Bo Peeped

In 1903 Mr. Victor Herbert’s operetta, ‘Babes in Toyland’, opened in New York. It has had many successful versions over the years, both on stage and in film.

It combines elements of opera, melodrama, and pageantry for the entertainment of children. The enterprise was modeled on the previous year’s big hit, ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Rhinos enjoy light theatricals, now and then. As in, occasionally.

Fancy Footwork

Where does the line establish itself between Exhilaration and Addiction? Ah, who can say? Rhinos are generally an Enthusiastic Crowd; setting limits is not easy.

The Gavotte is a fine example of such a Mania. It was v. popular some time ago, and has never let its Luster dim. We Rhinos are still refining our Technique; our Style has never been wanting, as you may have suspected.

However We might define our Dedication to it, the Gavotte delivers Satisfaction, every time. Ask anybody.

Finding stuff


Today in 1542, Sr. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo found himself offshore of San Diego. He claimed it for Spain, though he was Portuguese himself.

Rhinos are continually confused about this sort of Discovery. Clearly, California had been there all on its own for some time. Rhinos discover unfamiliar items all the time, but We don’t assume they now belong to Us. A riddle, We suppose.

At any rate, Congratulations!

Star light, Star bright…


Hypatia was a 4th century specialist in philosophy, mathematics, and astrology. She lived in Egypt and was highly regarded, being the first female mathematician about whom much is known today.

Unhappily, nothing she wrote is directly known, though she had quite a reputation among philosophers of her day.

We hail Hypatia’s achievements, despite the fact that We Rhinos never much understood her.