Rhinos are often surprised to be voted Most Delightful Animal Anywhere. We turn around, and We get praise or speeches or somesuch stuff. It’s been going on for a long time, but honestly…

The only award any Rhino needs is confirmation of honest effort. After all, only the Rhino in question knows what was overcome to arrive at Today.

People’s good opinion is a Natural gesture of respect which We offer to one another. If Rhinos needed proof of the urge to improve ourselves, where would We be?

Juno, with Peacock

Here is the answer to your question, in case you wondered. The month of June is probably named for the Roman goddess, Juno. Her department has to do with marriage and family issues. Also female health concerns.

She herself was married to Jupiter, which does not sound like an easy task. But We Rhinos assume they played by different rules back whenever. As far as We understand, all rules are made, just so they can be broken.

Rhinos are good at that part of the discussion.

A matter of taste

Technically, Weeds are plants growing in places where they are unwanted. Location, location. Today is ‘National Weed Your Garden Day’, always a confusing celebration for Us Rhinos. We try to find plants that don’t make the cut, but so many of them are still delectable…

Rhinos just have to carry on, and make the best of it. With a fork, if We remember to bring one, or without, in case We must.

Current Events

The Wind, and its many playmates, the Zephyrs, the Breezes, the Drafts and the Gales have lots of endearing qualities. However, they do have a whimsical approach to consistent behavior. Depending on mystical factors, they can become complex. They Curlicue.

When these factors get feisty, it makes it hard for Us Rhinos to tell just where any given Scent is coming from. Something smells nifty and tickles our tastebuds, yet locating the exact source can be frustrating.

Life in the Wild has its idiosyncrasies.

Sea Weedlings

All living things are in communication with the rest of Nature. Nothing stands alone or does not make the effort to converse with the rest of the planet. A fortifying idea, to be sure.

Rhinos sometimes feel a bit out of the loop. With some sorts of rocks, and even with some sorts of plants, our ability to ‘get the message’ is second, or even third rate.

Seaweed is a case in point. What it has to tell us remains a mystery, but mostly, We do not live on the shore. Fortunately.


We at Your Inner Rhino forgot that yesterday was Donald Duck’s film debut in ‘The Wise Little Hen’, 1934. Hooray for Walt Disney.

Donald Duck is a wildly animated animated character, and Rhinos enjoy the extremity of his emotional displays. Probably you do too.

Rhinos find it strange that seeing another critter go bonkers has a calming effect for Us.

On the Alert

Rhinos are usually paying attention to something-or-other most of the time. We are not bragging, but We keep our eyes peeled, or at least one of them.

We entertain various interpretations of what We notice because We are often incorrect in our interpretations.

Rhinos are on the Qui Vive, meaning vigilant, though it took the Staff here a while to get the spelling right. It’s French, and We lack the sophistication to get this stuff on the first bounce. It is part of being illiterate.


One of the chief benefits of having nothing whatever is that Rhinos have less than a little to Organize. Add to that our inability to conceive of more than Three of anything, and anyone can see why Rhinos are a notoriously cheerful species.

Besides, as far as We can tell, Nature thrives in a state of Chaos. Thus Rhinos, with our free-wheeling approach to tidiness, fit right in.

In the Wild this system of Organization is not uncommon, but We gather that it is not Everyone’s cup of tea. Go figure.

Buzzed Up

Interestingly, Rhinos don’t have real names for Emotions. Whatever these feelings and energies are, they absorb our attentions pretty thoroughly. Giving the Emotions names or explanations just works as a system to control or dampen the Emotions’ purpose.

It bears thinking about. Yes?