Knock, knock, who’s where?


A feature of Rhino Awareness is the realization that We are eternally in between- not here, nor there, even if it’s only rolling over in bed. We were this way, and We are almost that way, but no matter what, another way is on its way anyway.

So even when We are coming, We are also leaving our prior locale or position or condition.

So Progression is also Retrogression or something. Digression perhaps?

Feisty Gals


Lucy Maud Montgomery (b.1874) was a successful Canadian author. She wrote in many forms, but Anne of Green Gables is her best known series today.

Anne is a spunky character, allowing no nonsense or disrespect, despite her romantic (and a bit prim) core. An interesting combination of traits, all in one credible package.

Very Rhino, that Anne. No baloney, thank you very much.

Little Women


Rhino girls often get confused by Ms. Alcott’s books, because We are raised for rough-and-tumble encounters with Life. Apparently, this was not the case for Ms. Alcott’s audience. The Readership probably sees what adjustments Ms. Alcott was suggesting, the get-up-and-go approach.

In the Wild, gender plays a lesser day-to-day part; it’s every critter for him or herself, take it or leave it.

On that gender thing, please recall that every wild Rhino is raised by Mom. No exceptions.

Also, happy 184th birthday, Ms. Alcott.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright



Today William Blake was born in 1757. He was a gifted poet, artist, mystic and visionary, and an early influence on the Romantic Movement.

Mr. Blake’s quote, which Rhinos all like, is: “You  never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”

We had always thought that “enough is enough” took care of the matter, but apparently not. Rhinos live to learn.