As Your Inner Rhino has mentioned before, Rhinos’ primary perception system is Scent. For many critters, sight takes the lead, but not for Us. We get our most Dynamic Information by Nose.

Unfortunately for YIR, this fact does not translate via electronic means. So We provide a sort of image of how it seems to Us.

We are the first to acknowledge the shortcomings of the attempt, but We feel We should get credit for the Effort. Yes, We do.


Rhinos never forget, but We are not good at keeping track of what it is We thought, or did, or wished, at any given point in time. Or at all.

We have the data sealed away in our Memory Banks, but are unclear about how to access it.

There is no way for Us to judge if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Actually, why bother?

The Big Picture

Rhinos, and almost all other sensible Critters acknowledge that the Earth, its workings, and the splendors of Space are beyond our Comprehension. These Glories exist with or without our approval or permission or encouragement.

The Universe is a perfect system, rolling along on its own steam, on its own terms, with purposes We cannot guess at. We can only marvel at the bits We are aware of.

Rhinos would be insane to suppose We are more than incidental to that Grander Scheme. Right?

The Impossible Mr. Pine Eye

Pinocchio‘ was created by Carlo Collodi in 1883, in a series of tales, each featuring the mischievous puppet. Pinocchio’s goal is to become a Real Boy, but he is dedicated to his own amusement, so it takes a while to achieve his dream.

Whenever Pinocchio tells a lie, which is often, his nose grows. RhinoTots are fascinated by this concept. Wild stories then abound, in the hopes that there will be nasal developments.

That Mr. Collodi has much to answer for with RhinoMoms, you may believe.

(For related illumination, see Jan. 11, 2015, via the Archive button.)