Hypnotism is an Ancient Art; Rhinos are adept at it, and have been for about 3 zillion years (however long that is). We do not practice it on others, but are good at going into a Subliminal State at the drop of a leaf. All on our own.

We don’t actually dress up for these occasions, owning nothing to put on. But Rhinos certainly understand Showmanship, so We take these opportunities to impress ourselves.

RhinoMind is Elastic; We can check in, or check out at will.

The On Switch

Today is Michelangelo da Caravaggio’s birthday, b. 1571. He was a fine painter, specializing in the drama of his subjects, enhanced by strong directional lighting. Both Rembrandt and Rubens felt his influence in their paintings.

What We Rhinos can contribute to this topic is, it takes a lot of light to make a crisp shadow. You can’t have one without the other, as with so many things in life. Jot that profundity down, for future reference.

YIR strikes again.

Guten Tag!

Today is the kickoff for Oktoberfest, a Bavarian celebration of selfhood and solidarity and other merry bits and pieces of daily life. It all lasts roughly two weeks, just making it into October itself (or Oktober, if you prefer.)

Rhinos enjoy these sorts of shindigs. It’s easy to blend in and wander about. Of course, We are good at that anyway, but still the hubbub is jolly.

Rhinos like Jolly. And Pretzels.

There be Dragons

The most active dinosaur digs are in western North America, Argentina, and East Asia. Lots and lots of things to dig up.

What captures the Rhino Imagination is what anyone would make of a wandering bone, before all the 19th century Science and the related explanations of prehistoric events.

We figure the bone would be attributed to giant Mythic Creatures. And come to think of it, how wrong would those assumptions be?

Stratigrophists, Unite!

Today ‘Your Inner Rhino’ acknowledges Mr. James Hall, born in 1811. He was an influential Geologist and Paleontologist in the United States. A major contribution was his expertise in Stratigraphy, the study of geologic layering, which helped categorize fossil finds in the 19th century; the age of the rocks pinpointed the age of the remains.

Mr. Hall was greatly admired and held a variety of prestigious offices. Today would be his 206th birthday, in case you want to toss that into a conversation.

And yes, that is a Layer Cake… in his honor.

Sweets for the Sweet

In 1948, Ms. Eleanor Abbott was recovering from polio in the hospital. There she created a board game for small children called CANDYLAND. It is a simple race-to-the-finish game for those who cannot read or count. A very Rhino sort of game.

The game has proven a great success over the years, albeit with a junior audience. Those of Us without reading or counting skills still have our Influence. Hooray for Us!