Batting Clean-up

A brief update on the 50 States- count’em:50!- Project. As We march into the new decade, ‘Your Inner Rhino‘ has 10 states to go. January is very busy, and then 3 more in February. And that, dear Readers, will be that.

Vigilant Readers have pointed out an editorial mistake on Iowa’s state post, which has been addressed. It takes a big critter to admit to error, but We Rhinos qualify, no argument. No offense intended, Nebraska.

While We’re here, We at ‘Your Inner Rhino‘ invite suggestions for future posts. No party politics, no violence, nothing unkind. We speak to our own faults, not other folks’.


2 thoughts on “Batting Clean-up

  1. My memory may not be as good as that of some other folks, but have we seen all of the famous characters of American literature through the eyes of “Your Inner Rhino” yet?


    • Sort of a sweeping request… but YIR is ready to give it a shot. Please feel free to ask for specific characters or books. If not, ya takes yer chances, Missy.


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