Spilled Milk

Rhinos don’t like feeling resentful, and We seldom do. But there are still a few family members who feel a bit sour when the Bronze Age comes up in conversation. The era began about 8 thousand years ago, which is a While of some large sort. It took over when the Stone Age ran out of gas.

The Stone Age was when humans just threw rocks. The Bronze Age was when metals entered the discussion. More than Rhino’s feelings got hurt.

Well, what’s done, is done. We will all have to do what We can to tidy up. Sooner better than Later.

Oh what a beautiful…

Mornings are a favorite time of day for Rhinos. Whatever is about to happen, it’s on its way. We’re all set to get on with the Program. Rhinos Refreshed.

Part of our preparation relies on ignoring whatever Yesterday was about, most of which was Extraneous and Predictable and Beside the Point. Today’s uses for Yesterday are not entirely Irrelevant, just sort of Deja Views.

Rhinos hone in on the what’s Happening now, which is about all We can handle. After breakfast.

Penny for your thoughts…

Advice is easy to come by, and most of the time We Rhinos curl our lips and make rude faces when offered much of it. Also rude noises. We say “pooh pooh to you and your Advice!”

On the other hand, Rhinos sometimes find ourselves in Surprising Situations. A fine plan goes awry, making Us reassess our shemes. We gulp. Repeatedly.

At these times, the idea of Advice from someone with Experience and Insight would be, and is, welcome for sure. Then We say, “Please.”


It is true that Rhinos are often thought of as the Mammal of Mystery. And part of that mystery has been deveoped by Rhinos ourselves. To any attentive person, We are entirely understandable, pretty much.

To the casual observer, Rhinos are eaten whole like an animal cracker. If Rhinos dismissed human history and accomplishment, not to mention temperament and their niche in Nature, many of our Readers would be shocked.

If We Rhinos are mysterious, it is because We are complex, multi-faceted, varied. It takes effort for Rhinos to understand ourselves, much less another species, right? It’s not all that Mysterious.

When the Big Hand points to…

Modern Experts report that the Rhino Family is 55 million years old, which means Very Old. But how does anyone know? No clocks back then, right? Nobody sitting around checking things off on a calendar… We Rhinos don’t object, but We do wonder. Ocassionally.

For Us, Time is elastic, somehow sweeping around Us, dictating things like Sunrise, but otherwise, Time is simply a Constant Companion. Like rocks and lizards.

As We have mentioned, Rhinos don’t count past 3, which has excluded Us from these “How Old?” discussions. Which is OK.

Temper, Temper

One might well ask, Are Rhinos Stubborn and Moody? In all candor, the answer would have to be a qualified, You bet. What critter on earth is entirely a Sweetie Pie?

Are Rhinos more or less excitable than our fellow Critters? No. We’re not. We have our good, and our not-quite-so-good days.

We feel better, having confessed to these Limitations. Please be patient with Us.