The Big Picture

Rhinos sometimes debate the issue of Purpose. What’s my purpose versus your purpose? Which of Us matters more than another? Do Rhinos matter more than jellyfish or yaks or chickadees? Or more than rocks or asparagus?

The answer is obviously stupid. Every bug or raindrop is essential to the Whole. And when it comes to that scale of comprehension, We are each at Nature’s disposal.

Sometimes a Rhino goes rogue, declaring its superiority, and the Universe can just shut up and bow down. This is when We know that Nature, and all the rest of Us, can roll our eyes. The idea is gibberish.

The Grimm Brothers

Today is Wilhelm Grimm’s birthday, back in 1786. He and his brother Jacob published their first collection of fairy tales in 1812. These tales have been popular ever since.

‘Rumpelstiltskin’ is a peculiar story about a conniving little man who can transform straw into gold. The trick is that his name is so odd that it can never be guessed.

Rhinos are enthralled with the revelations in these stories, though We have no idea what they are about. Funny, how that works.

Some Like It Hot

In 1912 Arizona became the 48th State in the Union, the last state until Hawaii and Alaska joined 47 years later. There are huge areas of desert with many impressive geologic sites.

Shown is a Native American Hopi clown, in a festival outfit. These clowns traditionally poke fun at the more conventional wisdom of their culture. In these celebrations, both the wise and the foolish have roles to play.

This is the sort of wisdom Rhinos can appreciate: respecting tradition, while recognizing the convolutions of perception.

Domestic Mysteries

There are situations in which the average Rhino is stumped. This is somewhat explained by inexperience, in, say, the laundry. We ourselves have nothing to wash but ourselves.

So when called in to delve into ‘the other sock’, We are unequal to the task.

Part of the problem is that Rhinos do not understand the need of socks in the first place. You can’t eat one.

Two Toes x 2

Today is National Chop Sticks Day. Chop Sticks are those skinny sticks you eat with. Rhinos are not good with these utensils, mostly because they don’t pick up enough on a single swipe. We are not Dainty Diners.

Today also seems a good time for YIR to salute Ms. Euphemia Amelia Nightingale Allen, who wrote the composition for piano popularly known as Chop Sticks. That was in 1877, when she was 16 years old. It was Ms. Allen’s first and last published work.

Few Rhinos excel at the piano, mostly because the keys are too narrow. There may be other limitations, but one is all it takes..

Extreme Transportation

Kansas became a state January 30, 1861, nestled in there among other states and territories on the plains.

Many famous people hail from Kansas, but probably the best known, worldwide, is fictional: namely, Dorothy Gale, the heroine of L. Frank Baum’s American classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dorothy gets relocated to Oz by a cyclone.

As you might conclude, Kansas has some serious weather challenges. Ask any Kansan.


January 29, 1845 Mr. Edgar Allan Poe published his poem, “The Raven”. It has been popular ever since, all weird and churning with foreboding. Mr. Poe is a Rhino favorite.

The quote provided is stimulating to Us Rhinos. We are not sure it is possible for Rhinos to lose something We have trouble defining or locating.

We probably have Minds, at least We assume so. But don’t ask Us to point to where they are kept.