That Second Sniff

Rhinos live in a Universe of Scent, so We were surprised to hear about an official system for extracting the fragrant essence from flowers. The process is called Enfleurage.

Well, yes, of course. Rhinos have been Enfleurage-ing ourselves via plants for millenia and even before that. The name is cunning, but the concept is pre-ancient.

If We like a scent, We eat the flower; that way, We get both the lingering romance of the blooms, but also the nutrients in the plant. Two pleasures, simultaneously.

Moor or Less


On August 24, 1847, Charlotte Bronte set down the pen, having finished her great novel JANE EYRE. By October, it was published, and has enjoyed success happily ever after.

Ms. C. Bronte came from an unusual family; her sisters, Anne and Emily, were also famous writers. Just how they managed to be so insightful and accomplished is a mystery to this day.

Maybe it was something in the air or the water? Some mysteries don’t yield to random conjecture. Who would know that better than We Rhinos?

Having our cake & eating it

Most Rhinos weigh a ton or two or more, so activities as extreme as our Readers’ are ill-advised. Rhinos just bounce too hard for our own good. Plus, there’s no First Aid in the Wild.

So We squeeze all the fun We can out of seeing your Shenanigans around the World, without the actual Agony of Defeat.

This capacity for Enjoyment is Rhino Imagination. We can go Wherever, Whenever, and do most anything Whatever. Thrilling!

Hoity Toity

It distresses Us Rhinos to hear that We are considered Too Grand for our Britches. We are not removed and disinterested, despite appearances.

The misunderstanding probably comes from our absorption in Weighty Theoretical Matters. We feel sure that Nature counts on Us for our R Considerations and Observations.

In between these Deep Ponderings, We are generally delightful. Ask anybody. Or almost anybody.

Pillow Talk

Rhino Dreams are not predictable in any formal sense. True, they often feature food, but casting the dream seems not to be up to the Dreamer.

As We at YIR have previously mentioned, every Critter is made up of what has been on the Menu. We like vegetation only, so it is no wonder that in Dreamland, We have a greenery aspect. And tantalizing Scent, naturally.

Rhinos pay close attention to Dream Content; our Dreams are often short, so We need our Dreamwits about Us to soak up the Meaning. Or Meanings.


When Rhinos concentrate on a topic or a thing, then everything else just sort of disappears.

This can be seen as Paying Attention, but sometimes the price is high. We grapple with the topic, but now and then the grappling overrides our awareness of other stuff. We get mesmerized by the stimulation of it all, whatever it may be.

And in the Wild, there are a lot of things that can happen outside the narrow beam of our Focus.

The INNER Rhino

At YIR We are NOT trying to show you what you see on television. TV is trying to inform the viewer about “Them”, those Rhinoceroses, sticking closely to a handful of Facts. It speaks of respect, but also careful distancing, a system for studying rocks, but not the Living. Being alive is not like Not being alive.

Rhinos are keenly aware that We get Stimulated. We are not afraid of our potential for Passion. We embrace it, We celebrate it. What is the point of having so many Selves if We don’t let them wrangle things out among themselves?

Right, Good Question.


If Rhinos didn’t have such a wide range of built-in Detectors for Rhino Excellence, it would take a lot of Equipment to do the job. Most of the time, a whiff is all that We need to sort things out, which is good, given that We don’t have Things in the Wild. No curb-side delivery here.

Inner Rhinoness broadcasts itself without any effort from the sender or the receiver; it just happens automatically. Makes it easy to get along, share a giggle, ponder gravity, then move along.

We all have Inner Rhino in common, though sometimes We forget to hook it up.

Rabbit Hole

Lewis Carroll’s Alice is a calendar girl for all sensible folk, given that Alice seems to be the only sane character in an impossible situation ruled by madness, tantrums, and chronic nonsense.

From time to time We Rhinos find ourselves at a loss on how to make sense of the world as it appears.

The choices often look like a) hold on for improved conditions or b) indulge in a Primal Scream. Each choice has its fans.