Rhinos get around, here and there and elsewhere as well. On our many expeditions, We run into all sorts of Geologic Phenomena. The emphasis here is on the surprise and novelty of each of Nature’s accomplishments. Also, the magnitude. And plenitude.

Shown is a Gully, a cut in the earth, mostly achieved by water over lots of Time. Naturally, it is immaterial what it’s called, though Rhinos just like the term ‘Gully”. The point is not the name. The point is the marvel of discovery and acknowledgement of another facet of life on Earth. Talk about Variety!

Splendido, say We Rhinos.

Way Back When

Julius Caesar wrote about Britons when Rome invaded Great Britain in 55 BC. He said the natives were wildmen, running around naked, tattooed or painted with Woad. There is a lot of argument about this information.

Rhinos weren’t on hand at the time. However, We thought it would be good to mention Woad’s use as a body paint. It’s not very effective no matter how you mix it up. The idea of an army of naked heathens, all painted blue, is vivid. Rhinos have thought of doing it, but it takes too much effort for a dubious result.

What We can say about Woad is that it smells horrendous. The Britons may have stunk out the Romans; that We would believe. Our version includes a straw wig, which is as valuable as any of this other information.


Rhinos believe in Natural Order. That means We don’t expect Nature to deliver one set of experiences or another. Rhinos investigate each moment as best We can, and roll with the punches. Also, We have to understand that each side of an argument is backed by vigorous beliefs of all kinds.

The Rhino POV is that We are offered many forms of belief, but often the focus is on Power, the power of belief to change things for the benefit of a group or individual. We believe in X, and X will tip the scales in our favor.

Nature does not favor any part of Creation over another. History cycles Experience, but that is not evidence for mindful balance. Or not that We Rhinos have noticed.

Luck of the Draw

There is nothing to be gained by whining about the hand We’re dealt. That’s how We Rhinos are taught about circumstances. Good news, bad news, rainy or fair, a la mode or plain. The strength of this approach is that it adjusts expectations. What is, is.

Rhinos don’t have any expectations. Why assume We know what is a good outcome? Or a bad one? It simply can’t be done, not by Us, at any rate.

Focused on this moment, We are almost always in good shape. (Or We’re looking around for the next moment.)


In the Wild, We Rhinos just respond to whatever Natural appeal plants have to offer, and then start to nibble. Which often leads to single-minded chewing. We chew on until later, when We stop. Then We shop on.

The Wild is full of great produce, but Rhino connoisseurs like to time our attentions to peak conditions. Granted, some years the conditions are spotty, and then We take what We can get- and like it.

Doing what We don’t like keeps Us flexible.

K. Arthur’s Furniture

It’s strange how often King Arthur’s Round Table comes up in conversation. Rhinos are casually appraising the weather, and there it is again! King Arthur’s Round Table. Amazing and unexpected.

Shown is the Rhino who came up with the design for that famous furniture: Sir Cumference.


Although the right Circumstances don’t pop up all the time, We Rhinos like knowing that We can rise to the occasion.

In Reality, We don’t bother with frocks and festoons. Rhinos impress with Attitude, of which We’ve got plenty.

We call it The Ta-Daaa Factor.

Worldly Wisdom

Each Rhino has a fund of odd bits of information and opinion, stored up as We go along our way. Some ideas seem more valuable than others, but We often find We had prioritized wrongly, and the old idea is more essential, at least today. Lots of thoughts, in no impressive order.

What is strange is to realize that there’s so much We don’t know or appreciate. And if We don’t know what We don’t know, how would We even know what to ask? Good question, with no answer.

We Rhinos like to keep a positive attitude, hoping We’ll know ‘what’ when We need to know it, or soon after that. Or that that question won’t be on the quiz.