The INNER Rhino

At YIR We are NOT trying to show you what you see on television. TV is trying to inform the viewer about “Them”, those Rhinoceroses, sticking closely to a handful of Facts. It speaks of respect, but also careful distancing, a system for studying rocks, but not the Living. Being alive is not like Not being alive.

Rhinos are keenly aware that We get Stimulated. We are not afraid of our potential for Passion. We embrace it, We celebrate it. What is the point of having so many Selves if We don’t let them wrangle things out among themselves?

Right, Good Question.

Rabbit Hole

Lewis Carroll’s Alice is a calendar girl for all sensible folk, given that Alice seems to be the only sane character in an impossible situation ruled by madness, tantrums, and chronic nonsense.

From time to time We Rhinos find ourselves at a loss on how to make sense of the world as it appears.

The choices often look like a) hold on for improved conditions or b) indulge in a Primal Scream. Each choice has its fans.


It is true that Rhinos are often thought of as the Mammal of Mystery. And part of that mystery has been deveoped by Rhinos ourselves. To any attentive person, We are entirely understandable, pretty much.

To the casual observer, Rhinos are eaten whole like an animal cracker. If Rhinos dismissed human history and accomplishment, not to mention temperament and their niche in Nature, many of our Readers would be shocked.

If We Rhinos are mysterious, it is because We are complex, multi-faceted, varied. It takes effort for Rhinos to understand ourselves, much less another species, right? It’s not all that Mysterious.

Detection Systems

Rhinos are surprisingly sensative in almost countless ways. We accept input from any quarter, and add up the contributing elements into Insights. Or at the very least, Impressions.

Still, We must acknowledge Smell as our most heightened source of data. We amaze ourselves, frankly. We can do a count on a dish of figs at fifteen miles, if the wind is supporting the experiment. These are not parlor tricks We are discussing; these capabilities are the ones We count on for Survival in the Wild.

We do our best to remain philosophical- and grateful.

One of a Kinds

Generally speaking, of course We are Rhinos, just as many of our Readers are Humans. But each and every one of Us Rhinos is as specific to our history, family, fortunes, and inclinations as any of our Readers. Each of Us is a particular piece of work, changing by the hour.

There may be similarities among Rhinos, but there are no Duplicates.

Each of Us may not be the Ultimate Masterpiece, but that doesn’t detract from our Exceptional Individuality. Nor Yours either.


Most of Us critters in the Wild have no use for Grudges. The Wild does not function that way. One critter hunts another, another evades detection, etc. But getting snippy about it is inappropriate. We are each doing what Nature wired Us to do.

Nature provides varied benefits to each critter, and Rhinos must work with what We have, namely bulk. It is a timeless system, and sentiment plays virtually no part in it. Just as every critter wins, We all lose as well… in Time.

We have more challenges dealing with other Rhinos, to be honest…

Which comes first?

Today YIR addresses the age-old question, is there a proper Time and Place for Everything? We Rhinos cannot say, that much is for certain. But We do wonder occasionally, if it’s so.

And if it is, which part is more important? the Timing or the Location? Or possibly the Propriety?

It would help matters if these age-old questions included more specifics one way and another. But We Rhinos do not complain; We just ponder.