Rhinos have issues with assuming that fruits, particularly Bananas, are not cunning, capable of sly activities. Few other plants of our experience seem to harbor ulterior motives.

But it is suspicious that Bananas play a role in so many mishaps, both funny and occasionally, fatal. Are We just supposed to believe that all is normal?

Is it safe to conclude that Bananas operate without intentions? It is a Fruity Question, worthy of Consideration.

Striking Oyl!

One Hundred Years ago today (!), Mr. Elzie C. Segar introduced Castor Oyl to his cartoon strip, Thimble Theatre. Castor was the older brother of Olive Oyl, and son to Cole and Nana Oyl.

It was not until nine years later that Popeye the Sailor made his first appearance in the same strip, sweeping Olive Oyl off her feet.

If you thumb back to December 9, 2019, you will see that YIR has dealt with Mr. Segar before. Rhinos everywhere are still chuckling.