Upon Consideration


Once there were 3 sisters, named Rhonda, Rhumba, and Rholexa. They went to lunch by crossing a bridge. They returned home  the same way.

So the question is, was this one round trip each day, or three (or six) trips over three (or six) different bridges at three (or six) different times, each day?

Exactly what happened would not be established by any one sister’s report vs another’s. Thus, a conundrum, i.e., a something to think about. For Us.

Oh, Reely!

Today Virginia became the 10th State back in 1788. Virginia has had an interesting history, which you might look up. It is too tremendous for YIR.

What We can mention is the Virginia Reel, which has its roots in European folk dance. It involves hopping and skipping, both of which are Rhino specialities. As you doubtless know.

The state mammal of Virginia is the big-earred bat, so We showed an Opossum instead. The Virginia Possums are accomplished dancers. Also, they are marsupials, which should count for something!


Rhinos are not a suspicious crowd, usually. We do not seek distress or random misgivings.

But We do enjoy sneaking around, looking like We have secret data at our disposal, available if We can come to terms.

We also like the drawings of Edward Gorey. What greater praise is there than emulation?

ho hum

Rhinos are seldom bored and that’s a fact. There are too many items to contemplate in the average day, too many matters to attend to, too many plants (meals) to inspect and scents to appraise.

But every once in a while, a Rhino may encounter Boredom, a disinterest in attending to business.

Interestingly, Boredom depends upon the cooperation of the Bored.

The Granite State

New Hampshire¬† was the 9th State, admitted June 21, 1788. There is nothing to prove that Snowfall was invented in New Hampshire, but there isn’t much to prove it wasn’t.

New Hampshire gets plenty of Winter, but make no mistake: for the native Critters, it can be demanding in the Wild.

Rhinos seldom live in New Hampshire year round. We visit, We enjoy the beauty of the territory. Still, We are not good at winter sports. When you weigh in over a ton, slipping is only funny in theory.