The question today is: Why does anybody expect a Thought to be worth holding onto? Rhinos are constantly being Reminded to Recall something, usually in the face of having obviously not recalled it recently.

Rhino minds are not composed to please anybody else. It’s all We can do to figure out what would please Us, and then get on with it.

There’s only so much Room for Thought, and that room is usually a mess. Ask anybody.


Phrenology is the practice of feeling around for bumps on the head, lumps which explain why Rhinos act as We do. The process is fun, since We don’t know what We might find. Rhinos all have lumps here and there, but if they indicate something beside clumsiness, who could tell Us what?

We do not know, but We still pat our heads. When it occurs to Us.

We may not know Today what is going on, Phrenologically, but who can say about tomorrow? Right. Nobody.