Tiger, Tiger, Burning bright…


Rhinos are entirely content in our Rhinotude, but from time to time, We like to think of what other critters must contemplate on a daily basis, how they expend their energies. It broadens our understanding.

The Tiger, for instance, does a lot of Lurking. Tigers hide and then jump out, taking advantage of their cunning ways. It is a system that serves their purposes.

Rhinos do not lurk, on principle. But then, our vegetation does not try to gallop away when it’s mealtime.

Just like Hamlet

Rhinos are mostly full-steam-ahead critters. But occasions do arise when We are uncertain about how to proceed, what to do, what to think.

The problem comes from too many choices and options. We could do This Thing, or That Thing, or some Other Thing. What to do, When to do it?

Sometimes Rhinos hesitate as long as a minute.



Yes, indeed. Hunches descend when least expected, taking the passing Rhino unawares. They come in varied flavors from the Quasi-Hunch to the Demi (or Semi) Hunch, to the full blown Bolt from the Blue (the Maxi-Hunch). 
In some respects these can be thrilling, depending on the Nature of the revelation. The Thinking was one way, and suddenly it’s another. Makes Us stop in our tracks, and in extreme cases, totter.
Hunches take practice. Understandably, Rhinos prefer our Hunches widely spaced.

Sense of Proportion

A Rhino Favorite, Hr. Hans Christian Andersen, b.1805, wrote the familiar tale of Thumbelina, so named because the heroine was Fingersized. She had various Danish adventures, but never grew much.

This story is unusually intriguing to Rhino Tots, whose daily goal is getting Bigger, as soon as possible. For Us, being perpetually wee confounds the Imagination.

Hr. Andersen’s story does not include a discussion with Thumbelina herself, detailing her point of view. Frankly, it seems like an oversight.