In this Respect…

Rhinos are Naturally suited to live in the Wild. The Wild is all set to answer our needs, and We do what We can to keep the Wilds delightful. It’s a responsibility Rhinos shoulder with vigor and panache.

For those who only visit the Wild once in a while, We point out that those of Us who live here like our Wild just the way it is. Surprise visits can go badly, especially if the Visited is able to damage the Visitor.

To you, it’s just a camera; to Us it’s a threat. Good Intentions don’t count.

Focal Length

     Are Rhino lives dreary? No. We do have compulsory daily activities, many involved with diet. Like any other critter, We need fuel. In the Rhino case, being big, that means lots of food.
     And lots of chewing. That part is definitely repetitive. We just have to get to it, and chew. BUT: Why did Nature give Rhinos Mammoth Imaginative Capacities, if it isn’t to Use Them?
     Right. Bon Voyage!

A Really Big Deal

Kublai Kahn’s birthday, 1215 AD, was yesterday. Happy Birthday, Sir. He was a grandson of Genghis Kahn who had unified Mongolia and parts of northern China. After a haphazard power struggle when Genghis died, Kublai eventually became the Grand Khan.

During the turmoil of accession, Kublai conquered the Sung Dynasty, in southern China, a huge, fractured nation. With time, Kublai, who was one shrewd ruler, adapted the Chinese to Mongolian ways, and vice versa. Kublai created a new form for governing, mixing local experts and aristocrats with Mongol forces, to create a more organized environment. Kublai also called his realm the Yuan Dynasty, a nod to the Chinese, who numbered in the millions.

The Yuan came to be the largest contiguous Empire in history. Kublai’s game-changing methods are felt to this day.

In Con-Sequence

YIR Readers have noticed that We skipped Post 2183 last week. An error at best and a disgrace at worst. An office hunt for the elusive 2183 has been a flop.

Because Rhinos are lacking, numerically speaking, We feel the shortcoming keenly. Yet, We plunge ahead, with many resolutions of Future Excellence (secretly gulping, and muttering, “We hope”.)

Please understand: We do make lists, and keep track, and look serious, but Rhinos are not wired for Organization. It’s not our thing. We make do, in this as in many other areas in Life. As We say, Plunging Ahead.