The Good Earth

Fact: We Rhinos are fascinating. It’s hard for Us to get over ourselves.

But We at YIR thought We might point out that everything We see, or ‘achieve’, or have, is just a flimsy layer perched upon the Enormity of the Earth itself. The Planet’s Stupenditude takes the cake, and We are just specks by comparison, both in body and cosmic impact.

Minerals are the underpinning of the whole Shebang, as we know it.

2 thoughts on “The Good Earth

  1. Completely agree, as I return from a fabulous 13 days in Mongolia mountaineering on Khuiten, highest peak in Mongolia, and Nairandal (Friendship Peak, as it stands where Russia, China and Mongolia meet), visiting generous Mongol, Khazak and Too-ah families in their gers (yurts) and even “holding” a huge female golden eagle on my gloved right arm. Our earth and its people are truly wondrous, when we open our minds and hearts.


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