Musical Ramblings

Alexander Borodin (b. November 12 (!), 1833)  was a remarkable Russian composer. His single opera, Prince Igor, features a ballet called the Polovtsian Dances. It celebrates a nomadic people who lived near the Black Sea in the 11th century.

Rhinos always assumed these folk were pretty exciting, though We were no longer living in that neighborhood when they were in residence. Hearsay.

Music makes Us Rhinos wiggle.


Courtesy under siege

Rhinos celebrate the birthday of Ms. Judith Martin, better known as Miss Manners. She’s a modern writer, doing what she can to instill Civility, Kindness and Consideration in her readers. Needless to say, hers is a Daunting Task.

Issues of Social Grace have always mesmerized Us Rhinos. Miss Manners gives advice laced with wit and insight and does not suffer fools gladly.

Our kind of gal. If ‘Your Inner Rhino‘ gave awards, she’d get one, no question.

And here We are…

Rhinos are impressed with how often Adventures commence on Mondays. There are other days, but if it’s a new set of Experiences, Monday is the most likely start time.

We admit, We are seldom sure what day it is, but if its suspect, Rhinos call it a Monday, and nobody argues with Us about it. Which proves something, or other.

We do want to point out that Adventures are not necessarily Bad Things. They just involve a lack of Control, which is the norm anyway.

Art Appreciation

Finding Meaning in things is often tricky. In fact, most of the time, there seems to be no definitive meaning to much of anything. We read the labels, which tell Us something, but it usually is inadequate. There is obviously more to it than a sentence or two. And who wrote that little card anyway?

We muse about things. We Rhinos are very fond of Mystique. In fact, We would rather have a Mystery than an Answer We doubt.

We aren’t preparing for a Quiz, you know.

On Toast

Here in Nepal, it is getting oh-so-toasty, which it does annually, year in and out. Toasty-o-toasty. We get up, it’s warm. We mill about, it’s warmer; you get the picture.

Fortunately for Rhinos, Nature built Us for this sort of climate, so We can cope. But coping does not mean that We don’t occasionally wonder who to speak to about dialing things back a bit.

Yes. Toasty-o-Toasty. O Toasty.