The Odd Gasp

For Rhinos there are hazards involved in having such delicate and sensitive organs of smell. Not only do We have these sensors in our noses, but also in our mouths. A blessing surely, but a complex blessing.

Rhinos can smell 1) the usual stuff, 2) the unusual stuff, and 3) the Future. Uncanny as this last claim may seem, We are accustomed to know what’s on its way, sometimes bunches of time in advance. We cannot help it.

What We can do about it remains sketchy, millions of years after realizing that few things take Us much by surprise. “Told Me so” gets old, right?

Fiddling around

Sr. Antonio Stradivari was born in 1644 in Cremona, Italy. He became a Genius Craftsman creating stringed instruments, primarily violins. Those instruments still command flabberghasting prices, all over the world.

The question is, did Sr. Stradivari become a brilliant craftsman, or was he born a genius craftsman? We Rhinos tend to think it was the latter; his Inner Rhino was all set to go right from the top.

If there are other opinions, We delicately point out that YIR is (almost) always right.