As We Recall…

It is not that We Rhinos can do every conceivable stunt. However, there are few We cannot embrace in spirit. Why not enjoy that exhilaration?

Oddly enough, the earlier in our history We make that Leap of Engagement, the less it seems like it was a Fantasy; it often becomes part of our History, a character feature or accomplishment.

Thus We are not just as Amazing as We first appear; there are whole Chapters of our Involvement that occupy the Limitless Realms of Imagination!

Fancy Footwork

Where does the line establish itself between Exhilaration and Addiction? Ah, who can say? Rhinos are generally an Enthusiastic Crowd; setting limits is not easy.

The Gavotte is a fine example of such a Mania. It was v. popular some time ago, and has never let its Luster dim. We Rhinos are still refining our Technique; our Style has never been wanting, as you may have suspected.

However We might define our Dedication to it, the Gavotte delivers Satisfaction, every time. Ask anybody.

First Impressions

Rhinos seem to get more than our fair share of Brilliant Ideas; it’s just a Natural Fact. Sometimes once a week, sometimes every two minutes; it’s an unpredictable business, these flashes of RhinoGenius.

What’s intriguing is where these ideas reside before We get them. We are simply attending to our business when, WHAM!, We get an Insight. Out of the blue.

Very stimulating, being Us.


So your head is on backwards. It comes as a surprise, as any Rhino would notice. That Realization can be seen as Demoralizing, or as an Opportunity.

Change is not easy, We know that. But without seeing that all is not well, Improvement is Highly Unlikely.

Bad news, Good news… Each of Us gets to define it. Or act on it.


Ah, excellent Readers, here is the YIR Staff, pulling ourself together as best We may. Being away is stimulating, but keeping our marbles assembled is a challenge. So many bits and pieces, each one full of memorable-ness!

Being Away is fun, but being Home is good too.

Hello, out there!

The Up and Coming

Transformations are really the norm of Nature. We have the Before-the-Sneeze, and then, shortly after, the Post-Sneeze. We have the Onset of Adolescence, and then later, the Fade-out of Adolescence. And so on, each experience tinting our thinking, sometimes Dramatically. Sometimes not.

Take it or leave it, each Rhino is a Work in Progress. Inside and Out. Seldom on a schedule We control.