Freya was the Norse Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Fertility. She attended to Gold, Prosperity, and explored Mysteries. She also attended to those slain in battle. Freya was a popular Goddess; Friday is named to honor her.

Missing from the image is some of her Goddess Equipment, namely, Hildisvini, a large boar, Brisingamen, an enchanted necklace, and her feather cloak, which she used to fly around. (Her chariot and two blue Tomcats were a gift from Thor.)

Freya was a goddess who knew how to have a Good Time. And then had it. Repeatedly.

Parting Ways


It probably seems as though Rhinos act a certain way, behave within distinct parameters. And for the most part, that’s true.

For the other part, We do get out of hand, surprising ourselves as well as anybody else who’s paying attention. Some idea pops up, and off We Rhinos go.

Afterwards, We ponder just what We thought We were doing. It may be true that every question has an answer, but it does not follow that We know what it is.

All Day Today

Today is Thursday, named for the ancient Norse god, Thor. Thor attended to a number of areas, with Thunder and Lightening topping the list, oh, and Giant-Bashing. He was short-tempered.

Apparently everything Thor touched had a large name. Thor drove a chariot drawn by 2 goats named Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. He wore magic bracelets, called Jarngreipr, needed to wield his hammer, Mojnir. (This hammer worked like a Norse boomerang.)  He also wore a special belt called Megingjore. Thor had Red Hair, but if it had a particular name, We don’t know what it was, though it was probably hard to spell.

The ‘Your Inner Rhino’ research team is pooped. So much spelling, even without the diacritical markings!

That Second Sniff

Rhinos live in a Universe of Scent, so We were surprised to hear about an official system for extracting the fragrant essence from flowers. The process is called Enfleurage.

Well, yes, of course. Rhinos have been Enfleurage-ing ourselves via plants for millenia and even before that. The name is cunning, but the concept is pre-ancient.

If We like a scent, We eat the flower; that way, We get both the lingering romance of the blooms, but also the nutrients in the plant. Two pleasures, simultaneously.

After Monday


Today has been Tuesday, named for the Anglo-Saxon god of War and Peace, Tiu (or Tiw, Tig,Ti, Tii, Tir and Tuu). Yes, really.

Tiu is best remembered for ramming his fist into the mouth of Famrir, a gigantic wolf, thus assisting his father, Wotan. Tiu was ambidextrous, which was a good thing as it turned out. His main task was making sure folk honored their treaties, easier said than done.

Rhinos only call our days Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Something Old, Something New

M. Georges Cuvier, born 1769, is called the Founding Father of Paleontology. Vive la France! Paleontology is the study of very Old things, like flora and fauna and earth sciences and Rhinoceroses. Obviously time well spent.

Early Paleontoligical Studies came up with bizarre reconstructions of the Past, but those pioneers had nothing to refer to. They just made it up as they went along. Given their limitations, they did a remarkable job. Exciting times all over the place.

We Rhinos are curious, but tend to focus on dometic issues. That fact does not preclude our appreciation of M. Cuvier and his merry colleagues. (Well, some of them were merry.)

Having our cake & eating it

Most Rhinos weigh a ton or two or more, so activities as extreme as our Readers’ are ill-advised. Rhinos just bounce too hard for our own good. Plus, there’s no First Aid in the Wild.

So We squeeze all the fun We can out of seeing your Shenanigans around the World, without the actual Agony of Defeat.

This capacity for Enjoyment is Rhino Imagination. We can go Wherever, Whenever, and do most anything Whatever. Thrilling!

To a Different Drummer

Rhinos are always grateful to see the morning. It perks Us up for another day of Merriment and Developments. In a spirit of appreciation, We like to offer up a little Music, most of it extemporaneous, a “Good Morning, Morning” sort of one-critter chorale.

The music itself is not partcularly noteworthy, but the Sentiment of it is so sincere that Nature is obviously affected by our efforts. A salute from Nature’s happy servants.

Sometimes We play a duet with ourselves, doubling the pleasure. What moment can’t do with a little gilding?