Feeling Good

Exactly two years ago ‘Your Inner Rhino.com’ had it first posting. Since that time We have posted 713 posts, in those 731 days (Leap Year).

Boasting is not our style, but We do feel smuggish, in a humble and (hopefully) endearing way.

Thanks to all of you who have made this project so fulfilling.

The Importance of Being Wilde

Today was Oscar Wilde’s birthday, in 1854. A remarkable wit and commentator, Mr. Wilde’s target was the limited thinking that led to British complacency, a sense of privilege and superiority that he felt could use some serious re-examination, on every level.

He was Stylish and demanding. Many of his contemporaries found him distinctly unsettling. Today many people find his work confusing, given the byplay of ideas, one against another.

He is often quoted, but Rhinos like this: “True friends stab you in the front.”