No matter how smoothly Rhinos may want a given day to go, there are always minor Misgivings, Irritations and Distractions tugging at Us. Some are more demanding than others, but all in all, they want attention.

We try to ignore these Molestations, but No; they won’t be shushed. They compete with one another for Priority.

The RhinoApproach to Aggravation is Stoic Endurance. 1) We have little choice, and 2) it builds Character, or so We’re told.

2 thoughts on “Exasperations

  1. Hi Bill!

    Thank you for this timely lesson. As it turns out, Exasperating Molestations have been running wild in our computer room. Email was the area affected, but I have good news: The Tech Guy at UCI was finally able to examine and solve the problem over the phone.


    I apologize for my absence, and hope that all’s well in your part of the world!

    love, Cliff

    P.S. The looting hasn’t been anywhere near our house. We’re fine. But pretty upset about the Killing of Mr. Floyd.




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