political framework. We each get on with rhino affairs, doing our best for our family and families. Otherwise, We mind our own business.

We are informed that there are many rules and regulations, but who issues these bulletins and why has never been clear to Rhinos. Assumptions lurk round every corner, asserting rights to have expectations met, We get that. But who is crazy enough to think Rhinos should comply with these random announcements?

Well. It’s not the Rhino Contingent, We can tell you that much.