Color Full

Rhinos are regularly informed that We are Color Blind. Wellllllllllllll, maybe. We see all right, or at least our vision works for Us to the extent that it needs to.

For Us, Color is a cumulative sensation of Presence, combining scent, texture, hearing, taste AND sight. Color doesn’t reduce itself to any one source of sensation.

Rhino Receptors are fine tuned, whatever the source. Or, more accurately, sources.


Sticking out the tongue is thought of as clever in some circles, very few of which include Rhinos. Derision and face-making are frowned upon, except in highly stressful situations.

At Your Inner Rhino, We seldom stick out our tongues, and assume our Readers don’t either. In a pinch, a Rhino might stoop to an “Oh, Yeah?”.

(Some Hints are more heavy-handed than others.)

The Power of Suggestion

The Can-Can (see Oct. 21, below) was hot stuff in its day, but in time gave way to the Hootchy-Kootchy, a dance based loosely on the Belly Dance of Egypt and Arabia. Unlike the athleticism of the Can-Can, the Hootchy-Kootchy emphasizes the Gyrations of the hips and spine in such a way as to Inspire the Viewer.

The Hoothchy-Kootchiste, usually a soloist, Undulates, Wriggles and Jiggles to Sinuous Music. Everyone has a Good Time. Interestingly, much modern/social dance reflects influences of the Hootchy-Kootchy, though it seldom gets the credit it deserves.

However for Rhinos, We achieve the same hypnotic Fascination via Scent. And a Very Dynamic Effect it renders on our behalf. No joke.

The Up and Coming

Transformations are really the norm of Nature. We have the Before-the-Sneeze, and then, shortly after, the Post-Sneeze. We have the Onset of Adolescence, and then later, the Fade-out of Adolescence. And so on, each experience tinting our thinking, sometimes Dramatically. Sometimes not.

Take it or leave it, each Rhino is a Work in Progress. Inside and Out. Seldom on a schedule We control.