More & Less

Today is Your Inner Rhino’s 2,222nd post! We are excited, especially since We Rhinos know a 2 when We see one (heh, heh: get it)? The accomplishment makes Us a bit giddy.

Two-ness is worth looking at, We think. More than 1, less than 3, but versatile. Options, that’s what 2’s niftiest feature is. This way/that way, yes/no, I’m right/you’re wrong. So many occasions for 2 to make its presence felt. We squeal at the Drama, the Potential, the Inevitability of 2.

We would explain the Numerology of today’s situation, but We don’t understand it. It’s a lot of 2s, so Huzzah!

Simple Observations

Archimedes, that ancient Greek thinker, has many fan clubs. We Rhinos take their passions with a grain of salt. Next thing you know, they’ll claim Archimedes invented water itself, which Rhinos know is not the case.

When you see Archimedes’ name, be on your guard. It’s Grain-of-Salt time.

In Summation, so far…

This is October 20, 2020, which marks the 6th Anniversary of ‘Your Inner Rhino’, a Big Day for our Staff and an opportunity to Thank our Readers for tuning in.

Our attempts to link the Rhino inside Us Rhinos, and the Rhino inside our Readers may be successful, though We can’t know for sure. If it isn’t clear now, maybe by Thursday it will be understood, better.

And now, We lurch our Rhino Way into Year Seven, which is more than Three and less than Too Much.


Here We see a Tree and a Rhino, here for your Inspection and Appreciation. Both or each are expressions of Natural Vitality, of ineffable energy and conviction, each on our own Assignment.

We affirm one another simply by being here together, same place, same time. But We could affirm the same thing apart in space or time. We are. Period. Where and when are details, not necessary. Nature does not need justification.

We share the planet by rights conferred on Us by Nature. We are content.

The Staff of Dreamland

Rhinos would like, but do not expect, a resume of the folks in Dreamland, just what they are expected to do out there? As recipients of their services, We have some reservations.

We are never sure what improvements We’d suggest, but the one We all agree on is: Why can’t We ever remember what went on? We wake up with a response, and then, poof, it’s gone. Just vague impressions, possibly a mood.

Gives a Rhino the pip just to think about it.

What’s what

In the Wild, Location is what it is all about. Location determines the weather, society, competition, diet, general security, and peace of mind. There is nothing to do about any of it. That’s the package, good news or not.

Well, We Rhinos are clever; We can go somewhere else!

Rhinos know a thing or two. Yup.


What is a Rhino to do when things go wrong, but there is nobody to blame? Huh??!! Right. Grind our teeth and snort.

Surely there should be somebody to blame? Seems only fair.

Kicking things can help, but frankly, it still feels inadequate.

Fashion Forward

Some days just don’t seem to want to assemble themselves happily. On these occasions, We Rhinos have two choices: 1) be Crabby or 2) get Dynamic.*

Behind Door #2: Once our Imaginations kick in, We can experience our Tough and Astounding persona, and that’s helpful. Perks Us up.

*There may be a third choice, but We can’t think of it at the moment.

Where else?

Rhinos do get lost in our Thoughts, sorting out fact from fiction, fiction from fiction, impressions and opinions, to name a few. It’s Wild.

As long as Rhinos don’t panic at the riches surrounding Us, things mostly work out.

And then, here We are once more, wagging our tails behind Us.