Lickety Split

Today is Soft Serve Ice Cream Day. Soft serve ice cream was created, mostly by mistake, by Mr. Tom Carvel, in 1934. He just sold some regular ice cream that was melting. But in 1936, Mr. Carvel had developed a way to make and market the swirly kind Rhinos have gotten used to.

‘Your Inner Rhino’ is not recommending one kind of Ice Cream Treat over another; they are all A-OK with Us.


Oh Brother!

Rhinos see ourselves as Members of a giant Family. Our Mainspring has not changed fundamentally since the Get-Go, when Nature produced Rhino #1.

Our family tree is Great Big. We have tried out all sorts of different sizes, appearances, variations, and mindsets over the ages. We all have in common one thing: Rhino Heart.

So every Rhino is related to every other Rhino, Here or in the Hereafter. Call them Sisters, Cousins, or whatever… the details are not the issue; Rhino Heart is.

Early Warning Signal!

Tomorrow, August 15, is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. Some celebrate it with spoons, others employ forks, and some just meld with the pie itself, no holds barred.

This way, you can get to your source for LMP early in the day, before others flood the market. We would suggest experimentation in the kitchen, but Rhinos don’t cook much.

Rhinos like sweets in moderation. We also like them in overwhelming abundance.