Bull in a China Shop

Some critters don’t belong in a Kitchen, like, say, Rhinos for instance. We are not meant by Nature to cook, within the conventional definition.

Yes, We like to eat, Bigtime. Lots and lots. But We would snarf up all the ingredients long before any other kitchen-y process got underway.

Why wait around?


Moveable type was first used in Europe by Herr Johannes Gutenberg. This method of printing was a Major Achievement in the history of Western Thought, whatever that may be.

Rhinos are partial to Herr Gutenberg’s beard, which was very stylish indeed. We do not have beards, but enjoy imagining them just the same. Why not?

Rhinos are illiterate, which would be a great problem if We did not know all We need to Naturally.

Banged Up

In the Wild, We Rhinos have to watch our step. The occasional bump or bruise just goes with the territory, perfectly Natural. But there is a serious Limit.

In the Wild, there is no medical attention, no sick leave. In the Wild, We have to keep moving; if you sit in one place too long, some critter is likely to come take a bite.

We must do what We can, as long as We can, Naturally.