Per ardua ad astra

In 1886 33 Geographers, Natural Scientists, World Travelers, Mathematicians, Archaeologists, and other worthy and recognized men decided to form an alliance. They would produce a journal to explain their findings, making them available to all learned folk. Science on parade.

They ratified their ambitious resolution on January 27, 1888, and the National Geographic Society was founded. An astounding vision these men shared, and their accomplishment stands today. Without it, how would people find out about Rhinos? We do what We can, but Rhinos admit more is always both possible and desireable.

So. Hooray for them, and the legacy they created together. Thank you.

In for a tune-up

During stray moments in our day, often near naptime, a Rhino will sense that the machinery is not clicking as it should. The gears could use a little something.

So that Rhino takes time to do a little mental dusting, lubing, and pampering.

Then things seem much better. Domestic Engineering at its finest.

Modern Chemistry

Officially, We Rhinos know nothing about Chemistry. There must be a great many Chemistries inside each of Us, but how they function and interact is their business, not ours. We must simply hope We are programmed correctly, and let it go at that.

Nature must be good at planning Us, or We Rhinos would not be here to acknowledge Nature’s brilliance.

Our chart is probably not useful to Chemists. We just used ‘Rs’ for all the Chemistries, since it didn’t look legit without them. It is an excellent chart since it has so many colors.

The Unexpected

Rhinos like surprises, though We are less fond of the Alarming sort of novelty than the delighful sort.

What is also a prime element of Surprises is who provided the surprise. We learn a lot about the mindset of the donor from what is in the box. These surprises reflect a lot about the relationship of the sender and the sendee.

Surprises are a relatively innocent form of Assault, all things considered.

here AND there

Rhinos are all for Choices, but often We can’t decide what needs our Commitment most.

We have so much random Oomph careening around our systems, that We Rhumba and ChaCha and Samba in one big Tangle of Activity.

Betwixt and Between, when We aren’t One then We’re t’other. Mambo!

One Epoch or another…

Rhinos know of the Passage of Time, but We are uncertain about how it occurs, and whether it adheres to any set game plan. Is Time consistent or does it lurch ahead of itself, or contrariwise, does it stop and appreciate itself for blocks of Time of indeterminate length? One Millenium or a herd of Millenia?

Who Knows? What Critter is in a position to analize the situation?

NO, Not Rhinos: Surprise! The Answer is: Nobody! And so, Take Your Time, say We.

High & Mighty

RhinoTales tell of treks across the sea. Heroes who have are hailed by one and all. They are also working for the betterment of their folk.

It’s interesting that some young Rhinos feel they deserve praise and gratitude for expressing interest. Potential perhaps, but no sense of perspective, no track record. For the hardworking folk in their field, they can be mighty tedious.

We often recommend the Entitled Youngsters go to the shore and command the waves, just to see what happens.

Skill Sets

Winter Weather is fine for the critters for whom it was designed. Wooly Rhinos tried snowy wastelands some eons ago, gathering few rollicking memories. Since then, We are more Equator-oriented.

Clearly the point of knitting is to cover up, shielding from the elements. But in the Wild, there are no how-to pamphlets.

Rhinos have the Style down pat, it’s the Production end of things where We stall out.

Exotic Festivities

Today being National Popcorn Day, We feel it needs to be emphasized that these food-oriented holidays are not Rhino ventures, but are established by the Readers’ kin, somehow.

Rhinos like popcorn mostly. We don’t get a lot of it, so We don’t have a policy toward it. ‘Live and let live’ captures our attitude, which is really a ‘who cares?’ stance.

We can say that watching popcorn popping is good fun, of which Rhinos never have too much.