when in doubt

Days come in many flavors, at least Rhino days do. Mostly We are ready to wrastle the situation into submission, but there are times where We need to wrastle ourselves into submission. To get an Attitude Adjustment.

One way to achieve this transformation is through interesting Image Tinkering. For Us, this is relatively easy, since none of our outfits are real; they are achievements of Imagination.

We spend a moment or two on the project, then strut forth to greet the day, whatever its merits.

Present and accounted for…

Many YIR Readers probably have accomplishments, one way and another, Acknowledgements of extraordinary Achievement. For our Readers, these are satisfying and exciting.

While We Rhinos applaud anything that pleases our Readers, We feel We should mention that a Rhino Accomplishment is directly related to our being here Today.

Living in the Wild is not a picnic. Rhinos make the best of a tricky bargain daily. Grim reflections set aside, We just say ‘Thank You’ and press forward.

In Response

All critters have emotional lives, states of mind in response to dealings here and there. Rhinos are just following the dictates of Nature in feeling upset from time to time.

The hard part to remember, at least for Rhinos, is that We don’t have to Do anything with these reactions. We may recognize them, but We have the option to let it go at that.

Or not.

Looking Up

Rhinos are a Bright Side Bunch if there ever was one. Give Us something to embrace and We do our darnedest, whatever the odds.

Tonight is the Full Moon, and this one bears the title ‘Snow Moon’, a pretty name indeed.

Where We Rhinos live, it almost never snows. But We eagerly wait on Events, just in case this is Blizzard Weather. Sort of exciting, really.