Managing the Inner Rhino

Every Rhino has been told, often, to Behave Yourself. We understand the concept; here is an uncompromising Standard of Conduct, and We’d like you to measure up to it. Now.

Perhaps with time and luck, this sort of adjustment is possible, but We find that the challenge is Behaving our many Selves. No single Self is ever all We must confront. One self might be controlled, but with clusters, it’s like a jamboree inside Us.

At least, that is how it is for Rhinos, which is what We are here to report on.


The Greater Rhino Family has a lot to feel good about. 50 million years of genealogy allows for a lot of both 1) Change, and 2) Relative Calm, in between times (usually thousands or millions of years.)

Rhinos are mostly ready for a challenge, but those who choose to ignore Nature’s shifts often end up extinct. When Change happens, it takes no prisoners. Whole branches of our family tree are defunct; fondly recalled, but nonetheless gone.

Here We see a Wooly Rhino enjoying an Ice Age, and why not? A lot of the challenge is solved by Rhino Mindset. Yup.