Cosmic Eccentricities

Every so often the Moon goes off duty. It just disappears. It used to alarm Us Rhinos, but after a few Eons, We got used to it. So now We stay calmer.

It used to be that We would try to influence the Moon, but it, as are We, is a Child of Nature.

We Children of Nature are best advised to rely on our instincts and, if possible, wait to see what happens tomorrow. Recall this note if you go looking for the Moon tonight.


When Rhinos concentrate on a topic or a thing, then everything else just sort of disappears.

This can be seen as Paying Attention, but sometimes the price is high. We grapple with the topic, but now and then the grappling overrides our awareness of other stuff. We get mesmerized by the stimulation of it all, whatever it may be.

And in the Wild, there are a lot of things that can happen outside the narrow beam of our Focus.

Penny for your thoughts…

Advice is easy to come by, and most of the time We Rhinos curl our lips and make rude faces when offered much of it. Also rude noises. We say “pooh pooh to you and your Advice!”

On the other hand, Rhinos sometimes find ourselves in Surprising Situations. A fine plan goes awry, making Us reassess our shemes. We gulp. Repeatedly.

At these times, the idea of Advice from someone with Experience and Insight would be, and is, welcome for sure. Then We say, “Please.”

Literary Accordionism

Alice, of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fame, had an unusual collection of experiences, a surprising number of which involved shifting sizes, mega-tall to quite short. What triggered these changes is attributed to cookies, drinks, mushrooms, and who knows what all. One minute Alice is one size, turn the page and she’s another.

What makes Alice’ Inner Rhino so obvious is that she notices her transformation, but does not panic. She looks around for solutions, and when none presents itself, she presses onward. We ask you, what more Rhinoid Determination could she demonstrate? Cool in the face of Confusion. Mostly Mannerly, despite Provocation.

Sounds just like Adolescence to Us.

Rabbit Hole

Lewis Carroll’s Alice is a calendar girl for all sensible folk, given that Alice seems to be the only sane character in an impossible situation ruled by madness, tantrums, and chronic nonsense.

From time to time We Rhinos find ourselves at a loss on how to make sense of the world as it appears.

The choices often look like a) hold on for improved conditions or b) indulge in a Primal Scream. Each choice has its fans.

When the Big Hand points to…

Modern Experts report that the Rhino Family is 55 million years old, which means Very Old. But how does anyone know? No clocks back then, right? Nobody sitting around checking things off on a calendar… We Rhinos don’t object, but We do wonder. Ocassionally.

For Us, Time is elastic, somehow sweeping around Us, dictating things like Sunrise, but otherwise, Time is simply a Constant Companion. Like rocks and lizards.

As We have mentioned, Rhinos don’t count past 3, which has excluded Us from these “How Old?” discussions. Which is OK.