What’s Gnu?


Think of this as a Public Service Advisory: when out in the Wild, keep your eyes peeled for Wildebeests. They travel in huge gangs, thundering around. If somebody is in charge, you could fool Us. No harm intended, they just swarm in any old direction.

Trampling is a lot less fun than it may sound.

Upshot: Look Out!

Where Wisdom comes from…


Happy birthday to Confucius, who was born in 551 BC, which was a while ago. He was a philosopher, which proves his Inner Rhino was on the job, sorting out the Mysteries of Life. He was interested in getting things organized.

We salute him, despite Rhino disinterest in regimentation and governance.

And no, as far as We know, Confucius didn’t invent chopsticks.

Tardy, but heartfelt…

Yesterday was Winsor McCay’s birthday, in 1869. A great illustrator with a sparkling gift for narrative- all in all, his work is a non-stop pleasure… at least, that’s the Rhino Viewpoint.

“Little Nemo in Slumberland” has his hero dashing about in a dream landscape. All of it is lovely and engaging and inspiring.

Like Nemo, Rhinos can make these mental jaunts without going to bed, but then, We don’t have beds.



‘World Rhino Day’ overwhelmed Us here at Your Inner Rhino. We are still woozy with the honor of the planet’s attention.

Still, the Autumnal Equinox, whatever that may be, is going on, even as We post. It has to do with yesterday not being today, depending on where you are. Also the seasons. These demarcations have meaning for the informed.

Take this revelation and make of it what you can.