The question today is: Why does anybody expect a Thought to be worth holding onto? Rhinos are constantly being Reminded to Recall something, usually in the face of having obviously not recalled it recently.

Rhino minds are not composed to please anybody else. It’s all We can do to figure out what would please Us, and then get on with it.

There’s only so much Room for Thought, and that room is usually a mess. Ask anybody.

Special Guidance


Rhinos are lucky in our Ancestry, 50 million years of it. That is because Rhino Ancestors do not relate to an Earthly Time Continuum. Out Ancestors can appreciate the Future as well as the Past.

That does not mean the Ancestors bother with details. The Ancestors are here to help Us to be true to our RhinoHeart. Guidance and Influence.

The Intensity of our Rhino Mission does not change with something as minor as Time.

Now you see it, now you don’t

Olde Time Rhinos used to stroll over to Doggerland whenever We liked, for lots of thousands of years. Why not? Back then much of the water became ice, consequently lowering the sea level. Off and on for 100 thousand years.

And then things changed, the ice began to melt, and everyone had to decide where to go, one way or another. Pretty impressive alterations in the real estate.

Rhinos are used to these Natural Developments. They keep Us on our toes.

Happy Birthday

Today, back in 1889, Washington (the State) was admitted to the United States. Coming up with a name seems to have been tricky (see November 10), but they settled on Washington, in honor of George Washington. Thus, Washington is the only state named for a president.

Washington’s highest peak is Mt. Rainier. Not only is it impressive, but it is dangerous, being an active volcano. Keep your running shoes handy.

This is old Rhino stomping grounds, and if you go up to Blue Lake, near Coulee City, you can risk life and limb by visiting a cave which formed around the body of a Rhino 15 million years ago. It is not conveniently located. Rhinos left the Americas about 10 million years ago, after a long and highly successful residence.

FYI: On YouTube, you can listen to a song written in honor of the cave. Look up ‘Blue Lake Rhino‘, performed by the Ratfish Wranglers. It’s bound to perk up your Monday.