Star Light, Star Bright

Good wishes are common among Us Rhinos. Sometimes We get preoccupied with picking out a star to wish upon. It’s hard to decide which star should house which Good Wish.

Much of our YIR Holiday was spent on this question, though We think the upshot is, a Good Wish is a Good Wish.

Sometimes though We feel pretty sure We wished upon Fireflies. Our vision is not what it might be, but our hearts are in the Right Place.

First Folks First


Ms. Maria Mitchell was born August 1, 1818 in Nantucket. In 1847 she discovered a comet with her telescope, and registered it officially. The King of Denmark awarded her a medal and the credit for her achievement. It is called “Miss Mitchell’s Comet”.

Her work garnered credibility for studies in Astronomy in the United States. She later became a professor and published author.

Rhinos are happy, thinking Ms. Mitchell followed her star.



Rhinos never forget, but We are not good at keeping track of what it is We thought, or did, or wished, at any given point in time. Or at all.

We have the data sealed away in our Memory Banks, but are unclear about how to access it.

There is no way for Us to judge if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Actually, why bother?


A frustration for Rhinos is that We are not top-notch communicators. This applies not only among Us Rhinos, but also with all sorts of other Beings, across the board.

We feel sure that We are all trying like mad to make ourselves understood, to share ourselves as best We may. But We achieve strictly limited results.

Contrariwise, maybe They understand Us just fine. Perhaps Rhino Receivers just aren’t what they might be when They return the favor.