Earth Movers

Mr. Melville R. Bissell (b. 1843) invented the Carpet Sweeper in 1876, a popular labor-saving device. No more beating the rugs on the back fence; you just swept the rugs on the floor. Neat!

In the Wild, this invention is not common. Rhinos don’t own anything, and there is much more dirt than there is carpet…

It’s use also assumes We Rhinos don’t like the dirt where it is, which isn’t the case.

The Up and Coming

Transformations are really the norm of Nature. We have the Before-the-Sneeze, and then, shortly after, the Post-Sneeze. We have the Onset of Adolescence, and then later, the Fade-out of Adolescence. And so on, each experience tinting our thinking, sometimes Dramatically. Sometimes not.

Take it or leave it, each Rhino is a Work in Progress. Inside and Out. Seldom on a schedule We control.