Ah, the Balkans

Today in 1877 the country of Romania achieved Independence from the Ottoman Empire. A happy day for them.

Romania is where some of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA (1897) is set, up in the Carpathian Mountains. Very unpleasant activities there, you may believe.

What Rhinos wanted to make sure our Readership understands is, not everyone in Romania is a Vampire. We have visited and had no problems along those lines whatsoever. Though We do keep our eyes peeled.


On May 2, 1335 Otto, Duke of Austria, ascended the throne of Carinthia, becoming Duke of Carinthia, as you might expect.

What strikes Us Rhinos as interesting is that History recalls him as ‘Otto the Merry’. We can only suppose his court was a frolicsome place, at least by medieval standards (which were flexible.)

IF Rhinos had names like our Readers, We would investigate this idea. Thus one’s name would not simply be Jerry; it could be ‘Jerry the Misguided’, or ‘Jerry the Impatient’, or ‘Jerry the Lopsided’. This may be an idea whose time has come.

Goosey, Goosey, Gander

Today has been National Mother Goose Day. Mother Goose is held responsible for a large collection of folk tales and bits of poetry, created to entertain the young.

The popular version is that Mother Goose is herself a fictitious character, but Rhinos feel pretty certain that she is too substantial to be counted as fiction. We are always on the lookout to make her acquaintance. Gives Us something to do.

Also, today is May Day, celebrated by making floral offerings to those We cherish. What could be nicer?


Home of the Brown Pelican

Louisiana, which became a State in 1812, was originally a segment of the Louisiana Purchase. Prior to that, it was “owned” by France, whose king was Louis XIV. Thus, Louisiana.

Louisiana has a rich and varied cultural history, too bizarre and complex for ‘Your Inner Rhino’ to explicate here. (Or anywhere else.)

One big thing to recall about Louisiana is that it is a Major Party State, earning it lots of points with Us Rhinos. Rhinos like confetti.

Hail, Maryland


Before Maryland became the 7th State in 1788, it was a Crown Colony, chartered in 1632. The King at the time was Charles the First, and the territory was named for his queen, Henrietta Maria. A nice gesture, for sure.

Maryland has a lot of coastline around the Chesapeake Bay, as you see. Much fishing and sailing, and shipping. Plus a lot of varied weather and terrain. Plus likable Residents.

A Rhino Note: Black Eyed Susans, the Maryland state flower, are not poisonous, but they do offer nasty aftershocks if you overindulge.