The Up and Coming

Transformations are really the norm of Nature. We have the Before-the-Sneeze, and then, shortly after, the Post-Sneeze. We have the Onset of Adolescence, and then later, the Fade-out of Adolescence. And so on, each experience tinting our thinking, sometimes Dramatically. Sometimes not.

Take it or leave it, each Rhino is a Work in Progress. Inside and Out. Seldom on a schedule We control.

Nagging Doubts

Every now and then, one of Us Rhinos will unexpectedly feel that We’re being judged or criticized or disliked. No solid Evidence, just a Lurking Suspicion.

Naturally, one option is that some Critter does have an Issue, which We can hopefully address.

What is more troubling is that often We know that the problem is in our own head. Makes Us moody.

Courtesy under siege

Rhinos celebrate the birthday of Ms. Judith Martin, better known as Miss Manners. She’s a modern writer, doing what she can to instill Civility, Kindness and Consideration in her readers. Needless to say, hers is a Daunting Task.

Issues of Social Grace have always mesmerized Us Rhinos. Miss Manners gives advice laced with wit and insight and does not suffer fools gladly.

Our kind of gal. If ‘Your Inner Rhino‘ gave awards, she’d get one, no question.