Like a Rock

The Most like a Rock is a Rock, obviously. Rhinos find Rocks informative and stimulating. We try to model ourselves on Rocks, but Rhinos vacillate too much; We try one Idea and then another. We wonder about stuff. We are too impatient.

Rocks are entirely into consistency. No opinions or considerations or modifications, just Rockness. 100% Rock.

Rocks are no good for conversation, but Rhinos find them admirable. No apologies, no shilly-shallying. Perhaps Rocks have the right idea? Certainly, Rhinos find ourselves most content when We stop Doing and just Are Rhinos.

3 thoughts on “Like a Rock

    • At ‘Your Inner Rhino’ We don’t advise; We remind each other of what We probably already knew/know. Makes it easier for the editor, not having to think stuff up, at least most of the time.


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