an Apple a Day


“Physician, heal yourself” is an old saying, meaning “Pull yourself together, Buster.” For Us Rhinos, the saying is an ancient standby.

In the Wild there is no medical back-up, no organized response to illness or injury. We must each proceed as We think best, and hope for the best. Some herbs, some time, and some dumb luck: that infallible prescription.

The quote is in┬áLatin, adding to the Classy Impression that ‘Your Inner Rhino’ likes to make.


In the Wild, a Rhino may come across a feather. There on the path or bramble, worth considering. Rhinos respect messages from Nature. We consider hidden meanings, etc; Why this Feather, why Me, why Now?

If We ask around, We get interpretations from ‘clearly the end of the known world‘ to ‘get a life‘. Other critters must have a more complex attitude and lore concerning bird bits and pieces.

Rhinos don’t have all the Time on Earth on hand. Rhinos are busy. So We mostly assume the feather means things are Dandy.

Taking Wing

Some critters bemoan their natural Shortcomings. If only they coud swim the Bay of Bengal, if only they could climb Mount Asterisk, if, if, if. The obvious problem is that Nature did not design them for those activities.

That is one Reason why Birds find Rhinos so refreshing. We cannot fly. We rejoice in Flight-by-Proxy, watching others do their thing. Delightful. We marvel at their colors, their song, their general affability.

We are happy for them, and they return the favor.

That Second Sniff

Rhinos live in a Universe of Scent, so We were surprised to hear about an official system for extracting the fragrant essence from flowers. The process is called Enfleurage.

Well, yes, of course. Rhinos have been Enfleurage-ing ourselves via plants for millenia and even before that. The name is cunning, but the concept is pre-ancient.

If We like a scent, We eat the flower; that way, We get both the lingering romance of the blooms, but also the nutrients in the plant. Two pleasures, simultaneously.

Something Old, Something New

M. Georges Cuvier, born 1769, is called the Founding Father of Paleontology. Vive la France! Paleontology is the study of very Old things, like flora and fauna and earth sciences and Rhinoceroses. Obviously time well spent.

Early Paleontoligical Studies came up with bizarre reconstructions of the Past, but those pioneers had nothing to refer to. They just made it up as they went along. Given their limitations, they did a remarkable job. Exciting times all over the place.

We Rhinos are curious, but tend to focus on dometic issues. That fact does not preclude our appreciation of M. Cuvier and his merry colleagues. (Well, some of them were merry.)

Cosmic Eccentricities

Every so often the Moon goes off duty. It just disappears. It used to alarm Us Rhinos, but after a few Eons, We got used to it. So now We stay calmer.

It used to be that We would try to influence the Moon, but it, as are We, is a Child of Nature.

We Children of Nature are best advised to rely on our instincts and, if possible, wait to see what happens tomorrow. Recall this note if you go looking for the Moon tonight.

Pillow Talk

Rhino Dreams are not predictable in any formal sense. True, they often feature food, but casting the dream seems not to be up to the Dreamer.

As We at YIR have previously mentioned, every Critter is made up of what has been on the Menu. We like vegetation only, so it is no wonder that in Dreamland, We have a greenery aspect. And tantalizing Scent, naturally.

Rhinos pay close attention to Dream Content; our Dreams are often short, so We need our Dreamwits about Us to soak up the Meaning. Or Meanings.

Like a Rock

The Most like a Rock is a Rock, obviously. Rhinos find Rocks informative and stimulating. We try to model ourselves on Rocks, but Rhinos vacillate too much; We try one Idea and then another. We wonder about stuff. We are too impatient.

Rocks are entirely into consistency. No opinions or considerations or modifications, just Rockness. 100% Rock.

Rocks are no good for conversation, but Rhinos find them admirable. No apologies, no shilly-shallying. Perhaps Rocks have the right idea? Certainly, Rhinos find ourselves most content when We stop Doing and just Are Rhinos.