I’ll be seeing you…


Nostadamus, born 1503, is known for reading the future. Exactly how he managed it is muddled, and has been ever since he wrote The Prophecies. It was in French, which shows how clever he was.

Rhinos cannot foresee things particularly, but We are good at spotting trends. A few hints and We can tell the future pretty nicely. We can do the math of probabilities.

As shown, 1+1 is easy. When it’s 2+2 time (higher math) We get exhausted and have a wee nap. Then off to other business.

5 thoughts on “I’ll be seeing you…

  1. Incredibly rich and sumptuous backdrops which somehow echo the hide and cloak of the figure himself. (One of the MAJOR problems with responding verbally to these illustrations is my poverty of language to even address, let alone capture, the complexity and depth of the work itself!)

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