Following the example of Butterflies, Rhinos transform themselves all the time, one thing to another, one awareness to the next. These processes keep us fresh.

We were one way, and then, through some Enigmatic Natural Scheme, We are another way. Not every change is easy, but We assume each shift is an Improvement, because why not?

We usually mutate from front to back, but sometimes our butt end leads the process. Rhinos are flexible.

Sense of Proportion

A Rhino Favorite, Hr. Hans Christian Andersen, b.1805, wrote the familiar tale of Thumbelina, so named because the heroine was Fingersized. She had various Danish adventures, but never grew much.

This story is unusually intriguing to Rhino Tots, whose daily goal is getting Bigger, as soon as possible. For Us, being perpetually wee confounds the Imagination.

Hr. Andersen’s story does not include a discussion with Thumbelina herself, detailing her point of view. Frankly, it seems like an oversight.


Rhinos have skin that is Quintessentially Marvelous. Not only does it come in a range of tones and textures, but We are singularly Waterproof.

True, there are other critters that are waterproof, but Rhinos know what We have going for Us, and We wave the Banner of Gratitude for it! No matter how much or how little water We encounter, it doesn’t seep in and make trouble.

Rhinos are Impermeable.

Silence is Golden

Today Your Inner Rhino salutes Marcel Marceau (b.1922), a famous French mime. His focus was the universal truths of life, illustrated with stylish insight, without Words.

Perhaps Words are fine and useful things, though Rhinos don’t use many of them. We can “read” mime far better than a slathering of words showering down around Us. A telling glance tells Us more, every time.