The Dinner Bell

On average, We Rhinos consume about 90 pounds of Vegetable Matter each day. Thus We maintain our vigor and pizazz. Two obstacles are involved in this command performance. First is finding the Veg. Second is the consuming part. Unlike the illustration, the Veg is mostly all over the place, more the hunt-and-peck school of dining.

In the Wild, there are no reservations to make for meals. Huge numbers of critters are Herbivorous, and everybody is busy with the same task. Add the variables of seasonal weather, and scheduling anything is usually out of the question.

When We consider how much Veg is needed by the Group, We have to hand it to Grass that there is enough for almost everybody. And that’s every day.

We Get Around

Rhinos appreciate wheels and wings and flotation devices, but most of our Explorations happen on foot. That way, We get the fun of the Destination, but also, the surprises in store just ambling along.

Much to see, here and there… much of it edible.


Each of Us Rhinos is a Work in Progress. We are each doing our best to be sensible, but it doesn’t always go our way. Sometimes one of Us will get overly Nervous.

In the Wild there is plenty to pay attention to, many unpredictable options available. But at our best, Rhinos try to be alert and responsive without going haywire.

But sometimes We do get over-excited. The lurking danger there is devoting oneself to an idea of Grand Vulnerability, making a habit of Panic. Best nip those Temptations in the bud; they can be seductive. We have tried it and We know.

The Spin Cycle

Rhinos are Semaphore Specialists. We are not equipped with flags, but Rhinos have astoundingly articulate back end appendages that can inform the attentive to that Rhino’s frame of mind, good news or otherwise. We uses our Tails with a virtual poetical panache. We practice from RTothood onward.

Our energies and our intentions communicate with those behind Us, predicting the near future.

Warnings come in many forms, if you see what We mean.