Happy Birthday, yet again!

Today is Mr. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s birthday, but in 1832. He was a maths scholar and teacher at Christ Church, Oxford, England. He is best known today by his pen name, Lewis Carroll, and in 1865 published ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. ‘Through the Looking Glass’ followed in 1871.

Rhinos have loved his work from the very beginning, sharing his convoluted narratives and bizarre characters. All very witty and double-edged nonsense. These books have too many virtues and surprises and delights to enumerate. (Meaning more than 3).

We encapsulate his work with the expression “Wow!”

Location, Location

Not knowing where We are is not really the same as being Lost. To be lost, Rhinos would have to contrast here with wherever We thought We would be, and not know how to get where We assumed We would be. On the other hand, We can and often do not know where We are, but it’s not a concern. We simply skip the Confusion Stage, and investigate Here, Now.

We Rhinos like to be receptive to Possibilities, or, on an optimistic note, Opportunities.

Snooze Alarm

When We Rhinos get tuckered out by Expeirence, We often take a brief lie-down. This pause is refreshing and allows the spirit to soar a bit. Obviously time well spent, not only for Us but for everyone else also.

We think of these naps as short-term investments, but We don’t stress out over free interpretations of N. Duration. We have enough on our minds already.

Do you like the camouflage? Life in the Wild makes Rhinos cunning.

On further Consideration-

Rhinos are always intrigued by Questions of Interest. We chew them over, either singly or in small groups. The way We see it is, if the Question involves alternate Answers, there probably is no satisfactory Answer, or why would We ask?

You should hear the rumpus We can raise over ‘Wee Willie Winkie’.


Pizzazz has to come from somewhere, right? Rhinos have long since figured that it is coming from the stuff We eat. We take a bite, and Wham, Rhinos are transported into a keener sense of What’s What, What’s Where and Why. We hook up with The System.

We tingle.

Rhino Underground

As you probably know, there are all sorts of caves around France and Spain. The very best of them have Cave Paintings featuring local Critters, among them Rhinos! True, these paintings were done about 38,000 years ago, but their handywork still looks great. And Big!

They are not really paintings, but drawings in charcoal and ochre. On Limestone, which We gather likes to make caves in itself.

We never fail to be impressed. Very Nice Work, you Ancient People.


Rhinos don’t Hibernate because We have to keep fueling up the System. By hook or crook, the job stays the same for Rhinos: keep chewing.

Even 2 million years ago on the wintry Steppe, Wooly Rhinos couldn’t get a decent snooze. We’d hunker down, have a blizzard, and then have to shove the snow aside to find dinner. Rough times back then, despite our Shaggy-ness.

Today, only the Rhino Family in SE Asia has body fuzz, much of it peeled away by the jungle where they cavort. Whatever the weather, Rhinos adjust ourselves to cope. It’s the healthier of two options.