Oh, Reely!

Today Virginia became the 10th State back in 1788. Virginia has had an interesting history, which you might look up. It is too tremendous for YIR.

What We can mention is the Virginia Reel, which has its roots in European folk dance. It involves hopping and skipping, both of which are Rhino specialities. As you doubtless know.

The state mammal of Virginia is the big-earred bat, so We showed an Opossum instead. The Virginia Possums are accomplished dancers. Also, they are marsupials, which should count for something!

2 thoughts on “Oh, Reely!

  1. Once again, I am pleased, tickled, and cheered to see, your dance education come to the fore! For some odd reason, I always find particular delight in that shining jewel of your crown.


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