Rhinos are genetically wired for hijinks and pranks, a well-known fact. Imagine then the Possibiities presented by the Banana! Words are inadequate.

Since Teasing is the essence of this sort of humor, Rhinos decided We had to specialize, to limit ourselves in the innocent torment We could dish out. The joy buzzer and whoopee cushion can’t compete.

Bananas can’t be beat. They’ve been available for about a zillion years. Rhinos too.

In this Respect…

Rhinos are Naturally suited to live in the Wild. The Wild is all set to answer our needs, and We do what We can to keep the Wilds delightful. It’s a responsibility Rhinos shoulder with vigor and panache.

For those who only visit the Wild once in a while, We point out that those of Us who live here like our Wild just the way it is. Surprise visits can go badly, especially if the Visited is able to damage the Visitor.

To you, it’s just a camera; to Us it’s a threat. Good Intentions don’t count.

In Con-Sequence

YIR Readers have noticed that We skipped Post 2183 last week. An error at best and a disgrace at worst. An office hunt for the elusive 2183 has been a flop.

Because Rhinos are lacking, numerically speaking, We feel the shortcoming keenly. Yet, We plunge ahead, with many resolutions of Future Excellence (secretly gulping, and muttering, “We hope”.)

Please understand: We do make lists, and keep track, and look serious, but Rhinos are not wired for Organization. It’s not our thing. We make do, in this as in many other areas in Life. As We say, Plunging Ahead.

Looking Classy

Mr. George Bryan Brummel, born June 7, 1778, was an exceptional figure in Regency England. He somehow became a pal to George, the Prince of Wales, and leap-frogged into high society. He fit right in, and then began to re-imagine men’s fashion, ship-shaping it with better tailoring¬† and more subdued use of color. Most shocking for his contemporaries, he insisted on hygiene, both of the body and the clothing.

He became known as ‘Beau’ (handsomely presented) Brummel, reflecting his fastidious taste and wit. Possibly the most dynamic fashion arbitar in History.

Rhinos find the whole business of getting dressed pretty Remarkable. We don’t dress. And Rhinos don’t make Remarks.

The Glass half-Empty

Being sullen and gloomy is uncommon for Rhinos, but it is not unknown. We know that We are acting Stinky, but don’t seem interested in correcting matters. We snit.

On these occasions, We get a Time Out, to bask in our own misery. We grumble and writhe and make faces, but five minutes of that, and We’re done.

Nobody is interested in our Sour Grapes, not even Us. So We shift gears, and get ourselves together. Happy Ending.

Hoity Toity

It distresses Us Rhinos to hear that We are considered Too Grand for our Britches. We are not removed and disinterested, despite appearances.

The misunderstanding probably comes from our absorption in Weighty Theoretical Matters. We feel sure that Nature counts on Us for our R Considerations and Observations.

In between these Deep Ponderings, We are generally delightful. Ask anybody. Or almost anybody.

To a Different Drummer

Rhinos are always grateful to see the morning. It perks Us up for another day of Merriment and Developments. In a spirit of appreciation, We like to offer up a little Music, most of it extemporaneous, a “Good Morning, Morning” sort of one-critter chorale.

The music itself is not partcularly noteworthy, but the Sentiment of it is so sincere that Nature is obviously affected by our efforts. A salute from Nature’s happy servants.

Sometimes We play a duet with ourselves, doubling the pleasure. What moment can’t do with a little gilding?