It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

In 1823 Mr. Charles Macintosh, a Scottish weaver & chemist, invented rubberized fabric. He is thus the creator of sensible rain gear. Today a Mackintosh (oddly respelled) is now synonymous with all raincoats.

Rhinos know that Scotland is not where Rain itself was invented, but they get quite enough of it there, that is for certain.

From a Rhino Point of View, a raincoat is overkill, given that Rhinos are Waterproof anyway. Still, it’s nice to be able to decide if you are wet or dry, yes?

9 Lives Plus

Charles Perrault’s 1697 version of “Puss in Boots” is probably the most popular, but it is based on earlier works by Giovanni Francesco Straparola and Gianbattista Basile. Now you know, if it comes up in conversation.

Puss, an ambitious cat, is good at seizing Opportunity and conning gullible folk, including the King and an Ogre. Eventually his poor young master marries the princess, all thanks to Puss’ ingenuity.

Any Rhino would tell you, Cats are cunning. Most mice would say the same thing.

a Russian Adventure

Mr. Sergei Prokofiev composed “Peter and the Wolf” in 1936. He also wrote the tale himself. It is performed with a narrator, introducing the characters as musically related to particular instruments.

A boy, Peter, leaves his home turf, and through dumb luck captures a wolf. Need We say that Rhinos take a dim view of young Rhinos venturing off on their own? In the Wild, it is a formula for Disaster.

The music is great, but We don’t go to see “Peter and the Wolf” before We weigh a ton. After that, it’s pretty safe.

A Lasting Impression

Merlin is one of those figures who shows up from time to time, without much Explanation. There are many versions of his history and activities, but Rhinos are mostly interested in what makes him such a dynamic presence in our shared consciousness.

Perhaps We like the idea of a king-maker (Arthur), or a fellow who can change Realities. Or maybe it’s his Wisdom and gifts of insight. Or perhaps he could make something out of nothing; now that’s a skill set.

Intriguing how Rhino Minds work.

by Margery Williams, 1922

‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ tells of a toy rabbit that achieves a Reality beyond his simple toy-ness. The affection of his child owner elevates him, and he is ultimately transformed into a real rabbit.

We all have childhood affections for things, but with time those affections can pale or disappear entirely. That shift is both Natural, and a little sad, the loved one put aside.



Baba Yaga is a Russian folk character of long standing, a traveling hag, riding in her mortar. She lives in an unusual hut with goose legs. RhinoTots tend to fear her, with good reason.

However, Baba Yaga is also a Wise Woman, and can tell futures. Obviously a gal with Aspects to her.

If you should run into her, We warned you.



Rhinos, young and old, are on the prowl for a tasty tidbit, mostly all the time. Still, it is rare to encounter a gingerbread house, not to mention an inhabited gingerbread house. With or without bunny decor.

RhinoTots are instructed to Proceed with Caution in these rare instances. Issues like diet and lifespan are involved.

It would be nice if All such instruction was heeded.