Ducking and dodging

Some critters become disheartened by pesky issues that swarm here and there. Those critters get overwhelmed, using up a lot of energy. Without Energy, Rhinos cannot grow and maintain.

What to do, what to do??

The Rhino Scheme is to avoid these free-floating miseries by cleverly side-stepping them, which often results in new and delightful dance steps, a combination of athleticism and upbeat attitude. Rhinos call it Creativity, among other terms.

Verbal Math

Today We discuss a surprising fact about words: If you add one letter to ANGER, you get DANGER. How about that? We are assured it is true, but how it works is mysterious. Rhinos don’t have that linguistic trick up our sleeves.

To save you the tedium of going insane, other words that involve ANGER are (with the addition of a letter): RANGER, GANGER, HANGER, MANGER, FANGER, XANGER, and QUANGER, plus others perhaps. What you choose to do with this information is whatever you choose to do, or don’t.

Seems messy, but many interesting facts get out of hand like that. At the drop of the hat.

In Translation

Many old rhymes and songs were originally Rhino Works of Distinction. So popular have they been, over Time, that folks forget whence these ditties came.

Rhinos do not fret over these trifles, but We do not forget what is due to our R Family.

You can see plainly that a Rhino jumped over the moon, right? Cows are not adept at leaping, and would moo so themselves.

On the Eve of…

Groundhog’s Day! We are bringing it up early since tomorrow at sunrise, Groundhogs here and wherever, will be quizzed on upcoming spring weather. There is some feeble idea that involves seeing a shadow, which will reveal All.

Any Rhino could do a more criditable job of forecasting, but We don’t live where it is often snowy. It is a knack, but one Rhinos all have to some degree. Nobody asks Us what’s in store; don’t forget, Ignorance is often a choice.

As a reminder, Groundhogs never pretended to any scientific insights, with shadows or without. Please don’t blame them if the present tradition is mostly hooey.

Verbal Limitations

Observe the illustration below, please. Ponder just what words might capture the sense of the image. You could spend a lot of time, trying to pinpoint your reaction, and even then, you might want to rethink your evaluation.

Rhinos like to go with Reaction #1. If We get it wrong, how wrong is it likely to be? Words don’t seem to help here.

Far easier to get into the swing of the picture, and enjoy it. (The yellow flag is not essential, but the artist felt it helped things along; yellow has that effect.)

When things go Kerflooey

A grim reality is that once in about two trillion, things don’t go as expected. We adult Rhinos are aware of these moments of disappointment and learn to roll with the punches.

Still, We don’t pretend We like them.

One thing that is coming is Spring, so We’ll just zip it and see what happens! It is called Anticipation.