The Up and Coming

Transformations are really the norm of Nature. We have the Before-the-Sneeze, and then, shortly after, the Post-Sneeze. We have the Onset of Adolescence, and then later, the Fade-out of Adolescence. And so on, each experience tinting our thinking, sometimes Dramatically. Sometimes not.

Take it or leave it, each Rhino is a Work in Progress. Inside and Out. Seldom on a schedule We control.


As Your Inner Rhino has mentioned before, Rhinos’ primary perception system is Scent. For many critters, sight takes the lead, but not for Us. We get our most Dynamic Information by Nose.

Unfortunately for YIR, this fact does not translate via electronic means. So We provide a sort of image of how it seems to Us.

We are the first to acknowledge the shortcomings of the attempt, but We feel We should get credit for the Effort. Yes, We do.

Teetering on the Brink



Far be it for any Rhino to begrudge another critter its livelihood, but Mosquitos pose a threat to RhinoSanity. We have a lot of surface and these flying Nightmares strike without warning, leaving Us all Itchy and Afflicted.

The fact that it is Natural, and We Rhinos are not alone in our Suffering probably means something.

But what that is, We cannot say. We get too overwrought to Philosophize.

Cooling Down

Rhinos do not perspire; that’s just a Natural Fact. What We can do is Gasp, which is primarily an Oral Exercise. Rhino nostrils are outstanding and oh-so sensitive, but when it is time to move Maxi-Air, We favor the mouth.

These Gaspings are mostly associated with Exertion, after which We must cool down, like any sensible Critter.

There is no dishonor in puffing and panting when that’s all you’ve got.


Being equipped with a whole lot of Skin, Rhinos must protect ourselves from bugs and the sun. One effective method is the Mud Wallow, and another, where there is no water, is the Dust Bath.

Dust Bath technique is not complex. We roll around in some loose dirt, and it gives Us a coating of protection. Very Effective. Then We shake off any excess, in consideration of the next Rhino.

And all Natural, naturally. Try it, you might like it.