Happy Birthday

Today, back in 1889, Washington (the State) was admitted to the United States. Coming up with a name seems to have been tricky (see November 10), but they settled on Washington, in honor of George Washington. Thus, Washington is the only state named for a president.

Washington’s highest peak is Mt. Rainier. Not only is it impressive, but it is dangerous, being an active volcano. Keep your running shoes handy.

This is old Rhino stomping grounds, and if you go up to Blue Lake, near Coulee City, you can risk life and limb by visiting a cave which formed around the body of a Rhino 15 million years ago. It is not conveniently located. Rhinos left the Americas about 10 million years ago, after a long and highly successful residence.

FYI: On YouTube, you can listen to a song written in honor of the cave. Look up ‘Blue Lake Rhino‘, performed by the Ratfish Wranglers. It’s bound to perk up your Monday.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

    • Ah, how it cheers my heart to see that you followed up on the BLR suggestion! While researching the blog, I run into so much tangential information. But I often do nothing with it, having to select some aspect of the topic for discussion…. and illustration. Some topics seem opaque to me, so I have to do some serious delving, seeking an angle. Keeps me off the streets, which is a favor to the public.


    • Also, there are something like 15 ‘Blue Lakes’ in Washington, so it took me a while to locate the cave, which is in a cliff face over a narrow track. Made me shudder to look at it.


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