The YIR Docket

It’s appealing to imagine that Your Inner Rhino runs on some organizing principle. However, other than letting our Readers know what We have on our minds, moment to moment, We just tumble forward, hoping for the best.

On a daily basis, We get bailed out by special events from the calendar, but otherwise, it’s the Crapshoot Method for Us and, consequently, for the Readership.

Usually the Editorial Staff just roots through a mess of notes, and picks the one We pick. Some system, eh?

The All in All

For every critter, no matter the details of its potential, its Life is the crucial fact of its existence. It does not wish it was something else, like an ostrich or a flounder or a saxophonist. It accepts the range of possibilities of its own family, and rejoices in those.

No critter lives to please any other group of critters. It would be odd if they did.

And what critter is in a position to evaluate another critter? Hmm? Well, what sane critter?


As We may have mentioned, organized sports often have more than 3 rules. But on friendly advice, We feel that mentioning Your Inner Rhino‘s Batting Average (related to Baseball) might help Us feel smug, which is always pleasant.

In the 1096 days We have been publishing, We have had 1092 fresh postings; thus, our Batting Average is 996. The computation was explained, but We got confused and took a second brunch break.

Baseballicly, a single is as good as a home run for these statistics, which is helpful. Even at Your Inner Rhino, We can’t win ’em all.

Thanks, say We

Today, October 20, marks the third Anniversary of Your Inner

We are going with the patchwork look, that being the nature of our presentation. A bit of this, a shred of that, loosely stitched together with whatever comes to hand.

As always, We are grateful for your continued Attention. Tell your friends, bully your relatives, collar complete strangers. Semper Rhino.


Every now and then, there is no moon at night. Where it goes We don’t know.

Tonight is one of those nights; Your Inner Rhino wanted to remind you, so you don’t get frantic. In our experience (and Rhino Experience is pretty encompassing) the moon will be back in action shortly.

One of those Bad News, Good News scenarios.

The R Family Unit

Rhino Moms only give birth to one Tot at a time. It takes about 15 months of pregnancy to deliver 100 pounds of Tot. One is a plenty big assignment, both before and after birth.

So all Rhino Tots are ‘only children’ while they are with Mom (2 or 3 years). Later, Mom may have another, but usually the maturing sibling is off to attend to other business.

The Dads are on their way 15 months ago. That’s how We do it.


The Big Bang Theory

A point of debate among Rhinos: how short is our fuse?

Every critter everywhere encounters Ignorance; it’s unavoidable. But deliberate self-serving Foolishness gets us riled, indeed it does, especially when critters are likely to get hurt. It just seems indecent and unnecessary to Us.

Then things happen in the Rhino System. We go Boom.