Verbal Eccentricities

Rhinos do not pretend to understand language as our Readers do. That may be good, or less good, news. Many forms of evaluation leave one party or another feeling bad, or worse, superior. Not Rhino.

In this instance, the Rhino Question is: Who put the “In” in Indianapolis? And/or, why?

Rhinos have the knack of tripping ourselves up with issues like these.

Alice crosses the Pond

Lewis Carroll’s classic, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, was first published in November, 1865, in London. Shortly after, the book was printed in the United States. It has been a hit ever since.

Copyright laws were not applied internationally at that time, so many versions were printed. It is now available in 174 different languages worldwide. For Rhinos it makes little difference, since We do not read as our readers do.

The Very Best Book Ever, is how We think of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Coping as best We may

Every publisher experiences Technical Difficulties along the way. For modest enterprises, these TDs can lead to Anxiety and Horror and Nervous Collapse.

What to do? What to do? Good question.

We have found that, barring a miracle, the Primal Scream can’t be beat. No half measures, just a holler to the Universe. Helps put things into perspective, right?


Rhinos do not deal well with frustrations. It is a fact. If We had a meter for determining Mood Swing Rate of Acceleration, We feel We would do well in most comparison tests. Except maybe for bees, but they have wings; an advantage from Nature.

True, not all Rhinos are equally volatile, but We recommend caution.

Trespassers, beware.

Luminosity on the go!

Auras are a phenomenon for which Rhinos are well known. We exude crackling energy as We trundle along. It’s like the rays of the sun, electrical exhaust. We are astounding. We glow.

Each Rhino’s color range is particular to that beast. We don’t get much to say about our own aura, just the same as our scent. Rhino auras are definitely expressive of emotion or age or relationship, etc., and sometimes conflict with themselves.

We often wonder why so many other critters lack an aura. There is no record that Rhinos invented auras, but it is a possiblity that science should not dismiss.