Rhinos have always been impressed by Hecato of Rhodes’ works. So too were Cicero, Seneca, and Diogenes; they say so. The only problem is that Hecato’s writings have all disappeared.

It’s been a long time since 100 BC, and Rhinos misplace things frequently. But it would seem aggravating to write important things down, and then lose them.

Still, Hecato made an impression upon other important thinkers. We guess that must be sufficient.


No, Rhinos can’t tell time, given our counting shortcomings. But one thing We do know is that All the Todays are Essential. No matter what We label the day, We can’t misplace one.

Every day may not be memorable, but Rhinos can be sure We were there for it on some level. If We had missed one entirely, We would have Moved On.

That’s how Nature works it.

The Good Earth

Fact: We Rhinos are fascinating. It’s hard for Us to get over ourselves.

But We at YIR thought We might point out that everything We see, or ‘achieve’, or have, is just a flimsy layer perched upon the Enormity of the Earth itself. The Planet’s Stupenditude takes the cake, and We are just specks by comparison, both in body and cosmic impact.

Minerals are the underpinning of the whole Shebang, as we know it.

Get your coat, and get your hat…

Now or Then, a Rhino simply knows it’s time to wrap it up, and move out. That Rhino responds to the Call of Nature, wherever events lead.┬áHesitation does not come into play.

In most cases, the issue is not where that Rhino is Going, but where that Rhino is Leaving. One thing is for sure: shortly that Rhino will be somewhere else.

Today YIR salutes Mr. Lyonel Feininger, born 1871. He was both a German-American Impressionist painter and a cartoonist. We like his work.

Rhino in Gold

Herr Gustav Klimpt was a Viennese artist, born in 1862. His works are Splendid, if one wants to understate his Achievements and Individuality.

Also, since it is July 14, We wanted to salute the French, for whom this is a momentous occasion. Via the ‘Archive’ section, see July 15 (don’t ask), 2017, for a refresher.