Being equipped with a whole lot of Skin, Rhinos must protect ourselves from bugs and the sun. One effective method is the Mud Wallow, and another, where there is no water, is the Dust Bath.

Dust Bath technique is not complex. We roll around in some loose dirt, and it gives Us a coating of protection. Very Effective. Then We shake off any excess, in consideration of the next Rhino.

And all Natural, naturally. Try it, you might like it.

Strutting Your Stuff

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Hans Christian Andersen, wrote ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ (1837). It tells of two tricksters who victimize a vain ruler, selling him an invisible suit of clothes, a magnificent suit which only the gifted can see. When the Emperor walks out in public in his new duds, the public is surprised, to say the least. Does the Emperor learn anything? No.

Rhinos are confused by Human responses to the body. After all, inside each outfit is a naked somebody. What’s the fuss? The Emperor invests in imaginary clothes, while for Rhinos, that’s all there are. Easy-Peasy.


Following the example of Butterflies, Rhinos transform themselves all the time, one thing to another, one awareness to the next. These processes keep us fresh.

We were one way, and then, through some Enigmatic Natural Scheme, We are another way. Not every change is easy, but We assume each shift is an Improvement, because why not?

We usually mutate from front to back, but sometimes our butt end leads the process. Rhinos are flexible.

Sense of Proportion

A Rhino Favorite, Hr. Hans Christian Andersen, b.1805, wrote the familiar tale of Thumbelina, so named because the heroine was Fingersized. She had various Danish adventures, but never grew much.

This story is unusually intriguing to Rhino Tots, whose daily goal is getting Bigger, as soon as possible. For Us, being perpetually wee confounds the Imagination.

Hr. Andersen’s story does not include a discussion with Thumbelina herself, detailing her point of view. Frankly, it seems like an oversight.