Water, Water, Everywhere

Just like you Readers, Rhinos have always been landlubbers. Oh, We may take a dip now and again, but We are essentially Turf Bound. So our Dry Land Bias is understandable.

Still, it is good to reflect on the Facts of Life, namely, that Dry Land is what is left when Water has decided where it wants to go. Water, of which there is a lot, is really calling the shots. Rhinos just get to adjust to the land that’s available at the time, more or less depending on Water’s whims. And Nature’s.

Humility does Us all good, right?


In 1844 Mr. Charles Goodyear took out his first patent on Vulcanization of Rubber, making rubber more useful. One year later, in Britain, Mr. Stephan Perry took out the first patent on the Rubber Band, employing Mr. Goodyear’s process.

Rubber bands were first seen as useful in making bundles of paper. However, it cannot have taken long for the first paper wad to become airborn, via the Rubber Band, whizzing through the air at the unsuspecting.

It is from this missile inauguration that this famous phrase arose: “You’re going to put someone’s eye out that way!” (If that is not a fact, it ought to be, as any Rhino would tell you.)


Knitting is a fiber artform by which you can make a cardigan or socks or cap. Some of the results are attractive.

The knack is to take sticks and yarn and tweedle them in such a way that they form knots, etc., etc. It turns out Rhinos are not good at it. This may be the result of having only 3 digits per limb. We can usually triumph over such limitations, but knitting confounds Us.

This fact explains why you seldom see a tag inside a sweater saying “Knit by Rhino”.

Row, Row, Row your Boat

As you may recall, the last line of this ditty is “Life is but a dream”, a Rhino sentiment if there ever was one.

Rhinos are not nautical in a literal sense, but We can go for a short cruise any time it strikes our fancy. That’s because it is an exercise in Imagination, not Seamanship.

Each of Us is our own Cruise Director, guaranteeing a fine time. Ahoy, Matey!