Bull in a China Shop

Some critters don’t belong in a Kitchen, like, say, Rhinos for instance. We are not meant by Nature to cook, within the conventional definition.

Yes, We like to eat, Bigtime. Lots and lots. But We would snarf up all the ingredients long before any other kitchen-y process got underway.

Why wait around?

Dear Eustachia,

Fanny Burney (b.1752) was one of the early women of letters in England. She wrote successful novels and plays, and kept an extensive journal of her comings and goings. She is remembered for her Epistolary Novels, meaning, the story was related through a series of letters, both to and from the heroine in question. Pretty neat.

She had a wicked sense of humor, with insights upon the Society in which she moved. Satire naturally appeals to Rhinos, worldwide. Right?

Toe-Tapping Galore

Irving Berlin published “Puttin’ on the Ritz” in 1929, a great raggy, yank-rhythm, crazy-catchy tune. Rhinos recommend you not listen to it, because once you do, you may never recover.

But if you want to risk it, there are many versions on YouTube, including: Harry Richman, in the 1930 film, Putting on the Ritz. Also there are Fred Astaire, Taco, Clark Gable, and Jiri Korn, singing it in Czech, each offering something different.

Your Inner Rhino recalls the greats, with appropriate warnings.

The Boo Factor

Some Rhino youths don’t know when to can the comedy. Their side-splitting antics inspired Abominable Snowman tales.

We used to gussy up to amaze unwary travelers. To some, these charades seem hilarious, except to those who get surprised.

We have curtailed these activities for many years, but folk still see A. Snowmen occasionally. Poor creatures.