on a Scale of One to Three

When We get up each morning, Rhinos wonder if this will be the Best Day of our Lives. It could happen, right? This might be it, the Day Beyond Improvement.

But there is a rub… what if yesterday was pretty swell? or tomorrow has a lot of promise? We often can’t recall yesterday well enough to make a worthy comparison. And We don’t want to rain on tomorrow’s parade.

Rhinos can only assume this moment is Spectacular, and figure We are here to revel in it.

Who Knew??

‘Your Inner Rhino’ has been reliably informed that today has been the first day of September! It came as a surprise, frankly. Sort of mysterious, if you ask Us.

Time is funny and calendars are pretty funny too. By funny, We mean fundamentally inconceivable.

Rhinos like to know Critters that know Stuff, but not all the information We get computes. For Us.



Rhinos often wonder why Stories seem so entertaining, full of exotic characters, surprising activities, and energetic build-ups. Does everybody live in such a World?

Frankly, in the Wild, things are exciting, but Rhinos don’t often think of the events as Thrilling, more as Alarming.

Maybe light-hearted disaster is the nature of Fiction.


Even We Rhinos are prey to Doubts. We can’t tell if We are as fascinating to others as We are to ourselves.

All Rhinos find ourselves riveting, but each of Us has the inside track on our Insights and Wit. Still, there is no predicting if We are allowing our Best to truly shine.

When We tell a joke, do other folks get it? Sadly, not always.