Internal Sloshings

Rhinos are willing to believe that the moon has influence on the Tides, shoving them around at will. That said, just what is the Moon up to inside Us, where We can’t see?

As with so many questions, this one may trickle on for some time before We get an answer worth knowing about.

Which presumes that knowing about something means it’s under Rhino Control. Nonsense, in many flavors, with or without nuts.

Central Intelligence Agency

On the chart, you can see the Rhino Brain. We are told that this proves that Rhinos have inferior mental capacity. Pardon Us if We don’t subscribe to that ‘scientific‘ assessment.

Obvious reservations present themselves: Maybe 1) Rhinos use more of our brain than other critters, 2) We store part of our wits somewhere else, like our kidneys or kneecaps, 3) We don’t fritter away our capacities; We mind our own business. Also Etc., Etc.

But these are not Questions Rhinos bother with. We are fancy free as is. Any Rhino could and would tell you, if asked.