Oh, the Lady in Red

And for the Your Inner Rhino CLUE series, this wraps it up. We salute again Mr. A.E. Pratt, its creator, and Hasbro, which manufactures the game itself.

An odd part of this merriment is that Mr. Body, the Victim, is never detailed. We just need to find out which Player done him in. Of course, the best part is when you find out that Your character is the culprit!  Bwahahahahahaha.


Mr. Anthony Ernest Pratt, b.1904, invented the game CLUEDO, getting his British patent in 1947. It was renamed CLUE for sales in the United States.

The idea is to figure out Who dunnit, with What, and Where. It requires Deductive Powers, if you know what those are.

Rhinos like all the little pieces and the map of the house. We like to imagine creeping around. That is about as clever as We get.