Almost every Rhino Decision, be it simple or complex, requires some internal tweaking, some negotiation on intentions and limitations. These alterations are accomplished by a rough-and-tumble committee: Aggression, Regression, and Digression, the temperamental offspring of Progression.

Most conclusions involve contributions from each camp, softening or hyping or toning along the way. It’s not a pretty business, but somebody’s got to do it. Some decisions take an instant, others take years.

When nothing seems to be moving in any direction at all, We call it a Depression. And then We lurch into another Internal Wrangle.

(Rhinos try to avoid name-calling, though sometimes that is half the fun!)

Oh what a beautiful…

Mornings are a favorite time of day for Rhinos. Whatever is about to happen, it’s on its way. We’re all set to get on with the Program. Rhinos Refreshed.

Part of our preparation relies on ignoring whatever Yesterday was about, most of which was Extraneous and Predictable and Beside the Point. Today’s uses for Yesterday are not entirely Irrelevant, just sort of Deja Views.

Rhinos hone in on the what’s Happening now, which is about all We can handle. After breakfast.

The Limit

Mr. Lewis Carroll wrote two biographic accounts about Alice, one an Adventure in Wonderland and the other Through the Looking Glass. Rhinos find the first book compelling, but are puzzled why Alice went back for more. A glutton for punishment?

Our point today is that Alice clearly had plenty of Inner Rhino; in both biographies, she gets fed up with being jerked around. She stands up and says, in effect, “Knock it off, you Maniacs”.

We like these refusals to be bullied. Very Rhino, say We.

Temper, Temper

One might well ask, Are Rhinos Stubborn and Moody? In all candor, the answer would have to be a qualified, You bet. What critter on earth is entirely a Sweetie Pie?

Are Rhinos more or less excitable than our fellow Critters? No. We’re not. We have our good, and our not-quite-so-good days.

We feel better, having confessed to these Limitations. Please be patient with Us.

Of Two Minds, at a minimum

Upbringing has many results, but one of them is all the Rules, Shoulds, and Musts with which We are peppered from the get-go. Many of these Restraints are to keep Us from going Haywire.

Clearly, Rhinos are capable of Big Passions, or the Rules would be unneeded. And Passions are aroused with fearsome speed; Blink and We are in a Titanic Temper.

Thus We Rhinos must deal with Internal Confrontations; the urges to respond Naturally as Vigorous Critters, or to recall our Control Systems. We get all snarled up inside. Frankly, it doesn’t seem quite fair.