Upon Consideration


Once there were 3 sisters, named Rhonda, Rhumba, and Rholexa. They went to lunch by crossing a bridge. They returned home  the same way.

So the question is, was this one round trip each day, or three (or six) trips over three (or six) different bridges at three (or six) different times, each day?

Exactly what happened would not be established by any one sister’s report vs another’s. Thus, a conundrum, i.e., a something to think about. For Us.

One thought on “Upon Consideration

  1. They appear to be crossing the bridge built by WPA workers at what is now known as Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, TN. I have crossed it many times going in but I do know a shortcut coming home, that does not include going back over the bridge. So….if I go into the park again is that twice or once, two times….something to ponder in your spare time.


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