Wee Reminder

Today is National Argyle Day.

Argyll is an area in western Scotland, in case it slipped your mind. We are reliably informed that the knitting pattern for Argyle comes from there, widely used in sporty apparel.

Rhinos like to think of ourselves, decked out in stylish knits, wandering around, collecting compliments. So far, We have not succeeded along those lines, but you never know…

Knit One, Purl One

Yes, yes, Your Inner Rhino is well aware that this year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day has come and gone. However, today’s post is provided so that you have a full year to get ready for the next UCS Day. When doing Ugly, don’t forget that a knowledge of knitting is barely necessary… extremely few Rhinos are skilled that way.

Our Readers are at liberty to improvise on this cunning design in a spiraling array of Variations.

2019 is on its way: Get Prepared.

Today is National Gingerbread House Day (yes, it is!). We felt it would be a good day to feature two of literature’s most famous house hunters, Hansel and Gretel.

In a move to Economy, We have merged these youngsters’ outfits into one ensemble. You get the idea without the fuss of a second model. Besides, costumes are inexpensive, since they are all imaginary anyway. At least for Rhinos.

Rhinos like the idea of Cake Houses. We are always on the lookout, in case. They must be rarer than We assumed, or somebody else got there first.

49 months later…

Today is Your Inner Rhino‘s Post No.1500! For those of you who can’t count either, that is more than One Thousand, and less than Two Thousand. It counts as an Official Accomplishment.

The YIR Staff is feeling Sassy, energized to produce more and more (versus more or less).

It’s a good thing somebody told Us this was a momentous occasion, or We would have missed it.