Looking Up!

Back in 1655, Christiaan Huygens discovered Titan, the largest of Saturn’s 53 moons. Surprising that he could find it up there, really.

These questions work best if one has given up on the Flat Earth Theory, which We Rhinos have not done entirely. (see 1-26-2015)

The tulips signify that Mr. Huygens was Dutch, which maybe you knew already.

the Simple Explanation

M. Joseph Liouville, b. 1809, was the pioneer of  Transcendental Numbers (a real number, but not a root of an algebraic equation with rational roots.) Oddly enough, Rhinos get this idea pretty well, assuming it means numbers that can’t be counted. In our case, that takes care of all of them, except 1, 2, and 3.

We’re glad M. Liouville cleared that up.


Green is not just a color, at least from the Rhino standpoint. Well, maybe it is a color if the definition includes Green’s mesmerizing fragrance, its many moods and nuances, intentions and muffled giggles, its potential for dynamic shifts and rhythms, its heroism and its generosity.

That’s our idea of Green; Rhinos feel privileged to be on the planet with it.

National Fragrance Day

Rhinos are all Scent Oriented, so it should come as no surprise that We trailblazed Perfume Development, back with the Assyrians, Much Years BC. You take some Castor Oil, and then toss fruits and flowers and herbs in there. Voila! (That is a translation from the ancient Assyrian.)

Scentography and its History. Your Inner Rhino marches on.

Also, if you are sluggish, you can drink it. It’ll cure what ails you.