Ho Hum

Rhinos are  only slightly acquainted with Boredom. We are so intensely involved with our many Insights and Observations that We never lack Stimulation.

On occasion, for fun, We Rhinos might do our ‘Bored Routine’, but our imitations are seldom convincing.

It is not easy to suppress that alert R Twinkle in our eye.

Vehicular Reservations

There is a tradition of Witches riding about on Brooms at Halloween, cackling madly. Picturesque, We grant you.

But let Us slow down: Rhinos are big. As in very Big. Transportation by Twig? It sounds so Unlikely, no matter how much Imagination We bring to the topic.

Brooms? Good luck with that. Find another Customer.

Old Rhino Slogan: The Critter that Cackles last, Cackles best.

High Heels

It’s Can-Can Weather, right? It’s been almost 200 years since it came along in Paris, and remains a pleasingly flamboyant dance. Not to mention Good Exercise.

A feature of performing the Can-Can are the yips and squeals punctuating the kicks, splits and leaps. Rhinos are generally keen on inarticulate noises, but then, who is not?

Naughty Ooh-La-La dances never have any trouble getting an Audience. Not among Rhinos, at any rate.

Bo Peeped

In 1903 Mr. Victor Herbert’s operetta, ‘Babes in Toyland’, opened in New York. It has had many successful versions over the years, both on stage and in film.

It combines elements of opera, melodrama, and pageantry for the entertainment of children. The enterprise was modeled on the previous year’s big hit, ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Rhinos enjoy light theatricals, now and then. As in, occasionally.