Clarifying matters…

Rhinos are always being asked if We know Everything there is to know. We respond with gentle smiles, and admit that there are probably things that We don’t know, and are unlikely to learn.

That way, if and when somebody discovers something We don’t know, however unlikely that would be, We can murmur, “Told you so.”

(The Presumption here is ‘Everything of Interest‘.)

Get Real

Rhinos spend a lot of time Pondering. Weighing. Analyzing. Chewing. We might like to say that our thinking is free of Subjective bias or passion, but We have never figured out how that could be.

Objectivity seems to deny Us ourselves in relation to our subject matter. We are to stand aside and assess. Get Scientific.

Well, er, um, it is Not a Rhino Approach.



Rhinos have unusual sleep patterns; none of this 8 hours a night business. We just go to sleep when We are saggy, and fidget forth when We are awake.

Also, We have other mental states, where the edges are fuzzy. Sometimes We are Asleep-ish, or Awake-ish, though the states are not identical.

Or Hypnotize-ish. Though just how that works is hard to recall, for the most part. Rhinos are pretty Suggestible.

Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

We Rhinos don’t have names as our Readers do. It is not a system which would work for Us, or give each of Us the distinguishing qualities We insist on.

Of course, We know one another by Scent, a series of sensations with so many varying levels that mere words could not pinpoint any one of them. Like a swirling ball of Impressions, Reference points, and Intimations. A Symphony played upon a harp, each glissando setting off its own meaningful ripples.

Rhinos are Natural Works of Art, each in a Gallery all our own.