On our Toes!

Today We note the 1880 birthday of M. Michel Fokine. He was the first dance director of the Russian Ballet Russe, working under Serge Diaghilev with composers like Igor Stravinsky and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Much landmark collaborative artistic output from one and all.

He created the piece PETRUSHKA, 1911, about a clown puppet who suffers for love. As with much “high art”, the story ends unhappily.

M. Fokine’s work made strides in adding natural physical expression to ballet’s more formal technical tradition. Rhinos call that Progress.


Star Light, Star Bright

Edmond Halley ‘s comet shot by when he was 2 years old, in 1658. He arrived at many interesting conclusions about it (later), most of which confuse Us Rhinos. He said it would show up about every 75 years.

That said, this same comet was dropping by long before Mr. Halley tagged it. One such visitation was on April 19, 607 AD.

Impressive then too, just the same as if We understood it better. Pretty.

Yes, We have no Bananas

In 1633 Mr. Thomas Johnson, a botanist, introduced the Banana to London, England. He ran an Apothecary Shoppe, featuring plants and herbs with healthful virtues. He authored and co-authored many books of longterm interest. Mr. Johnson is the “Father of British Field Botany”.

Still, he did not find those Bananas in a British field, that’s certain. The popular guess is they came from Bermuda.

You may also wonder how long it took for the public to see the potential humor in Banana peels. Not long, We imagine.

Live Tableau

Here We see a Reenactment of Ponce de Leon’s discovery of the Fountain of Youth back in 1513. He was busy claiming Florida for the Spanish crown, who were happy to have it. As was often the case, the folk who already lived there knew nothing about these developments.

YIR enjoys bringing you Readers these historic moments. Often We get to don false beards, which is the zenith of humor, let’s face it. Hooray for imaginative dress-up.

We also wish Ponce de Leon ‘Happy Birthday’, which he celebrated in 1460. The first time.

Sense of Proportion

A Rhino Favorite, Hr. Hans Christian Andersen, b.1805, wrote the familiar tale of Thumbelina, so named because the heroine was Fingersized. She had various Danish adventures, but never grew much.

This story is unusually intriguing to Rhino Tots, whose daily goal is getting Bigger, as soon as possible. For Us, being perpetually wee confounds the Imagination.

Hr. Andersen’s story does not include a discussion with Thumbelina herself, detailing her point of view. Frankly, it seems like an oversight.