The pause that refreshes

Rhinos are vigorous critters. We have a lot to do and We get on with it, whatever it may be. Alert? Think Rhino.

But that only accounts for one Level of Awareness. On other levels, We Philosophize, Envision, and Opine. Likewise, We attend to our frame of mind, tweaking it where necessary, enjoying it otherwise.

Pampering is one of those projects which works best for Us when We attend to ourselves. A moment or two of psychogical “Me Time” can oil our gears nicely.

Freezin’ Breezes

Over the millenia, Rhinos have dealt with many weather conditions. Today We all live in warm or warmer climates. We get on about our business all right.

But Rhinos have lived in Cold Times as well. Today We are reminded of the Wind Chill Factor, which makes a cold situation even colder. The stiffer the wind, the colder the sensation for the Rhino… or anybody else.

Nature does not apparently feel pressured to please Everyone.

a radish by any other name

Here at “Your Inner Rhino” We get many requests for Vegetable Recommendations. We hate to disappoint, but We eat so many different plants! And our system is dictated by scent, not nomenclature.

Besides, We don’t see any species of plant as a solitary plant. We catalog plants by their age and consequent flavor profile. Plants sprout, mature, flower, fruit, go to seed, etc., each phase involving a new savory distinction.

We bring all our critical faculties to Dining Science. Our system is to nibble, and if that goes all right, then to consume as much as the situation or our disposition allows. Then We are ready for the Next Course.

Light on our feet…

Each and every Rhino has our own Rhythm Section, ready to go and then some. It probably is no surprise that We are adept at the old Soft Shoe, shushing our way from here to there, to the delight of all passersby. Shush-a-de-Shush-Shush-Shush, and like that. We are smooth.

It is our upbeat approach to things that makes Rhinos such a favorite in the Wild. We come by it Naturally.

A Wee Reminder

Here at ‘Your Inner Rhino’ We often get questions about our wardrobes. How many outfits do we have, and how big is that closet? We, the Staff, smirk and roll our eyes. We giggle.

That is because all Rhino Outfits are imaginary. We don’t own anything, including clothing. Where would We put it in the Wild?

However, our Imaginations are crazed, allowing Us access to just about anything We can think of, costumes included. And, they all fit on one hanger!