Out of sorts?

Rhinos generally appear even-tempered, as Readers must realize. Nature has a system to guarantee an upbeat demeanor. It is called Aromatherapeutics.

Whichever way We turn, Rhinos (even disgruntled Rhinos) are greeted by stimuli and energies, bouquets of scent delivered by the breeze. How could We stay ornery when there are riches galore, tickling our fancies and priming our pumps?

Being grumpy is not a viable Rhinoption.


We Rhinos space out our Slumberations through the day, particularly when it gets hot. But what Your Inner Rhino¬†wanted to point out, is that We live in two different worlds every day. When it’s bedtime, We check out of the regular day, and check into Dreamland. In the former, We feel We are in control. In the latter, We witness ourselves on a different level where We occur.

And then it’s time to Wake Up, and pick up where We left off.