Thanks, say We

Today, October 20, marks the third Anniversary of Your Inner

We are going with the patchwork look, that being the nature of our presentation. A bit of this, a shred of that, loosely stitched together with whatever comes to hand.

As always, We are grateful for your continued Attention. Tell your friends, bully your relatives, collar complete strangers. Semper Rhino.

for the Bunny Enthusiast

We Rhinos like to imagine what life in another lane would look like. If We were rabbits, would We still be Rhinos? What differences are involved in fluffy tails? What’s it like to have front teeth? Is hopping all it’s cracked up to be?

These musings may not actually transform Us into bunnies, but they do remind Us of Rabbit Power and Outstandingness. So that is a good thing.

Guten Tag!

Today is the kickoff for Oktoberfest, a Bavarian celebration of selfhood and solidarity and other merry bits and pieces of daily life. It all lasts roughly two weeks, just making it into October itself (or Oktober, if you prefer.)

Rhinos enjoy these sorts of shindigs. It’s easy to blend in and wander about. Of course, We are good at that anyway, but still the hubbub is jolly.

Rhinos like Jolly. And Pretzels.