Shared Wiring

The “Your Inner Rhino” to which our blog title refers is our way of pointing out the finely tuned wiring of Rhino thinking and perception. Obviously, our Readers are party to the same mode of operation, but so are many critters you might overlook.

Not just birds but also almost every critter at one level or another. Rhinos do not hold themselves aloof from the rest of Nature; We rejoice in the connections.

We can appreciate them and you, as you mirror Us.


Fiddling around

Sr. Antonio Stradivari was born in 1644 in Cremona, Italy. He became a Genius Craftsman creating stringed instruments, primarily violins. Those instruments still command flabberghasting prices, all over the world.

The question is, did Sr. Stradivari become a brilliant craftsman, or was he born a genius craftsman? We Rhinos tend to think it was the latter; his Inner Rhino was all set to go right from the top.

If there are other opinions, We delicately point out that YIR is (almost) always right.

The Drift of Public Opinion

Clearly our editorial concern is the YIR Readership, that mighty conglomerate of Excellent and Insightful Folk.

Somedays We wonder if anybody will “get it”, and We get encouraging responses; conversely, We think We’re brilliant, and Readers are polite (always a dangerous and unusual signal among our Readers).¬†Unfortunately, We can never be sure what or how We’re doing.

We like to think of ourselves as responsive, but there are so many breezes, We mostly spend our time looking confused. Ah well. Practice makes perfect.