Pulling yourself together…

8-30 MShelley

Mary Shelley (b. 1797) wrote Frankenstein, about a doctor with Big Ideas. In the story there is Tension between the creator and the creation. Rhinos know all about it. What new recipe ever came out exactly as you wanted it? Or a relationship?

At YIR, We thought We would suggest that now is a good time to check your oil and kick your own tires, just to see that you are shipshape.

Why wait? Who wants to call the tow truck later?

On the Bright Side


8-29 worst2 worst

Life is filled with Ups and Downs, Rhino life no more nor less than any other critter. Our general aim is to enjoy the Ups, and do what We can to short-circuit or endure the Downs.

Good and Better are common. Bad and Worse are inevitable. Two sides of the same coin.

One thought to hold onto is that Worst will come to Worst only once. By comparison, the rest looks pretty good.


8-27 MSND

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a fine play, genuinely funny. Puck is a free Spirit, independent, rambunctious, unpredictable, and cagey: entirely likable.

These traits are common among Rhinos, so We gravitate to characters who know about Mischief first hand.

Admittedly, Rhino understanding of Convention is somewhat limited.


Volcanics, Part 2

8-26 EarSplit

In 1883, Krakatoa, a gigantic volcano, erupted. The blast was heard 3 thousand miles away, literally. The ash clouds affected Earth’s weather for years. The tsunamis were dreadful. The violence was equal to four thermonuclear bombs.

Krakatoa sits between Sumatra and Java, which have given their names to two extant Rhino Families. That any of those Rhinos survived this singular event seems incredible.

Over 50 million years, our Family have witnessed many catastrophes, yet here We are, discussing it. Rhinos are here by Nature’s grace.

Volcanics, Part 1

8-24 Vesuvius

In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius blew up, marking a Monumental Disaster for all the witnesses. Almost nobody survived the lava, and more importantly, the ash and gases. Towns were obliterated, wiped from sight. Pretty horrific.

When Nature pushes the button, no critter or crowd can do anything but get out of town. With all due haste. If possible.

There were no Rhinos in residence at the time, so that’s one relief, among a meagre handful.