Just a moment

It may be that not every moment of one’s life seems worth remembering, but each and every moment is what makes up our History. Drop one moment, and the whole business comes crashing down. That’s how Time does things, and it’s no good arguing about it.

Each Rhino’s life is a series of moments. Some are swell, others a bore, but each is essential.

Until We run out of moments.

Out of sorts?

Rhinos generally appear even-tempered, as Readers must realize. Nature has a system to guarantee an upbeat demeanor. It is called Aromatherapeutics.

Whichever way We turn, Rhinos (even disgruntled Rhinos) are greeted by stimuli and energies, bouquets of scent delivered by the breeze. How could We stay ornery when there are riches galore, tickling our fancies and priming our pumps?

Being grumpy is not a viable Rhinoption.