A word by any other name

Today is the birthday of Mr. Peter Roget, 1779. He is best known for his Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (1852). It seems fitting that this is also National Thesaurus Day. Words and more words, all displaying the rich and varied nuances of language.

Rhinos have a system that is similar for making distinctions of tone and emphasis, but it defies translation.

That being the case, We will simply press on.

Le Maitre

Moliere (b.1622) is possibly the greatest French playwright ever. His works have been produced around the world, in his own day and in ours.

Rhinos are all for him, despite the fact that the culture he wrote about is long gone. Human nature seems not to have changed much, so his work is still interesting.

A brief catalogue would feature Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, The Learned Ladies, The Imaginary Invalid, and The Miser.

Toutes nos felicitations.  (If you add some accents to that, it’s French.)


Washta, Iowa was officially established in 1868 by a Mr. Whisman, the postmaster there. Washta has never been large. It is called “The Coldest Place in Iowa”, referring back to a temperature of minus 47 degrees, recorded in 1912. If it was windy, nobody told Us.

The population of roughly 450 must have had a mega-shivery time of it. Goodness!

If you wish to write to folks out there, the zip code is 51061. YIR, helpful to a fault.

The Skimpy Day

This is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day in the year. It’s hard to know what more there is to say about it.

Rhinos thought this might be a good day for mentioning the Mayan Culture of Mexico. They were very clever, and were enthusiastic about the  Solstice, plus other astronomical studies. Also they sure knew how to dress for an occasion.

The Rhino Solution to the Winter Solstice is: Keep Eating.


Rhinos occasionally decide to experience distant locations. We mentally pack up, and head out. Perfectly Natural.

But what is also Natural are the parameters, the limits Nature sets for wandering. We press forward, and lo, there is a mountain range (or something else) in the way. We are stumped. At least for the moment.

Then We evaluate how badly We want to go. If it’s dynamic enough, We figure something out, even if it’s Impossible.

Fiddling around

Sr. Antonio Stradivari was born in 1644 in Cremona, Italy. He became a Genius Craftsman creating stringed instruments, primarily violins. Those instruments still command flabberghasting prices, all over the world.

The question is, did Sr. Stradivari become a brilliant craftsman, or was he born a genius craftsman? We Rhinos tend to think it was the latter; his Inner Rhino was all set to go right from the top.

If there are other opinions, We delicately point out that YIR is (almost) always right.