First among Equals

Calliope was the muse of Epic and Heroic Poetry. Theoretically, she is the oldest of the nine muses, but Rhinos have always wondered if that rumor was prompted by one of her many sisters.

The Ancient Greeks had many interesting ideas and theories about the Past, and honored those thoughts in sweeping poetry, usually publicly read to an appreciative audience.

Rhinos like to think of other cultures thinking well of themselves. Why not?

Calliope wrote notes to herself on a wax tablet, saving paper.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Eight years ago today We began posting ‘Your Inner Rhino’. At the time it seemed vaguely impossible, but here We are, chugging along.

Since that October, We have cranked out 2929 posts in 2892 days, giving Us a batting average of over 1000. If the blog has become a mania, it’s a cheery one.

We of the YIR Staff thank you, our Readers, for your support and enthusiasm. It makes every day one to anticipate with glee.

An image from our first day of Your Inner Rhino. The theme was Rhino Heart, the binding agent among the five Rhino Families, worldwide.

Star light, star bright

Urania was the Greek muse of Astronomy, the study of the stars. Certainly she had a lot them to scrutinize. At the time, the stars were used primarily for forecasting and for constellations, all named for Greek gods.

She was a popular goddess, not just for her wardrobe but for the mystery wrapped around her field of study. The best forecasting of events are the forecasts that nobody can understand, right?

Number One, of the next batch

Today We bring the Muse Erato to your attention. Her main task was producing exciting poetry, while she accompanied herself with a lyre. What it all sounded like is anybody’s guess. We like to assume that the performance justified the effort she and her followers exerted.

Stimulating poetry was not limited to smutty limericks, most of the time.

Rhinos speak Greek about as well as We speak English. Let that revelation sink in.

Limber Up

Tomorrow, or Today, depending on when you read this, please recall that September 17 is National Dance Day. Rhinos are a toe-tapping gang, so We are thrilled when this day rolls around. We practice all the time in preparation.

Which Nation is immaterial. Most national dances are inspiring, We find.

Rhinos know how to party, and when. We are not quite as good at stopping…

The Twilight Zone

Mr. Rod Serling created the Twilight Zone in 1959, and though it only ran 5 years, it parented many other sci-fi psycho dramas, some funny, others not. TV in a new avenue with unexpected cab drivers and destinations.

Segments introduced the Improbable to the Incomprehensible, seasoned by Possibility and eery expectation of the Unexpected. In fact, it is Very Rhino.

Rhinos found the territory of the Twilight Zone extremely familiar. We were surprised that it took critics by surprise.