Never Enough Amazement

Today We focus our attention on Alexander von Humboldt, a Prussian born in 1769. His accomplishments as a Naturalist are astounding and his influence can’t be calculated. He wrote, he studied, he pondered how the World works. He never specialized in the modern sense, but was interested in all areas of study, paying close attention to the interactions of one area, say botany, on another, say ocean temperatures. He traveled extensively, but not to tour, but to deduce how all the elements form an organic Whole.

The modern perception of Nature is due to his work and writings. He stressed the need of the scientist to go into the field and study. In 1799 he went for 5 years to Latin America; nothing was safe from his interest, particularly, in his case, volcanoes. He became a public figure, speaking, writing, discussing with anybody who knew anything new. He was Interested!

He did not invent Restless Energy, but he was a poster boy for it. In fact, in 1805 he predicted the problems in store for humanity caused by reckless abuse of the Earth.

4 thoughts on “Never Enough Amazement

    • I was not familiar with his name, but some modest research and reviews of his books on Amazon were plenty stumulating. If you get U-Tube, there are a few nit-wit intros, but there are also more adult versions, most featuring Andrea Wulf, who is a spokeswoman and author for his accomplishments. I think her books are robaby alot better than discussions. When she speaks it is always with a sense that the meter is running and she better make the most of the moments she has available.

      I think I will do a few more YIR entries, based on his work.


  1. Also, von Humboldt toured the USA, and stopped off in Washington to chat with Thomas Jefferson. He had just made the Louisiana Purchase and von Humboldt was the onlt person he knew who had actually seen any of it. Von Humboldt also took some mastadon teeth as a gift for Jeffrson, who was tickles to get them (who knew?).

    Research can eat your brain.

    ‘Robaby’ is the poor typist’s version of ‘probably’. See above.


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