Stress is no joke, and We Rhinos are a sensitive group. Some more than others perhaps, but just the same, We are prey to doubts. Now and then.

Here it is, October 22, and We have a week or so to get it together. This is Heebie-Jeebie Time, with the volume cranked up and the gas peddle to the floor.

What are We going to wear for Halloween?!?!?!?!?

Ah, Birds

Birds are often a noisy gang, chattering away. But birds are not just chatting with one another. Smart bystanders tune in for Here-and-Now updates.

In the Wild, Rhinos need all the warning We can get. Birds just know a lot; they constitute the Local News.

BTW, some birds warble in harmony with themselves, each part informing a different audience. Noisy but Informative.

Choppy Waters

Every Rhino knows how disorienting an Adventure can be. The sense of inadequacy can squelch any common sense We had on hand as We set off.

What often gets overlooked are the signs Nature offers Us, free guideposts and suggestions. Signs We Rhinos choose to ignore.

But if We’d look over our shoulder, We’d see support coming from every angle. We could just get on with things.

Current Event!

For the attentive ‘Your Inner Rhino’ Reader: today, October 20, is the day We launched this project, back in 2014. We on the Staff have had a fine time, and made many new friends, and rekindled old palships.

It’s a bit hard to believe, but today’s post is #2610. Since YIR Day 1, there have been 2,557 days, making our average over 100%. Not much over, but still…

So Ho Ho, and thanks for your participation in this Rhinocerine Adventure.

Going Lunar

Tomorrow night the full moon will be called “The Hunter’s Moon”. We have yet to like any explanation, but as with many old sayings, they don’t necessarily make sense.

What Rhinos do know is that full moons engender odd behavior in sensitive populations, Rhinos among them. We Rhinos like full moons, as periodic invitations to blow off steam and run amok. We thrash around and make gargling sounds in our throats and stay up late, past bedtime. Crazy stuff like that.

So Readers may want to Beware, unless you are out there too, swinging from branch to branch. In that case, avoid ‘Selfies’.

And in Addition,

Rhinos are not designed by Nature to flourish in all locales. Some suit Us better than others.

One remarkably unsuitable place for Rhinos is Antarctica, where it is often chilly and notably free of greenery.

We assume it suits those who live there, and We are happy for them. We would not want to crowd them.

South of the Border

Rhinos don’t live in South or Central America. Our cousins, the Tapirs, live down there happily, all over. But not Rhinos.

It’s interesting how Nature makes things clear; Rhinos are not in sync with that environment… not specific, but still, not Rhino-Friendly.

Rhinos like to go, or stay, where We belong. What matters most is the food. We are not demanding, as long as there’s a lot of it, and it is delicious.