Some Rhinos just whack our way into the Holidays, while others muse over their Holiday Efforts for weeks.

Does one Approach seem better than another? Perhaps, and perhaps Not; We might be tempted to say that it depends on the Results.

But Rhinos feel strongly that the Results can only be assessed in relation to the goals of the particular Artist. Right? The Artist alone defines the Art.

Bo Peeped

In 1903 Mr. Victor Herbert’s operetta, ‘Babes in Toyland’, opened in New York. It has had many successful versions over the years, both on stage and in film.

It combines elements of opera, melodrama, and pageantry for the entertainment of children. The enterprise was modeled on the previous year’s big hit, ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Rhinos enjoy light theatricals, now and then. As in, occasionally.

Musical Ramblings

Alexander Borodin (b. November 12 (!), 1833)  was a remarkable Russian composer. His single opera, Prince Igor, features a ballet called the Polovtsian Dances. It celebrates a nomadic people who lived near the Black Sea in the 11th century.

Rhinos always assumed these folk were pretty exciting, though We were no longer living in that neighborhood when they were in residence. Hearsay.

Music makes Us Rhinos wiggle.