Rule, Britannia!

Queen Elizabeth I was 1) born September 7, 1533, and 2) short-tempered. She was the daughter of a snappy father, so she came by her disposition honestly.

Rhinos are known to be prickly, and We can see that it would be easier for everyone, if We weren’t. But somehow our wiring doesn’t adjust much, based on awareness.

Rulers are born with a silver spoon in the mouth, which must be unpleasant for their mothers.

Who Knew??

‘Your Inner Rhino’ has been reliably informed that today has been the first day of September! It came as a surprise, frankly. Sort of mysterious, if you ask Us.

Time is funny and calendars are pretty funny too. By funny, We mean fundamentally inconceivable.

Rhinos like to know Critters that know Stuff, but not all the information We get computes. For Us.


better early than late, for once

So. On August 10, 1821, Missouri achieved Statehood. We salute Missouri therefore. A fine state, full of fine folk, who, We gather, prefer the product to the advertisement.

You may be less aware of the Hypsibema Missouriensis, Missouri’s state dinosaur. In actual fact, Rhinos were not around when this critter was in action, but it makes a good picture, and at ‘Your Inner Rhino’, that counts for a lot. One thing to notice is, it had a thousand teeth, which is a lot, for grinding up vegetation. Impressive dentition.

Rhinos average about 28 teeth.In case you wondered.