Sooner or Later

Making a Baby Rhino takes patience. After some rough-housing, the Groom goes away, for good. B’-Bye.

Then all the Mom-to-be has to do is eat right, get some sleep, and wait 16 months for the little bundle from heaven. Meanwhile, stuff is going on inside, stuff nobody understands. And Mom’s body is adjusting, first time around and the last as well.

And one morning, Voila! Motherhood!!!

Tick Tock Tick

Rhinos get older occasionally, as you might expect. Last year We were something, and now We are another one. But when you cannot count beyond Three, Rhinos are bound to be statistically unreliable. In the Wild, there’s a lot to keep in mind; age is not anywhere on our list.

Time is elusive and always (probably) has been. We gravitate to improbable ages, like six zillion or 35 minutes. We don’t calibrate our lives in relation to Numbers or Time.

Truthfully, We don’t calibrate our lives at all; We live them.


Nature has given Us Rhinos remarkable Characteristics. One such is a brain that pulses with insight and activity; it can be exhausting! But We Rhinos have a refuge from our mental powers; it is called the Nap.

When stressed, We simply check out of this world and visit another. Napland is always unexpected in its detail, changing at will. We see another side of events and of ourselves. Dreams answer questions We didn’t even know We had!

Then We wake up. Feeling better. Also, Dreams whet our appetites.

Attention, Please

Rhinos are observant, which makes Us a bit tiresome. Every Rhino sees what’s going on, and in many cases offers suggestions to passersby on improved decorum, etc. These suggestions are often specific, and clearly stated. No wonder nobody wants them.

It might also help if Rhinos were better at Commanding our own Idiosyncrasies. We do try, but that effort is often insufficient.

Ah well. It’s sort of a relief to acknowledge our own Limitations, when We can recall them. Then We rehearse the improved version, and take a nap.

Fair and Square

The image of Justice, blindfolded and handing out decrees with an impartial dignity has little to do with Rhinoceroses. We would not recognize the system in which Justice tells foul from fair.

The Law of the Wild is not concerned with Justice. What holds our attention is Survival. That premise We can understand , and act accordingly.

The race goes to the swift, right?

Location, location!

Today We Rhinos are pondering which Ingredients make up each of Us. It’s a tricksy question, all right.

Our parents are partially responsible but know as little as their children, perpetuating ignorance down the Ages.

XL Important is where Nature places Us, the perfect place for Us to reach Mach Speed and find fulfillment. Makes sense to Us. Each family, and each Rhino therein.

Style Notes

Today is and has been National Argyle Day. In popular jargon, Argyle is a pattern for weaving and knitting, made popular in south-west Scotland, a region power-packed with sheep. Sheep are indispensable when knitting or weaving woolens.

Rhinos neither knit nor weave, but We have an innate fashion sense, so We do creep in at the margins of this theme. Traditional garb is dandy, but there’s plenty of room for further investigation.

It’s hard to keep Us Rhinos out when there are intellectual movements afoot.


Rhinos are not given to Wild Behavior, thrashing around and making a scene. At least, not often.

Pandemonium means all hell’s demons acting up and scandalizing the natives. Quite a sweeping concept. It may be one of those more-the-merrier-states of mind or social activity that is intense but shortlived. Rhinos are not usually invited to participate, so We don’t miss it keenly. Ignorance is Bliss.

Seems more Chaotic than Rhinos commonly like, but who knows before We try it?

Whadaya Know?

Rhinos do not know Everything. No, it’s true. We just don’t. We try to learn things one way and another. But We fall short.

Floating all around Us are spheres of Information and Conception and Perception, etc, etc. The air is filled with these Stimulating Globules, but We are not sufficiently informed to know which ones to access.

So Far, so Good, We think, though that may just be a defensive posture developed over the millenia. Hm-Hmmm?