99% Serene

Being Large Critters, Rhinos need to conserve our energies, just to keep the System up and running. We can’t fritter ourselves away, just on a whim.

That is why We think of ourselves as generally Placid and Even-Tempered, almost to a fault. We are contemplative. We eat, We snooze, We socialize in modest ways, We mind our business. Self-possessed… almost all the time.

Still, there is that 1% window…

A Lasting Impression

Merlin is one of those figures who shows up from time to time, without much Explanation. There are many versions of his history and activities, but Rhinos are mostly interested in what makes him such a dynamic presence in our shared consciousness.

Perhaps We like the idea of a king-maker (Arthur), or a fellow who can change Realities. Or maybe it’s his Wisdom and gifts of insight. Or perhaps he could make something out of nothing; now that’s a skill set.

Intriguing how Rhino Minds work.

Beyond Us

Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote and illustrated ‘The Little Prince‘ in 1943. A quote from it: “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

It is a tender and poetic story, impossible to describe. It is hard for Us to believe it was not written by a Rhino, but We are assured it wasn’t.

Touching, and just a bit disturbing.

In an old house in Paris…

Mr. Ludwig Bemelmans’ heroine, Madeline, has numerous adventures. He wrote and illustrated them himself. Children’s classics ever since 1939.

Madeline is popular with young Rhinos because she is full of applesauce and ginger. Among young Rhinos, she has many fans.

We have changed a line from Mr. Bemelmans, which in our version now reads: ¬†To the Rhino in the zoo, Madeline said, “How do you do?”. You see, being spunky does not preclude civility. Rhinos like respectful exchanges.

to the Power of 3

Rhinos cannot reliably count beyond 3. We have tried, and a special few have managed 4. However, when asked for a report on 4’s appeal, the gifted Rhinos report it means little more than 3, so why bother?

All Rhino mathematics come out with the same answer (3). Or “a lot”, that’s the other answer.

But making a mess with chalk is always a good time. At least that is the RhinoPosition on that topic.