April 1, and look out!

April Fool’s Day is supposed to be a knee-slapping riot of merriment, but it requires discretion from the prankster in question.

Debilitating or disfiguring the merry victim seems extreme. The calendar does not absolve the joker of responsible behavior, at least mostly. To some degree. As long as it’s funny.

But a holiday that promotes Silliness should be encouraged. That’s the Rhino Version. We see enough sour faces in the average week. That same face covered with cream pie would promote a guffaw reaction from everyone (except for the pie guy).

Today he would be 338

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685. An enormous capacity for musicianship and composition kept him busy throughout his life. It also helped that every member of Bach’s large family was professionally involved in music.

His work is still influential on various levels. In churches, concert halls and as background music for big movies, Bach is still the Master. Go hear some, that’s our Suggestion, and a fine one it is.

By the way, Bach was born on March 31, if he wasn’t born first on the March 21. Record keeping back then was different, We assume. Rhinos have no ground for complaint; We just noticed the disparity as We delved away. Rhinos don’t keep track very well ourselves, and that’s a fact.

Reminder to the Trusting

Tomorrow, April 1, is April Fool’s Day. You are now forewarned.

The Rhino Policy is too stay hidden and chew on, alone or with trusted friends. And do not broadcast your proposed hiding place; you will regret it, if you last that long.

Important: when you see somebody coming along on your path, bearing a cream pie, do a U-Turn, and hustle away.

Sincerely yours,

Your Inner Rhino

Farewell to March

We Rhinos like March, because it is so changeable. It’s fine and dandy, or it stinks in all 57 flavors. This one seemed sort of standard, all told, but there were still plenty of weather upsets. It only takes one if it happens where you live.

So once more We at Your Inner Rhino crack out our ‘Lambie Adieu’ outfit, and peer into the future, namely April.

See yas all on the other side of the line. Whoopee.

In Appreciation

If emulation is the height of praise, We Rhinos did our best, such as it is. We do not, nor ever did, aspire to be art forgers. Rhinos just can’t get over the amazing paint, the vision and the virtuoso technique. Makes a Big Impression.

Happy 170th Birthday, Mr. van Gogh. My, my.

Gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Tickling the Ivories

Today is World Piano Day. Rhinos like piano music, but it is not easy to play, given that We have three toes, not five. We do understand why, but it means We have to hum the other two finger’s worth when We concertize. Probably not exactly the same, but in the Wild, We are flexible.

Pianos are rare in the Wild, so the topic doesn’t come up often. Still, We like to hum all ten fingers worth, however haphazardly, and make the best of the situation.

Where there’s a Rhino, there’s a Way.

The Passing Parade

In the Wild, We can never be sure where a surprise might lurk. No real roads. So We need to survey matters a bit differently than scanning up and down the sidewalk.

This is not about seeking opportunities to panic, but information that could be useful, sooner or later or sooner. Difficult things can still happen, but it’s a Rhino’s job to stay alert… or at least awake.

Of course, We have the associated advantages of Scent, plus other Natural signals for the attentive. Nature looks after Us as best it can. True, Rhinos can always screw it up, but We try.

The Show must go on!!

Wonders never cease, and today is set aside to hail Theatre’s many facets. Noisy to hushed, funny to sad, etc., etc., all around the world. A fine form of story-telling, strong and vital.

Rhinos often stroll in to see rehearsals, or opening nights. Why We aren’t noticed is beyond Us. We stand in the back because they have the wrong size seats for Us.

But it makes for a great time, and We are all pro-Theatre!

Happy Old New Year!

In Mesopotamia, the first New Year Celebrations took place 4,000 years ago. A jolly time was had by all, We assume. And if Chaos were not the norm of experience, the topic would close right here.

However, different calendars took over, one after the other, until nobody could tell with any certainty, just when ‘next year’ would get underway. In some parts of the world, March 25 is the first of the coming year, whatever number that might be. Do not ask Us how or why, please.

Below, We see a Mesopotamian reveller on the dance floor. He is doing the ‘Euphrates’, a popular routine at the time. The ‘Tigris’ was just as popular a gyration, but was not suited for all audiences, or, after a while, any audiences.