Coping is a skill that’s easy to underestimate. Coping takes its toll, even for Rhinos. Or perhaps, especially for Rhinos, since We are a pretty sensitive species, all things considered, right?
     Things come up, and We get Jangled. With luck, the Jangle only lasts a jiffy, but sometimes days. In grim cases, the Jangle can become a habit.
     We don’t recommend it, but mostly We don’t get a Grip just by announcing its advisability.

Circuitry in Action

It may seem that Rhinos are a decisive crowd, but if We are, it’s due to our own special wiring. Outside We look calm, sometimes preoccupied. But on the inside, it’s another story.

Inside (as We imagine it) it looks like a Squirrel Beginners’ Knitting Class with Winter coming on.

Well, the system seems to have worked this far. Another of Nature’s many Marvels. Rhinos, be grateful.


Almost every Rhino Decision, be it simple or complex, requires some internal tweaking, some negotiation on intentions and limitations. These alterations are accomplished by a rough-and-tumble committee: Aggression, Regression, and Digression, the temperamental offspring of Progression.

Most conclusions involve contributions from each camp, softening or hyping or toning along the way. It’s not a pretty business, but somebody’s got to do it. Some decisions take an instant, others take years.

When nothing seems to be moving in any direction at all, We call it a Depression. And then We lurch into another Internal Wrangle.

(Rhinos try to avoid name-calling, though sometimes that is half the fun!)

The Limit

Mr. Lewis Carroll wrote two biographic accounts about Alice, one an Adventure in Wonderland and the other Through the Looking Glass. Rhinos find the first book compelling, but are puzzled why Alice went back for more. A glutton for punishment?

Our point today is that Alice clearly had plenty of Inner Rhino; in both biographies, she gets fed up with being jerked around. She stands up and says, in effect, “Knock it off, you Maniacs”.

We like these refusals to be bullied. Very Rhino, say We.

Novelty Incognito

Today ‘Your Inner Rhino’ salutes Mr. Andy Warhol, whose artistic work has made a big impression on the Arts, here and about.

One thing We like about it, is the refreshing awareness that although things may look the same, indeed they are individual… so the Same but, simultaneously, not the Same.

Rhinos may look somewhat alike, but our inner beings are individual, singular, and marvelous.