All Day Today

Today is Thursday, named for the ancient Norse god, Thor. Thor attended to a number of areas, with Thunder and Lightening topping the list, oh, and Giant-Bashing. He was short-tempered.

Apparently everything Thor touched had a large name. Thor drove a chariot drawn by 2 goats named Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. He wore magic bracelets, called Jarngreipr, needed to wield his hammer, Mojnir. (This hammer worked like a Norse boomerang.)  He also wore a special belt called Megingjore. Thor had Red Hair, but if it had a particular name, We don’t know what it was, though it was probably hard to spell.

The ‘Your Inner Rhino’ research team is pooped. So much spelling, even without the diacritical markings!

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