the Muted Ho-Ho

The Chortle is really a subset of Expressions of Mirth. The technique has defining qualities, though there is plenty of room for individual interpretation.

The Chortle should be, but is not limited to: Sniggering, but in a congenial tone, and/or a Giggle-y rhythm, slightly choked off, and/or volume control, not to be confused with a Guffaw. It sounds easy, but it does take practice.

Ultimately, the Chortle is motivated by spontaneous Merriment, but vaguely discreet. Keep at it; you’ll master it with time.


September is here: a thrill for some, a warning for others. Rhinos are mostly maintaining a wait-and-see attitude (which is nothing new.)

‘Your Inner Rhino’ is fortunate in having a vast store of Philosophic Observations to share with our Readers. We are never quite certain that these pithy epigrams retain their zest in translation, but that is what translation is all about anyway.

Ask Anybody.

To a Different Drummer

Rhinos are always grateful to see the morning. It perks Us up for another day of Merriment and Developments. In a spirit of appreciation, We like to offer up a little Music, most of it extemporaneous, a “Good Morning, Morning” sort of one-critter chorale.

The music itself is not partcularly noteworthy, but the Sentiment of it is so sincere that Nature is obviously affected by our efforts. A salute from Nature’s happy servants.

Sometimes We play a duet with ourselves, doubling the pleasure. What moment can’t do with a little gilding?

In Translation

It is easy to Misunderstand what is being said, when something is being said. The Rhino mind does its utmost to comprehend, and yet, often the communication is muddled if not downright objectionable.

When ‘The Ancillary Preoccupation’, that well-known Rhino favorite, is presented in Interpretive Dance, there are always widely variant reviews, mostly because no two Rhinos see the original story the same way.

Communication by Scent is ultimately the perfect means of saying what needs saying. Thus making it clear how little needs saying, usually.


If Rhinos didn’t have such a wide range of built-in Detectors for Rhino Excellence, it would take a lot of Equipment to do the job. Most of the time, a whiff is all that We need to sort things out, which is good, given that We don’t have Things in the Wild. No curb-side delivery here.

Inner Rhinoness broadcasts itself without any effort from the sender or the receiver; it just happens automatically. Makes it easy to get along, share a giggle, ponder gravity, then move along.

We all have Inner Rhino in common, though sometimes We forget to hook it up.


It is true that Rhinos are often thought of as the Mammal of Mystery. And part of that mystery has been deveoped by Rhinos ourselves. To any attentive person, We are entirely understandable, pretty much.

To the casual observer, Rhinos are eaten whole like an animal cracker. If Rhinos dismissed human history and accomplishment, not to mention temperament and their niche in Nature, many of our Readers would be shocked.

If We Rhinos are mysterious, it is because We are complex, multi-faceted, varied. It takes effort for Rhinos to understand ourselves, much less another species, right? It’s not all that Mysterious.