Genius vs the Clock

Rhinos have some pretty astonishing Ideas, one way and another. We do not blush; Rhinos simply enjoy being so insightful.

What We wonder about is twofold. Fold #1 is, where was this Bright Idea prior to our recognizing it as such. Did it creep into our ear at nap time? Where does Brilliance lurk before reveaing itself?

And the other Fold, #2, is why don’t great ideas stick with Rhinos better than they do? By tomorrow We can easily forget all about it. Seems ungrateful or simple-minded, but it is true. Maybe Ideas come with an expiration date?

Knit One, Purl Two

On April 14, 1859, Charles Dickens published “A Tale of Two Cities”. It is a dramatic story constructed around the tense goings-on of the French Revolution. The reader goes back and forth between London and Paris, with flashbacks a-plenty. And espionage!

Madame Defarge is a front-line revolutionary, preparing for the downfall of the French Aristocracy. She keeps a cunning record of their every dirty deed, which she incorporates in her ceaseless knitting. She is, as they say, Implacable.

Political Upheaval is not a Rhino specialty. We see things heaving up, and We heave ourselves out of town.


Mr. Samuel Beckett was born April 13, 1906, in Ireland. He was an esteemed mid-century playwright, probably best known for his 1953 play “Waiting for Godot”.

This play concerns two shabby fellows who meet somewhere and sit to wait for Godot to arrive. The assumption seems to be that Godot will make things clear, explain life and the meaning of the individual in the World. They pass the time as strangers might. Later they are joined by two characters, a slave and master, who derive their meaning from their relationship. The arrangement is ultimately absurd, meaningless. A boy arrives and says Godot is not coming today.

Rhinos like this play. It states the obvious: all things are equal. Everyone is individual, but also part of the Whole, which cannot be understood in its scope or intention. Some swell play!


Today is Big Wind Day, in memory of a gust of wind measured in 1934 atop Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Three men took the reading of 231 MPH at the weather observatory there. This record stands to this day, though a reading of 256 MPH exists, but recorded by machines in Australia in 2010.

No Rhino was there on either occasion, thank goodness, but We appreciate the effort made by this interpid team.

One wee word of warning: All records are made to be broken.

Dining in the Dark

Once again, it’s the night when the Moon goes into the shop for repairs. At least, that is what We Rhinos assume is going on up there.

Rhinos enjoy there periodic interruptions. They make the stars more audible. We look forward to the concert.

Also, with Moon or without, our night vision is outstanding, so We can go on foraging.

Question and Answer

Do Rhinos Fall in Love? The answer is “sort of’. Rhinos don’t mate for life or even a month, so We concentrate our Inter-Rhino attentions on procreative passtimes.

We do get an all-body Wallop when We meet a likely candidate, most of the attraction related to scent. The GuyRhinos sort themselves out in rough competition, and then GalRhinos get down to business. Then everybody goes their separate ways. The charm of romance is shortlived.

For Us, the charms are hypnotic and electrifying and sometimes memorable, but Rhinos let it go at that.

Out & About

We Rhinos do not go on Vacations, generally speaking. We like where We are, and if We are going to leave that turf, it is for good. Nature can only supply so many Rhino-Friendly habitats.

The main reason Rhinos can’t go many places is that We consume so much vegetation. Wherever We are, Rhinos have to keep chewing, to stay Tough and Terrific. That is the nitty-gritty reason.

On the other hand, Rhinos don’t indulge in Dissatisfaction with where We are. We make our own Good News with what’s what, Here and Now.

No napkins just yet

We are grateful to the Tamil people of Southern Asia for today’s post. They are a set of peoples of great age and folk wisdom.

The idea today is that no matter how fine a Word may Sound, Rhinos can’t eat it. There is a crucial gap between the idea and the Meal itself.