Of Two Minds, at a minimum

Upbringing has many results, but one of them is all the Rules, Shoulds, and Musts with which We are peppered from the get-go. Many of these Restraints are to keep Us from going Haywire.

Clearly, Rhinos are capable of Big Passions, or the Rules would be unneeded. And Passions are aroused with fearsome speed; Blink and We are in a Titanic Temper.

Thus We Rhinos must deal with Internal Confrontations; the urges to respond Naturally as Vigorous Critters, or to recall our Control Systems. We get all snarled up inside. Frankly, it doesn’t seem quite fair.


No matter how smoothly Rhinos may want a given day to go, there are always minor Misgivings, Irritations and Distractions tugging at Us. Some are more demanding than others, but all in all, they want attention.

We try to ignore these Molestations, but No; they won’t be shushed. They compete with one another for Priority.

The RhinoApproach to Aggravation is Stoic Endurance. 1) We have little choice, and 2) it builds Character, or so We’re told.

Here and/or There

Rhinos are used to hearing of folks going Insane, meaning they are not behaving as they used to. But what is clearly going on is a rearrangement of ideas and priorities, a recalibration of Internal Processes.

So it is completely possible that We are going Sane. That question is all about Definitions and Expectations. For all any of Us Rhinos know, the Rhino in question, clearly agitated, is just getting rid of extraneous Mental Luggage.

Afterward, everyone may feel Better, for all We can predict.

O’er the Shoulder

Rhinos are not known for our Capacity to recall things. Our minds are assaulted by a cavalcade of ideas and incidents, so it is all We can manage to recall our own names… if We had names.

We are obviously discussing smallish stuff, data that is best forgotten anyway. Complex analysis of Yesterday simply doesn’t pay off. When We have already forgotten half of it, what good is the rest?

Rhino Awareness is about Now. And there is almost invariably more than enough Now for Us all to confront.

Due Processing

Rhinos are embarrassingly Sensitive and Receptive; name a Sensory System, and We are adept. Hearing and Smell usually take the focus, but they do not bear the entire burden.

Where things get tricky is with the Editing Process. What to do with so much stimulation? Rhinos cannot really explain how We snort away the unwanted, or ignore the extraneous, etc. We make Adjustments, as you can imagine.

On busy days, We can get tuckered out.

Batting Clean-up

A brief update on the 50 States- count’em:50!- Project. As We march into the new decade, ‘Your Inner Rhino‘ has 10 states to go. January is very busy, and then 3 more in February. And that, dear Readers, will be that.

Vigilant Readers have pointed out an editorial mistake on Iowa’s state post, which has been addressed. It takes a big critter to admit to error, but We Rhinos qualify, no argument. No offense intended, Nebraska.

While We’re here, We at ‘Your Inner Rhino‘ invite suggestions for future posts. No party politics, no violence, nothing unkind. We speak to our own faults, not other folks’.