Rhinos are Big Critters, which is no surprise, to Us or you. Perhaps you have not been concentrating on this issue: how much Skin it takes to wrap a Rhino up. The answer is most likely, more than you (or We) might have guessed.

Consequently, the daily parade of events has a lot of surface to impress, to titillate and stimulate and annoy. Inside, We get messages all the time suggesting We enjoy this moment, or scratch that patch of Us, or be aware that what was irksome yesterday seems to be dandy today.

We sing the praise of our Skin. Everything likes some encouragement, right?


Rhinos are genetically wired for hijinks and pranks, a well-known fact. Imagine then the Possibiities presented by the Banana! Words are inadequate.

Since Teasing is the essence of this sort of humor, Rhinos decided We had to specialize, to limit ourselves in the innocent torment We could dish out. The joy buzzer and whoopee cushion can’t compete.

Bananas can’t be beat. They’ve been available for about a zillion years. Rhinos too.


Occasionally We Rhinos try to improve our ratings for Sedate Comportment. These efforts are betrayed consistently by random Natural Phenomena. A case in point is the Wind.

A Breeze skips by, Rhinos get excited, and then somebody cranks up the volume, and it gets Windy. We are overwhelmed by the greatness of it, the intense pleasure the Wind brings. All our senses fibrillate.

It’s a wonder We don’t explode.


Rhinos are aware that there are lots of theories on what Matters, but let Us face it: Because We are Rhinos, We believe that Rhinos are what Matters. Naturally, it would be strange if We came to any other conclusion. We are certainly the Center of the Universe, for Us.

Llamas probably feel the same way, and for Llamas, they’re right. Each critter assumes it is the point of the whole show. Beetle, hedgehog, or flounder; We only see with the eyes and minds Nature provided.

Put another way, We are all Crucial.


Many Rhinos have had a rough road this year, one way and another. It’s easy to make a list of disappoinments, of things We wished for but did not get. Naturally enough, there’s always something missing.

But from another angle, the range of gifts We do receive each day is astounding. Not everything goes right, but so many things do, it’s hard to appreciate them all.


Our Own Drum

OBSTREPEROUS is a term meaning noisy and unruly. We thought it was invented for Rhinos alone, though it is now used in praising other critters too.

Generally, We have cut back some on the noisiness part, but Rhinos are certainly unmanageable. Why would We trim our sails to suit whoever is making up rules for Us? The problem is not with the Rhinos, but with the Rulemakers. Let’s see them get themselves under control, then We’ll chat.

That’s right: Fat Chance.


The YIR Staff is back on the job, relaxed and refreshed. We had a fine yesterday. Now it is but a Memory. We’re as ready for tomorrow as We’re likely to get, so that’s all about Anticipation.

Today is about the only Action We ever achieve, not in theory, but in fact.