Rhinos must prepare for any and all of Life’s surprises, ready to express that unique R enthusiasm. We are a participating sort of critter.

Heaving two tons of selfhood into the air requires practice, you may believe. Still We find it worthwhile and satisfying. What more could We ask?

Glad Tidings

In the Wild, happy events occur, one of the Most Happy being the announcement of new crops. New crops make themselves known year round, each related to weather.

And then, soup’s on!

(Always bear in mind that in the Wild, ‘no dinner’ eventually means ‘no Tomorrow’.)

Back to Basics

Rhinos find that it is always best to be clear about our intentions, which assumes that We know what they are. That said, We do know what they are not.

Rhinos do not acknowledge any obligation to be understandable, predictable, or convenient. We do what We can to promote a sense of mutuality. We are happy to inform.

It is surprising to Us how complex a task it is to reconfigure prejudice. Knowing is far easier than thinking, heaven knows. So do We.

Honking the Horn

It probably depends on where you live, but Pollen Season is an Experience. Period. More for some than others, but We find it requires fortitude.

When Rhinos sneeze, a Gesundheit is welcome, but it does not address our missing wits.

Maybe We’re asking too much. Pollen Season must be here for a reason, even if We have no idea what that is.

National Montana Day

We had not been aware there was such a day, so We Rhinos apologize to the citizens of the great State of Idaho, the Idahoans. Congratulations, one and all.

We included Pocatello on the state map, just because it’s such a pretty name. Nobody seems to know where it came from. The name, that is.

We Rhinos are major fans of Potatoes, and Idaho is full of them. The soil must be ideal for them. Or the rainfall? Or whatever. Pro-Potato.

We got rhythm

No matter how obvioius it is, the essence of any species is carried forward by two Rhinos getting together. No attraction, no Rhinos.

In our favor, Rhinos have plenty of come-hither, and a good thing too.

In the it’s-too-bad department, We cannot show our Readers the most mesmerizing feature of our Charms, namely, Fragrance. But We have plenty of that too, you may believe!

Made to order

Back in 1920, Mr. Earle Dickson noticed that his wife, Josephine, was accident-prone in the kitchen. From this domestic quandary, he developed the Band Aid, made of adhesive tape and cotton gauze, both available from his employer, Johnson & Johnson, in New Jersey.

Very successful, and led to Mr. Dickson’s elevation to Vice President, in time.

Most of these bandages are pretty small for Rhinos, but We can’t have everything.