Central Intelligence Agency

On the chart, you can see the Rhino Brain. We are told that this proves that Rhinos have inferior mental capacity. Pardon Us if We don’t subscribe to that ‘scientific‘ assessment.

Obvious reservations present themselves: Maybe 1) Rhinos use more of our brain than other critters, 2) We store part of our wits somewhere else, like our kidneys or kneecaps, 3) We don’t fritter away our capacities; We mind our own business. Also Etc., Etc.

But these are not Questions Rhinos bother with. We are fancy free as is. Any Rhino could and would tell you, if asked.

Well Done

Rhinos enjoy all the seasons We get, wherever We are. No two locales are exactly the same, which may be quirky, but it’s so.

What We particularly like is the toastiness of Summer. We have long believed that hot weather makes Us grow, which is a Prime Rhino Activity. This belief may or may not mean much, but that’s true of most things.

We are Sun Bunnies. For better or for worse.

Banged Up

In the Wild, We Rhinos have to watch our step. The occasional bump or bruise just goes with the territory, perfectly Natural. But there is a serious Limit.

In the Wild, there is no medical attention, no sick leave. In the Wild, We have to keep moving; if you sit in one place too long, some critter is likely to come take a bite.

We must do what We can, as long as We can, Naturally.

Salt Lix

We Rhinos need Salt (and other minerals) to help our digestion, but our options are limited in the Wild. We depend on the environment producing exposed earth containing these minerals. It’s a good system, all in all, and We do fine. We are always on the lookout.

Rhinos are not alone in this need, but our bodies limit the places We can explore. Different strokes, right?

(Nooooo, We don’t have salt shakers. We were just playin’ with you.)