Penny for your thoughts…

Advice is easy to come by, and most of the time We Rhinos curl our lips and make rude faces when offered much of it. Also rude noises. We say “pooh pooh to you and your Advice!”

On the other hand, Rhinos sometimes find ourselves in Surprising Situations. A fine plan goes awry, making Us reassess our shemes. We gulp. Repeatedly.

At these times, the idea of Advice from someone with Experience and Insight would be, and is, welcome for sure. Then We say, “Please.”

2 thoughts on “Penny for your thoughts…

  1. I love this picture. Action! Beauty! Courage! Now, if I can find someone who needs my advice. Or if I come up with any advice. Seems unlikely.


    • This image is #2, having spent a long time on its predecessor. Same idea, different handling. I go through a moral crisis, when a picture doesn’t quite make the grade… then trudge back to the drawing board, at least usually.


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