On the Road Again…

Today We remind you about Nasir-i Khusrau, a famous Persian Muslim philosopher and writer. In 1046, age 42, he responded to a dream urging him to go to Mecca; shortly he set out on a trek of 15 thousand miles, taking 7 years. He was seeking wisdom, experience, and spiritual enlightenment, ultimately visiting Mecca four times before returning home.
Nasir-i Khusrau was a diligent diarist; his detailed account of his travels is the basis for a modern understanding of the medieval Middle East. His ‘Book of Travels’ (The Safar-nama) remains a Muslim source of pride. It is available in translation and in the original Persian.
Rhinos are all for a Spirit of Inquiry, immersion in intellectual evaluation, enhanced by wise folk all along the path, though few have had a path quite as amazing as Nasir-i Khusrau!

Circuitry in Action

It may seem that Rhinos are a decisive crowd, but if We are, it’s due to our own special wiring. Outside We look calm, sometimes preoccupied. But on the inside, it’s another story.

Inside (as We imagine it) it looks like a Squirrel Beginners’ Knitting Class with Winter coming on.

Well, the system seems to have worked this far. Another of Nature’s many Marvels. Rhinos, be grateful.

The Glass half-Empty

Being sullen and gloomy is uncommon for Rhinos, but it is not unknown. We know that We are acting Stinky, but don’t seem interested in correcting matters. We snit.

On these occasions, We get a Time Out, to bask in our own misery. We grumble and writhe and make faces, but five minutes of that, and We’re done.

Nobody is interested in our Sour Grapes, not even Us. So We shift gears, and get ourselves together. Happy Ending.

Close but no Cigar

There is a lurking Need We Rhinos have for Satisfaction, an all-embracing Answer to Big Mysteries. We can’t put our finger on it, but We feel a responsibility to fumble along, mostly armed only with Good Intentions. And perhaps some Optimism.

We conjecture and surmise, but our efforts are consistently Inconclusive. Probably because We Rhinos don’t know it All.

Which may be a Pity, but it’s also a Fact.

Spilled Milk

Rhinos don’t like feeling resentful, and We seldom do. But there are still a few family members who feel a bit sour when the Bronze Age comes up in conversation. The era began about 8 thousand years ago, which is a While of some large sort. It took over when the Stone Age ran out of gas.

The Stone Age was when humans just threw rocks. The Bronze Age was when metals entered the discussion. More than Rhino’s feelings got hurt.

Well, what’s done, is done. We will all have to do what We can to tidy up. Sooner better than Later.


Almost every Rhino Decision, be it simple or complex, requires some internal tweaking, some negotiation on intentions and limitations. These alterations are accomplished by a rough-and-tumble committee: Aggression, Regression, and Digression, the temperamental offspring of Progression.

Most conclusions involve contributions from each camp, softening or hyping or toning along the way. It’s not a pretty business, but somebody’s got to do it. Some decisions take an instant, others take years.

When nothing seems to be moving in any direction at all, We call it a Depression. And then We lurch into another Internal Wrangle.

(Rhinos try to avoid name-calling, though sometimes that is half the fun!)

Missing Links

The Rhino Reputation for Insights and Mental Gymnastics is part of Nature’s endowment, and We are used to it. Other critters might preen, but We try to accept our Gifts with good grace. Humble, that’s Us.

There are some issues with having these Thoughts and Perceptions, especially because We have so many on any given day.

Rhinos don’t feel good about losing our Wits, but it does happen. We prefer to think of them as Misplaced- if only momentarily.