Rhino pregnancies go for roughly 15 months, or in translation, a long time. When the Tot appears, it usually weighs 100 pounds or more. A lot to look forward to, and a long time to look.

When pregnant, the Mom-to-be experiences many shifts, one of which is a change in her dietary needs. What was great last week tastes dull or stinky this week. Some may laugh about food cravings, but those scoffers are seldom the ones who have been pregnant. Ask anybody.

Organizing Time

They say today is December 1st. Rhinos have no reason to doubt it, but also little incentive to recall it. Our schedules are not calendar sensitive.

Rhinos work on Bio-clocks, dictating our needs and constructive reponses to them. Bio-clocks take into account weather, rainfall, dietary choices, and a long list of natural functions, internal, external, and eternal.

The illustration shows our typical path through a ‘month’, ultimately crossing the ‘line’ into the next ‘month’. Whatever a month may be.

in the Mirrors

When Rhinos see a movie, or hear a story, or talk about a famous somebody, We each wonder if that could be Us? Could I be so tough and terrific, or diplomatic, or befuddled?

The answer is seldom definitive, but just wondering about our individual potential is stimulating. We try these personae on for size.

Like Rofnag, the Reprobate here shown.

Jr. Malarkey

RhinoTots are a great crew, dedicated to Exploration… which often involves Destruction. Also, much runnning around and stamping. Then Yelping and Hollering. And Discovering.

RhinoMoms try to tune out the mayhem. We just wait for the Mania to pass over, then contemplate the leftovers. By that point the RTots have exhausted themselves and are lying about, in Napland.

The Rhino POV is that RTots are a Force of Natural Purpose, inscrutable but probably constructive if stared at long enough.

aka Charles L. Dodgson

November 27, 1865 ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was first published in the USA. It had been distributed in Britain in June. It was and is an achievement in literature, wit, and insight- from Lewis Carroll.

Alice herself was a novelty, being both ‘proper’ and feisty. Hers is a society of social conventions, which she navigates without allowing herself to be abused or misguided. True to herself is Alice.

Carroll does not idealize children or their potential and awareness. He honors them as perceptive and fairminded. Some author!!


Gotta be ready to go tomorrow! First come, first served, which is why We’re migrating tonight. That way, We’ll be at the head of the line. (heh, heh)

For those of you who worry about this sort of thing, the sharpened fork is a must when dealing with cranberries. They are delicious but slippery, and need to be harpooned before they can scurry away. Sad but true.

Crank up the Volume

On a normal day, We Rhinos are quiet critters. We go about our business with neither fuss nor bother.

But it would be misleading to say that We are not capable of Hullabaloo. We are and can and like to, now and then.

The Wild has a reputation to maintain, and We Rhinos do our part.