What goes up…

Colorado is quite a state, established in 1876. All of the state is high, and higher, with much mountain and peak activity. Up you go, down you go. To the East, things flatten out a bit, but the Rocky Mountains are more plentiful in Colorado than anywhere else.

You may not be aware of this, but Rhinos are sensitive to mountainous terrain. If you want to go from A to B, in Colorado, you usually have to go to X, which is often a daunting climb, followed by an alarming descent. All beautiful scenery, but the A-to-X-to-B business is vastly more demanding than a straight shot would be. As the Crow flies, not so bad; as the Rhino hikes, Unforgettable.

What Colorado has a lot of is Nature, and much of it as Nature made it. Thank you, Coloradoans & Coloradans, one and all.

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