The Frisbee is an item of long standing. The ancient Greeks liked to play with a discus,  similar to the modern Frisbee. After that, various objects suggested themselves for flinging. The Rhino Favorite is the pie plate, perhaps because of its happy associations.

Rhinos aren’t built for hurling themselves about, so Frisbees are attractive to Us because the folk who play seem to have a fine time. Thrills by association, one among many.

The toy company, Wham-O, owns the name Frisbee. So think twice before naming your child that.

Serious Swivelage

On March 5, 1963, the patent was granted to Mr. Arthur “Spud” Melin for the Hula Hoop, a toy which he and his partner, Mr. Richard Knerr had ‘invented’ in 1958. It was derived from a piece of exercise equipment popular in Australia.

Rhinos do not own exercise equipment, but our enjoyment of Hula Hoops is not dimmed. We can appreciate them just the same.

What else is an imagination for?