The Drift of Public Opinion

Clearly our editorial concern is the YIR Readership, that mighty conglomerate of Excellent and Insightful Folk.

Somedays We wonder if anybody will “get it”, and We get encouraging responses; conversely, We think We’re brilliant, and Readers are polite (always a dangerous and unusual signal among our Readers). Unfortunately, We can never be sure what or how We’re doing.

We like to think of ourselves as responsive, but there are so many breezes, We mostly spend our time looking confused. Ah well. Practice makes perfect.

Time Demands

11-2 NewsCast
Here at Your Inner Rhino We have another project which has a claim on our energies. This might mean that fewer posts will be forthcoming. It’s tricky to predict the future, so nobody needs to go into withdrawal just yet. It’s like trying to read a message while it’s still inside the bottle. (There’s a simile to chew on.)

We just don’t know what’s going to happen. Let’s look at it all as ‘Exciting’. Why not?

Just sayin’… Hang in there.