Doing double duty

Wearing a boutonniere in the lapel clearly adds a note of flair. Nobody is truly blind to the impact of Stlyish Presentation. The critter who has given that extra consideration to appearance has a subtle strut going.

For Rhinos there is another dimension to the Boutonniere discussion, namely, when does that flower cease to be an adornment and become a snack?

Thoughts from Kenya

Tomorrow Nairobi is expecting a temperate Tuesday of 78 degrees, with a low of 60 degrees, whatever those may be.

Rhinos are often forgetful (which is a nicer way of admitting our varied range of ignorance). Ideas or perceptions haunt Us for hours, and then vanish. One of those Good news/ Bad news phenomena. A case in point is this Happy Winter Solstice post, only 32 days late, more or less. Lord knows, We did not count it all up, but it began on December 21, when Rhinos are especially preoccupied with RBusiness and Nobody’s Business.

Please recall for yourselves that the Spring Solstice starts on March 20, which will be along any minute. Mark it on your calendar if you are stimulated by this revelation. As you probably noticed in Paragraph 1, climate is feisty and inconsistent.

Spelling Flexability

Spelling incorporates many mysteries which is grounds for appreciation, even reverence. But what We Rhinos would like to know is why ‘Adjustable’ does not start with an R? Everybody knows We Rhinos are the Leap-Stop-Compress-Twirl-Land & Swivel Maneuver Champions, plus a bunch more. We are ready for any pressured circumstance, RRRRRRRRRn’t WE!?!

Other critters may envy our capacities. Not only do We slither forward with spirit and grace, but We can assess tight corners and limited access like nobody’s business. Limitation is something We Rhinos relabel ‘Opportunity’ on a daily basis. We take the challenge and laugh loudly in the face of calamity. It’s fun being Us, most of the time.

The ukelele is included in this post because Rhinos like the ukelele. It’s never too early to hail a friend.

On the Bright Side, if you wait for it

Some Folks thrive on statistics. But here is the problem… Rhinos only count to three, and that is insufficient for the “experts”. The fact that this discussion centers on Rhinos’ bodies gives Us Rhinos no special ranking or insight.

Surreal comes in many flavors, so We Rhinos hire folk to come and count things like our ribs. How many ribs have We got? Our answer is “exactly enough” ribs, cause that’s how Nature sets Us up. The official answer is 18 ribs per side, though there is room for more assessment, depending of a raft of variables, none of which impress Us Rhinos.

We could go on about these matters, but Rhinos are the winners, having this marvelous set-up. We ask “how envious are these anatomists? Why not go count there own ribs?” Ah well, the dust will settle and We will all be fine, in all likelihood.


Riddle: What do brussel sprouts, the Tower of Pisa, and clouds have in common?

Answer: All are made up of older things, none of which are new either. The Earth is a study in recycling, Naturally. The combinations may be original or linear, but the parts of the recipe hand themselves down through time. They may reform themselves, or be impacted by varioius forces, but Nothing is truly, entirely New.

Even Rhinos.

The Inner-Outer dichotomy

As you Readers are aware, We Rhinos identify with our Inner Being. The Outer package is handsome, but it is Inside where Rhinos really shine, and in Technicolor and Stereophonic sound and Scent-surround.

When a Taxidermist is asked to stuff a dead Rhino for the public’s benefit, nobody asks how We Rhinos feel about the results. Generally speaking, We see that the Taxidermists are intellligent and sober world citizens. Doubtless, they do their best.

We are showing you a stuffed person. The illustration may give the Reader an idea of what We see when We go to the museum. Imagine that the figure shown represents All of Humanity. We assume you will pick up on the sense of dumbstruck flabbergastitude We experience when We see Rhinos similarly displayed.

Way Back When

Herodotus was the Father of History, they say, and he did an honest job sorting out the clashes of cultures and powers. Naturally, he had spotty sources for fact-finding since anyone he interviewed already favored one warring party over another.

What may clarify the problems Herodotus faced can be understood by looking at the map on the wall. That is an up-to-the-minute map of the known world- a lot of by-guess and by-golly, 450 years bce. Herodotus did what he could to set the record straight, but he was a Greek, living with Greeks. Inaccuracy was inevitable.

Just like today’s news bulletins, only We have better maps. Lots of details, which are always convincing. Every event on Earth is open to interpretation and re-interpretation. Period.