We got rhythm

No matter how obvioius it is, the essence of any species is carried forward by two Rhinos getting together. No attraction, no Rhinos.

In our favor, Rhinos have plenty of come-hither, and a good thing too.

In the it’s-too-bad department, We cannot show our Readers the most mesmerizing feature of our Charms, namely, Fragrance. But We have plenty of that too, you may believe!

Made to order

Back in 1920, Mr. Earle Dickson noticed that his wife, Josephine, was accident-prone in the kitchen. From this domestic quandary, he developed the Band Aid, made of adhesive tape and cotton gauze, both available from his employer, Johnson & Johnson, in New Jersey.

Very successful, and led to Mr. Dickson’s elevation to Vice President, in time.

Most of these bandages are pretty small for Rhinos, but We can’t have everything.

On the Mend

When matters take a turn for the worse, the Alert Rhino focuses on getting better ASAP.

Since our range of remedies has two prongs, We have to work with each. The first is eating the things that may fix the issue at hand.

We also need to keep our balance; Good Cheer makes most things more bearable. Being inherently cheerful works to our R Benefit.

On the sidewalks of New York

Just off the bus, I walked across 34th St. in driving rain. I slipped and fell on the pavement. Folks were helpful and concerned, but I trundled to my digs. Though I did skin my knee, the worst was my left shoulder hurt- a lot.

Saturday morning, I went to NY Medical Center ER, got x-rays and c-scanned, etc. Great MD attention! Upshot: nothing was broken, though the shoulder is painful. Elias and his brother Chato came in the car to bring me home.

Being home is grand, I happily report. I just have to keep on trucking, and with time I will be fine. Ah well. Everyone was nice as could be, and I am grateful.

Keeping in Touch

Rhinos keep in touch, at least about Rhino Affairs. We are able, somehow, to send messages and info world-wide, just by mentally hitting ‘Send”. And other Rhinos pick it up and share it with pals.

A feature of this communication is that it works two ways: message out, message in. Amazing. And some of the data is pre-conscious, which spares Us procrastinating.

The other means of communication, We will address another time.