Today is National Gingerbread House Day (yes, it is!). We felt it would be a good day to feature two of literature’s most famous house hunters, Hansel and Gretel.

In a move to Economy, We have merged these youngsters’ outfits into one ensemble. You get the idea without the fuss of a second model. Besides, costumes are inexpensive, since they are all imaginary anyway. At least for Rhinos.

Rhinos like the idea of Cake Houses. We are always on the lookout, in case. They must be rarer than We assumed, or somebody else got there first.

In Particular

“Some limbs and a horn or two do not a Rhinoceros make.”

No two Rhinos are truly the same, however similar We may look. We have things that make Us recognizable, but ultimately We are utterly distinct. Each of Us is made Unique by the combination of Essence, Training, Experience, and Time. Same-ish perhaps, but no two the same.

It probably matters who is reviewing matters. And why.

Ah, Mathematics

Rhinos cannot count beyond 3 and feel confident. So today We speculate and surmise only.

Vigintillion is a number, taken to the 63rd power. It is a lot. In Mathematical Theory, it is the Biggest Number Ever.

What We Rhinos would like to know is: What happens if you get Two Vigintillions? What number is that? OR what if X is a Vigintillion, disguised as a letter? Hmm?

Gone but not Forgotten

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican festival, dating back to the Aztecs. The three days are spent celebrating and honoring friends and family who are dead. It embodies a happy sense of lineage and connection.

Rhinos are completely familiar with this sort of acknowledgment for family. Ours is a rich and varied history, and We are aware of the privilege of Being Rhino.

Maybe it all relates to a Sense of Gratitude.

Vehicular Reservations

There is a tradition of Witches riding about on Brooms at Halloween, cackling madly. Picturesque, We grant you.

But let Us slow down: Rhinos are big. As in very Big. Transportation by Twig? It sounds so Unlikely, no matter how much Imagination We bring to the topic.

Brooms? Good luck with that. Find another Customer.

Old Rhino Slogan: The Critter that Cackles last, Cackles best.