April Connections?

In the better-late-than-never department, Mr. Sergei Prokofiev was born yesterday, April 23, 1891. A famous Soviet composer, he is probably best known for his “Peter and the Wolf”. He also composed the music for the ballet of “Romeo and Juliet”, and a fine job he did of that. Very punchy.

It is based on William Shakespeare’s play of the same name, all about young love in old Verona.

In a twisted version of things, Mr. Shakespeare was born in 1564, but died on April 23, 1616. There might be a mystical connection there, but We Rhinos are jiggered if We can figure it out.


Any Rhino can select a healthy snack from Nature’s bounty. We appraise veggies first on availability, then on freshness, flavor profile, ripeness, and individual leanings. Then We get busy.

Less common is the Rhino with the ability to identify a plant’s history, its mood and intentions, its hopes and dreams. Every living thing has an imagined destiny, but only a select few Rhinos can tune in for the broadcast. Only a few are receptive where it counts, plantwise.

Yes, Rhinos do specialize.


Rhinos have extraordinary Vision. True. But We do not have one version, We have several sorts. They are:

A) Normal Day Vision, when We tune it in, which We don’t do all the time. Color. B) Colorless Vision, useful most of the time. That way, We don’t fatigue our eyes.  C) Night Vision, because We are out and about at all hours, hunting and gathering. D) Scent-o-Vision, which is how things Resonate. It is so similar to Rhino Dream Vision, that We skipped further differentiation.

Are Rhinos lucky, or What?!?

Bravado, and then some

Your Inner Rhino wants to hail the athletes at the Winter Games. If their efforts defy Logic, they certainly define Audacity. And a little of that is a good thing, We’d say. Every now and then.

We would also like to acknowledge all the contestants We did not see, not only in PyeongChang but also around the world. The Olympic Accomplishment  is determined by the mass of athletes, not by the winners. All the athletes are competing with their own possibility, ultimately.

At least, that’s how We Rhinos see it. The Victory is in the effort to Excel.


Dreams are always somewhat weird, let’s face it. Usually it’s a series of unrelated experiences in the Land of Nod. This dream, then that.

But every once in a while, We have the same dream over and over in a night. We wake, We sleep, but when We dream, it’s the same old dream, part 47. So what’s with that?!?

Darned if We know.