Most of Us critters in the Wild have no use for Grudges. The Wild does not function that way. One critter hunts another, another evades detection, etc. But getting snippy about it is inappropriate. We are each doing what Nature wired Us to do.

Nature provides varied benefits to each critter, and Rhinos must work with what We have, namely bulk. It is a timeless system, and sentiment plays virtually no part in it. Just as every critter wins, We all lose as well… in Time.

We have more challenges dealing with other Rhinos, to be honest…

Who’s on First?

Each critter has a Natural Assignment, something We are supposed to attend to whenever We think of it. For Us, it is our Rhinoness or Rhinotude.

Why ponder issues affecting Codfish, right? They have experience with their capacities and concerns. Rhinos would make a mess if We were told to get things shipshape for them, no matter how well-meaning.

Thus, We are Rhinocentric. We each start the job with ourselves, and that is Task Enough, 24/7.

Which comes first?

Today YIR addresses the age-old question, is there a proper Time and Place for Everything? We Rhinos cannot say, that much is for certain. But We do wonder occasionally, if it’s so.

And if it is, which part is more important? the Timing or the Location? Or possibly the Propriety?

It would help matters if these age-old questions included more specifics one way and another. But We Rhinos do not complain; We just ponder.

Of Two Minds, at a minimum

Upbringing has many results, but one of them is all the Rules, Shoulds, and Musts with which We are peppered from the get-go. Many of these Restraints are to keep Us from going Haywire.

Clearly, Rhinos are capable of Big Passions, or the Rules would be unneeded. And Passions are aroused with fearsome speed; Blink and We are in a Titanic Temper.

Thus We Rhinos must deal with Internal Confrontations; the urges to respond Naturally as Vigorous Critters, or to recall our Control Systems. We get all snarled up inside. Frankly, it doesn’t seem quite fair.