Like a Rock

The Most like a Rock is a Rock, obviously. Rhinos find Rocks informative and stimulating. We try to model ourselves on Rocks, but Rhinos vacillate too much; We try one Idea and then another. We wonder about stuff. We are too impatient.

Rocks are entirely into consistency. No opinions or considerations or modifications, just Rockness. 100% Rock.

Rocks are no good for conversation, but Rhinos find them admirable. No apologies, no shilly-shallying. Perhaps Rocks have the right idea? Certainly, Rhinos find ourselves most content when We stop Doing and just Are Rhinos.

Sticks and stones

On August 5, 642 AD, Penda of Mercia and Oswald of Bernicia met for the Battle of Maserfield. To this day, nobody knows what the problem was, why they both felt Thrashings were needed, or where exactly everybody fought. Oswald was killed. Nothing specific happened as a result.

And from this story We Rhinos learn what? We are just glad We were not there at the time.

Missed Connections

Occasionally YIR gets a note from a Reader, saying that Rhino Ways seem Mysterious. On these occasions We at YIR roll our eyes, given that the entire purpose of ‘Your Inner Rhino’ is to inform, clarify, and relate to our Readers.

Tangentially, it is a fact that We Rhinos find Human Motivation pretty Mysterious now and then. As you can probably imagine.

Solution?: We can all Keep Trying.