Little Room for Nonsense

Today is Wednesday, named for the king of the Norse gods, Wotan. A difficult diety to like, but a figurehead for a people who had few romantic illusions.

In an effort to gain Wisdom, Wotan had sacrificed his eye. Thus he lost vision but gained Greater Insight, a grim but poetic trade-off. With him are shown Huginn and Munn, ravens that daily informed Wotan of all they had seen. Also there sit Geri and Freki, Wotan’s companions. Power under control, measured and remorseless.

Thus YIR ends this day-at-a-glance series, begun on August 25.

4 thoughts on “Little Room for Nonsense

    • An Understandable Attitude, I must admit. But then, your uncles are the sort who give helpful hints all along the way, requested or not. Lucky Girl.


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