His own vision



Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser (b.1928) was an Austrian artist and architect with his own idiosyncratic recipe. He never met a straight line he liked.  A wonderful appreciation of color and saturation, and a childlike delight in spontaneity. AND an early supporter of environmental protection.

What Rhino could resist a guy like that? Why would We try?

3 thoughts on “His own vision

  1. Thank you! Because of you, Hundertwasser has leapt from unknown to beloved in my consciousness. A wonderful artist, an admirable citizen of the world, and, clearly, a man of great humor. Why else would a person voluntarily adopt a name that sounds like a character in a Marty Feldman comedy?


    • A fellow dispensing joy and a sense of possibility dependent on nobody else. A built-in gyroscope, calling the shots; Could That Be his Inner Rhino, We innocently ask?

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