Cinderella had quite a wardrobe, and the sophistication to make it pay off. Fortunately, all Rhinos have access to mind-boggling Fashion, being fueled with Imagination. Imagination is useful for Us, as fairy godmothers are in short supply.

Please note that Rhinos don’t use glass slippers. Despite tonnage issues, the real problem is that Rhinos do not wear shoes; We like to be in direct contact with the sod. Gets Us down to Earth, as it were.

We make do with ankle bracelets, which come in a range of styles. One size fits all.

Combination Platter

Today all Rhinos celebrate, once again, the 1856 birthday of L. Frank Baum. What a world he created, the first truly USA fairy tale, The Wizard of Oz! Very exciting, no matter when he comes to mind.

Also, today is National Chocolate Chip Day, which may demand rescheduling for you. It will for Us.

Find a yellow brick road, and skip down it, cookies in your backpack!

to the Power of 3

Rhinos cannot reliably count beyond 3. We have tried, and a special few have managed 4. However, when asked for a report on 4’s appeal, the gifted Rhinos report it means little more than 3, so why bother?

All Rhino mathematics come out with the same answer (3). Or “a lot”, that’s the other answer.

But making a mess with chalk is always a good time. At least that is the RhinoPosition on that topic.