Nature’s Classroom

In the Wild, where Rhinos mostly live, mirrors are in short supply. So Moms often have to supply information as best they can. For some reason, RhinoTots find mouths endlessly fascinating, so these familial exams are not uncommon.

The casual Reader may better understand the situation if you try to look into your own mouth without mechanical aid. See? Or rather, don’t See, right?

Rhino Education, cutting edge, every time.

eat green

We are aware that Rhino tails are the envy of many critters, including those that don’t have them. We cannot account for this advantage, but We certainly can be grateful for it.

One secret of maintaining a tail is dietary. Greens is the Magic Elixir. Not only do We feel better, but We also appear to advantage.

Though We appreciate all out parts, it might be that tails are our favorites. But there are a lot to choose from.

Her Majesty


October 2 is Marie Antoinette’s birthday, 1755. She was a Fashionista, if ever there was one. Unlike Us Rhinos, she didn’t just dream this stuff up; she actually wore it around the house. That house was a palace or two, she being Queen of France.

She was an enthusiast about Cake, and recommended it whenever she was asked.