and munching. It takes a lot of food for Rhinos to stay in top form. Occasionally We get asked if it isn’t boring, just eating grass, and shrubs, etc. It always surprises Us; there is nothing else for us to eat. Why allow alternative realities to spoil our days?

Chewing takes energy and application, but it leaves Us free to ponder anything that crosses our minds. Many a brilliant realization has come to Us mid-meal or mid-snack. Our awareness gets enhanced, and everybody’s happy.

To keep things in proportion, Rhinos seldom spend more than too many hours eating. And We are trim, each and every one. Shipshape.

YIR: Educational

Elephants live in Asia and Africa. They are the largest land critters on Earth.

We sometimes wonder why We Rhinos are not on friendlier terms with them. In general, We assume that’s how Nature likes it.

Rhinos are not here to know it all, you may be surprised to learn.


Today is National Meteor Watch Day. Rhinos go out and look for any passing meteor. They are pretty splendid, but after that acknowledgment, We salute Nature once again, and head for a snooze.

One thing We Rhinos like about natural beauty is that it stands on its own: glorious and evanescent. It is beyond meaningful discussion. Or any discussion We are likely to follow.


Rhinos are sometimes accused of needless frivolity. We are not sure what needless frivolity is; in our opinion, We could never have too much. We are simply making our contribution to the kitty.

Rhinos avoid moping whenever possible.