Guess who’s coming to dinner?

We cannot say that We Rhinos never drop by to see what’s up. Actually, before our numbers dropped so far, We were globe trotters. Nobody noticed. Maybe We have psychic powers?

We always traveled as natives. The best disguise, We have found, is a fake beard; Whiskers quell all discussion.

Plus our artful handling of ‘situations’; issues sometimes arose about our food consumption. We’d look vague and scratch our beards. And get off at the next convenient stop.

Attention Please

The Editorial Staff of Your Inner Rhino is soliciting topics of interest that We may have overlooked in the past 2,570 posts. We aim to please.

We are happy to offer the Rhino viewpoint to elucidate, anticipate, exonerate, explicate, elaborate, annotate, fascinate, stimulate, and in some cases, fabricate Answers for our Readers.

Thanks for your consideration.

Poker Face

Many wild Critters have camouflage or coloring or other protective appearances. Rhinos are noticeable, and We like it that way. Young Predators sometimes make the mistake of interrupting Us in our routine. Rhinos may appear to be good targets. We make snuffly sounds to warn them, but no, they persist in being comical.

And then they learn the consequences of taunting two-ton Critters who are armed and amazingly fast.

Their parents just roll their eyes, having done the same thing in their wilder days.


Nature’s approach to Order defies analysis. Since it is inexplicable to Us Rhinos, We cannot do more than fulfill the roles We have been given. The order of the day, and the order of the hour appear haphazard to Us, but frankly, who cares what We make of it?

Sloth is something We can address. Sloth is the disregard for order, the pride that comes from doing as We like, whatever the consequences to ourselves or others. Rhinos are not particularly messy- not by any standard of mess We hold in esteem. Rhinos like to strike a balance between Order and Disorder; each has its appeal.

And Nature does not seem to care about it. Perhaps that is part of our Rhino Purpose. Naturally.


In the Wild, We do not get much say-so about the rest of the cast; Nature decides who is featured today, and who are just extras. Still, We do get some tips on how to not be available for close-ups when things look dicey.

Comfort Zones vary widely. We can sit cheek-by-jowl with many other Rhinos, or other critters. But there are some We need to Avoid. Even in Tots, the understanding of when to Exit comes early on. Danger has an unmistakeable odor.

Comfort Zones are elastic. And We Rhinos are alert for any local alterations as they develop.