O is for Opinion

Opinions are grand and glorious things, best enjoyed in the moment of their expression. Rhinos find them very Satisfying, and are chock full of them, Opinions that is. We toss them around like Critters Possessed.

But in our Experience, Opinions do not weather every test, certainly any administered by Nature. Change is Nature’s pivotal Policy.

Let the Blowhard Beware.

2 thoughts on “O is for Opinion

  1. Interesting how similar our Inner Rhino’s thoughts are on change to the Richard Rohr daily meditation I also read daily. Are change/evolution the same thing?


  2. The differences are semantic. ‘Change’ is less scary for some audiences. The world has mutated in the last thousand years, but the inhabitants not so much. The surface may be glitzier, but scratch the surface and we are much as we were. True change seems to take a lot of time, and none of us here today will be here to see how it shakes out… or in another thousand years, how that shakes out. On and on, changing and remaining the same. Also, the idea of ‘Progress’ or ‘Advancement’ is entirely subjective… and for many people seems frightening.


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