Of the many things Rhinos are called on an average day, We like “STOLID” the best. It means calm, imperturbable, stoic, humorless, inscrutable, detached and taciturn, etc., etc. So there We are in a nutshell. Seems just about right, if observed with a forgiving eye. Another word is “Delightful”.

There are many other qualities Rhinos embody, but the Labelers are so busy juggling words, there is no time to inform them. It is hard to take up another task when one is busy, We understand.

It’s all about the same to Us anyway. We are not a word; Rhinos are an Experience.

Important Rhino Thoughts

You may have noticed that many of our ideas are hazy. That is mostly because Rhinos can’t tell what is really real, and what is humbug. News of a minor sort is rare in the Wild, and just because We heard some song-and-dance from a Wildebeest does not make it true. Rumor does not equal Fact.

For that reason, We mostly spend our time appreciating whatever is OK, and avoiding involvements that look dicey. We keep opinion-formation for Special Occasions- We never have too many of those in the WIld.

What to do?

‘Atmospheric Pressure’ is a popular topic among Weatherologists. For Rhinos, most forecasts seem like seeing the future through a crystal ball.

What We do like is the collection of names these Weatherologists come up with, each more mysterious than the last, all vaguely intimidating, but ultimately baffling. Getting ready for imagined Weather seems futile.

Each day We Rhinos sniff about, and see what’s up, and cope. That’s the Rhino System.


Well, anyway, after a Rhino has been on an Adventure, that Rhino has often roamed far afield. It is part of the scheme of these matters.

The pace and stakes on Adventures seem Extreme. High rollers take all, and like that. Gives Us delusions of competence- assuming We got what We wanted.

Those delusions usually get cleared up when We try to get back home. Getting back to Normal may be a worthy goal, but We often find ourselves settling somewhere new. We could not find our point of origin.

And the Rains Came

This is Monsoon Season, when it rains and rains. Rhinos like it, though there is a point where enough is enough. Our appraisal means nothing much to Nature, as far as We can tell. It rains, and then it doesn’t.

Then We look around to discover how much of our daily life has floated away, or sunk, or grown like crazy.

Life in the Wild. Nifty, but sometimes damp.

Historically speaking

History is one gigantic accumulation of Events and not-quite Events, some of them our own, most of them somebody elses, often many somebodies else. An Event can be splashy or mute, and anything in between.

Events may or may not have immediately noticeable affects. What seemed minor 400 years ago may look major today, or vice versa. There are so many Events that they get masked by Time, too much data to process or prioritize.

But each and every Event is a building block of our experience today. Like it or not.

The basic shape of things

Some say that Rhinos all look the same. We Rhinos might object to such a sweeping statement, but We feel the same way about Kangarooss. They all look the same to Us. No offense intended, but…

And Rhinos would say, yes, We all come from a common Rhino Mould; We are the same in Essential Rhino Parts. We start as Rhinos, adding enhancements as We go. Each of Us is unique in detail, but at bedrock, We are Rhinos. Period.

Nobody sober ever sees a Hampster and says, “Look, a Rhinoceros!”

Radish Season

As far as We Rhinos are concerned, all seasons are Radish Seasons. Try one or try a dozen, but beware of how stimulating you may find them. Like Us Rhinos, Radishes come in different kinds from all around the world.

Radishes hold a Special Place in our hearts; they prime the Rhino Pump. Enough said.


Rhinos do not feel any passionate dedication to Facts. We don’t cling to Facts on a regular rotation, or know many Facts.

On a general principle, We understand that Pine trees do not produce Pineapples. Still, it seems illogical, not to mention vexing. What We lack in logic, Rhinos make up for with Determination and Leaps of Faith.