Coping is a skill that’s easy to underestimate. Coping takes its toll, even for Rhinos. Or perhaps, especially for Rhinos, since We are a pretty sensitive species, all things considered, right?
     Things come up, and We get Jangled. With luck, the Jangle only lasts a jiffy, but sometimes days. In grim cases, the Jangle can become a habit.
     We don’t recommend it, but mostly We don’t get a Grip just by announcing its advisability.

On the Road Again…

Today We remind you about Nasir-i Khusrau, a famous Persian Muslim philosopher and writer. In 1046, age 42, he responded to a dream urging him to go to Mecca; shortly he set out on a trek of 15 thousand miles, taking 7 years. He was seeking wisdom, experience, and spiritual enlightenment, ultimately visiting Mecca four times before returning home.
Nasir-i Khusrau was a diligent diarist; his detailed account of his travels is the basis for a modern understanding of the medieval Middle East. His ‘Book of Travels’ (The Safar-nama) remains a Muslim source of pride. It is available in translation and in the original Persian.
Rhinos are all for a Spirit of Inquiry, immersion in intellectual evaluation, enhanced by wise folk all along the path, though few have had a path quite as amazing as Nasir-i Khusrau!

Little Room for Nonsense

Today is Wednesday, named for the king of the Norse gods, Wotan. A difficult diety to like, but a figurehead for a people who had few romantic illusions.

In an effort to gain Wisdom, Wotan had sacrificed his eye. Thus he lost vision but gained Greater Insight, a grim but poetic trade-off. With him are shown Huginn and Munn, ravens that daily informed Wotan of all they had seen. Also there sit Geri and Freki, Wotan’s companions. Power under control, measured and remorseless.

Thus YIR ends this day-at-a-glance series, begun on August 25.


Freya was the Norse Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Fertility. She attended to Gold, Prosperity, and explored Mysteries. She also attended to those slain in battle. Freya was a popular Goddess; Friday is named to honor her.

Missing from the image is some of her Goddess Equipment, namely, Hildisvini, a large boar, Brisingamen, an enchanted necklace, and her feather cloak, which she used to fly around. (Her chariot and two blue Tomcats were a gift from Thor.)

Freya was a goddess who knew how to have a Good Time. And then had it. Repeatedly.

Parting Ways


It probably seems as though Rhinos act a certain way, behave within distinct parameters. And for the most part, that’s true.

For the other part, We do get out of hand, surprising ourselves as well as anybody else who’s paying attention. Some idea pops up, and off We Rhinos go.

Afterwards, We ponder just what We thought We were doing. It may be true that every question has an answer, but it does not follow that We know what it is.


Saturday is named after the Roman god, Saturn. It is the only day of the week not named for a Norse diety.

Saturn himself had a twisty history, starting out as Cronus, a Titan for the ancient Greeks. Having castrated his father, Cronus ate his own children, though Zeus escaped. Finally Chronus went off to be king, and ruled over a Golden Age. He is best known today as Father Time. Very busy.

Then the Romans adopted Cronus, giving him a new name. Saturn is also a gloomy guy, understandably. How much confusion can one character take?

Taking Wing

Some critters bemoan their natural Shortcomings. If only they coud swim the Bay of Bengal, if only they could climb Mount Asterisk, if, if, if. The obvious problem is that Nature did not design them for those activities.

That is one Reason why Birds find Rhinos so refreshing. We cannot fly. We rejoice in Flight-by-Proxy, watching others do their thing. Delightful. We marvel at their colors, their song, their general affability.

We are happy for them, and they return the favor.