Agility Course

Wherever We Rhinos find ourselves, We learn how to juggle our activities to suit the shifting Seasons.

As with many Rhino Adjustments, We often can only imagine those demands; We don’t own any “ice cream’. Trust Us, imaginary is even better than the real thing, and there’s more flavors.

Still, it requires Athleticism to participate. Oh yeah. Rhinos have to stay supple in many ways.

One of a Kinds

Generally speaking, of course We are Rhinos, just as many of our Readers are Humans. But each and every one of Us Rhinos is as specific to our history, family, fortunes, and inclinations as any of our Readers. Each of Us is a particular piece of work, changing by the hour.

There may be similarities among Rhinos, but there are no Duplicates.

Each of Us may not be the Ultimate Masterpiece, but that doesn’t detract from our Exceptional Individuality. Nor Yours either.



Almost everybody likes the idea of knowing the Future, usually working on the assumption We’ll like the news and our part in it.

‘Psephomancy’ is the practice of reading Pebbles, and over the past 50 million years there have been many advocates for its merits. Rhinos are wary of irritating Nature by doing too much Exploration. We figure, whatever is on its way, We’re built for it. Probably.

The Problem is: Rhinos are not immune to Temptation, whatever you may have heard.

Pressing Along

We Rhinos do not pretend to know what We’re doing or why. Our egos don’t need that hollow Reassurance. We are entirely Natural, the way Nature made Us and intended Us to be.

Nature’s Intentions are the only ones that count. Others are just Tomfoolery and Hogwash. Do Rhinos fuel the engines of Nature? No, We are the recipients, not the Primal Energy.

Is every day a Thrill? Perhaps, if not for Rhinos, for other critters.

Fruity Inspirations

As you probably know, the Pineapple is native to South America. Rhinos are not native to S.A., but that does not squelch our enthusiasm for them. Pineapples have a haunting scent, and have been the inspiration for many instances of spontaneous choreography.

Appreciation takes many forms, the Rhino Pineapple Dance being only one of them.

A reminder: the Hummingbird is how Pineapples are pollinated in their Natural Setting.

Within our limitations


They say Leonardo da Vinci had apprentices fill color areas which he would number for them. It was this approach which inspired Mr. J. Daniel Robbins to create “paint-by-numbers” kits in the late 1940s. He worked for the Palmer Paint Company, with Mr. Max Klein.

The kits contained a ‘canvas’ and small pots of paint, coordinated to numbered areas on the canvas. This created a craze for the kits, which covered a range of subjects. Later, Mr. Robbins adapted the idea to coloring books for children.

Rhinos liked the results. However, “as easy as 1-2-3”, the sales pitch, put Rhinos off. The kits mostly went on to other numbers, so We were completely discombobulated.

With Tune or Without

Rhinos have no access to Medical Specialists, beyond our own Systems and Practices. One such system is Humming Therapy, whereby the head is cleared and the spirits lifted. We are not limited to humming only in the nasal region, but also the chest and ears. A few deep breaths, a concentrated clearing of the throat, or sometimes a sneeze, and We resonate.

Works like a charm. Ask anybody.