Aw, Shucks…

Rhinos don’t always get fabulous reviews and cheering throngs wherever We go. It’s a surprising fact, but a fact nonetheless.

Does that slow Us down or deflate our balloon? It does not. We simply slather ourselves with trinkets and enjoy the confidence Rhinos get from being Alive.

The Applause is deafening, even if it’s just our own. It’s heartwarming.

Happy Birthday to You!!

Signor Giacomo Puccini (b.1858) is one of the world’s most famous human composers. His La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, and Tosca are among the top ten operas produced worldwide. They are in Italian.

Rhinos do not speak Italian, but We sure do speak Music. So We heartily recommend Sig. Puccini’s works. We like schmaltz, and he knows how to serve it up piping hot.

Just for the record, he did not compose “Happy Birthday to you”. (Mildred & Patty Hill, 1893)


George Bizet, born today in 1838, is best known for his 1875 opera version of Carmen, based on a novella by Prosper Merimee. Obviously, each was in touch with his Inner Rhino; it accounts for the fiery assault of the music and the story.

Rhinos all like this piece, whatever it is about. Clearly this Carmen is a gal who takes no prisoners, goes for the gusto, and plays a mean castanet. With qualifications like those, what more is needed?

The opera takes place in Seville, Spain, where polka dots are the rage. And it is plain why that would be. Right?!?

We got Rhythms

Each Rhino has a sizable Corps of Impulses, each dictating the pace and imperatives of the area they supervise. No two rhythms are just the same, doubtless because the goals of each system are different. What your ear needs to function right is not the same as your knee or toenail. Each system has its own clock and each clock has a monitor. Impressive organization, huh? And no job interviews.

Nature is really on top of things.