Staphylococci Beware

‘Your Inner Rhino’ assumes that our Readers would like an acknowledgement of Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered Penicillin 90 years ago, today. It has helped many ailing people over the years, dealing with bacterial infection.

Rhinos do not have medicine in the Wild, not as you know it. Ours is all about herbs, timing, and endurance: all Natural. It works for Us- because it must.

We congratulate Sir Alex for saving the day, over and over again.


Thrilling Originality

We Rhinos have seen a lot of creative work over the millenia. That said, We want to recommend the work of Anarchitect Richard Greaves to our Readers’ attention. Since you probably can’t go see it, you can Google it.

We advise you to sit down before going over the images of his work, or you’ll be parked on your backside in no time flat. If Art is the expression of the Individual, here, in this man’s efforts, is what that means.

Eccentric, but so what? A privilege to see it, in whatever form.


Rhinos do not own Pillows, it is true. But Pillows do exist, and Rhinos have followed their progress for a long time.

The Point is, We were among the first to explore the satisfactions of Pillow Fights! Whacking a Pillow and seeing the feathers go whirling around, well, for an effect, it’s hard to beat.

Once again, We were there, dear Readers. Rhinos get around.


Sweets to the Sweet

Today We celebrate Chocolate Cake Day, tipping our hats to Ms. Eliza Leslie. Her cookery book (1847) is the first in the USA to describe making a Chocolate Cake. It was different than today’s, but it was a genuine article, nonetheless.

The history of Chocolate is interesting. Originally Chocolate was mainly a beverage, but over time it was introduced into foods, one way and another.

Rhinos like Chocolate Cake, as do most sensible critters. Huzzah!

Who Knew?

Today, in 1499, Sr. Vicente Yanez Pinzon, a Spanish adventurer, discovered Brazil. A few days later he landed at the red X. He also sailed a bit up the Amazon. A busy fellow.

However, due to prior treaties, he could not claim the land for Spain, so Portugal got it. Probably frustrating, but that was just too bad for everybody, except Portugal.

Rhinos wonder if the discovery of a strange Ship offshore was interpreted as a ‘Discovery’ by the Brazilians. It seems unlikely to Us that Discoveries should work only one way.


Today is August Strindberg’s birthday (b.1849 in Sweden). He was prolific as an essayist, painter, philosopher, and playwright. His dramas are charged with passion, distrust, and hostility, one character for another. Some of his work is naturalistic, other pieces more abstract, poetic, symbolic. However you look at it, his work is distinctive, peppered with paranoid intensity. Victims and victimizers, circling one another, playing for keeps.

Mr. Strindberg’s plays reflect his excitable nature. His work has plenty of juice between the lines, no doubt about it.

Rhinos don’t relate Mr. Strindberg’s way, if We can avoid it. We manage this by minding our own business and staying clear of Expectations or Romantic Notions. We give each other room.